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Saw the following on the ConservativeHome.com website:


Labour?s achievements since 1997


1: World?s best funded private pensions ? destroyed

2: World?s 3rd most powerful military power ? finished

3: World?s 4th largest economy ? now destroyed

4: Mother of democracies ? now an EU dictatorship

5: One of the world?s safest nations ? now crime ridden

6: World?s most respected nation ? now regarded as a joke

7: Freedom of speech & liberalism ? now a police state

8: World respected education ? now dumbed down & ruined

9: UK Global influence ? now submerged under EU rule

10: A low debt economy ? now indebted for decades

11: Productive workforce ? now 5+ million unemployed

12: A trusted, respected police ? now targets law abiding

13: A protective justice system ? now supports the criminal

14: London, the world?s premium financial centre ? now to be eroded by EU/Labour regulation & spite


Not all bad then. :wink::D:D

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With an election due in as little as 3 months, have you made your mind up?


Not really...... and to make matters worse I have no guinea pig now to make use of all the pre election twaddle that will no doubt start to come through my door from certain parties. :?

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I could take issue with some of those Paul, as one or two appear to contradict each other. However, I'll rest with the thought that the State you describe, has been a long time coming and owes it's demise to both major Parties over the last 3 or 4 decades. As for the financial centre - please remind us who was responsible for the collapse of our banking system, and who's had to pay to bail them out?! :?:wink:

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As there is still not an option for 'I have not decided' I have just voted 'Other'


.......but I wish it to be known that what I really mean is that 'I have not decided'... I am the only one who has voted 'Other' so far so it shouldn't confuse things too much and at least I have ticked a box so to speak :?:lol:

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:shock::? I have never been able to stomach how we have come to have a Prime Minister that none of the electorate of this country ever voted for !!!

Well hopefully at the next election this will be corrected and a Prime Minister who we the electorate will have put there will do a better job ........

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