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    Well done

    On the first board there were a select group of posters who used to meet up occasionally. Happy Days.
  2. Original member??? Poor memory Gary. It just shows the poor standard of councillors in the Town Hall, when the last few Mayors haven't been councillors for any length of time. It used to be a position of reward for service. And as for the behaviour, they don't know how to. Let's get an elected Mayor in to sort it all out.
  3. Dizzy, it goes in cycles and normally it's the usual culprits.
  4. The Aussies seem to post on FB. Dizzy wouldn't know that as she swore that she would never go on it.
  5. Three points. 1 If you join up with ISIS, take the consequences. 2 This taking these refuges, is spread over a 5 year period. WHY? 3 Where are they going to be housed. We don't build council houses anymore. Affordable homes? you're having a laff ain't you?
  6. She has been a credit to her parents. Just a pity her kids let her down so publicly. Long may she rule. The thought of Queen Camilla makes me feel sick.
  7. the voice of doom and gloom. It's amazing, take a sabbatical and Eagle comes back. Maybe I should stay away. However, I can't see anyone knocking City off the top. and the Dutchman just isn't suited to English football.
  8. Be no good nreporting it to the council, they woldn't know what to do.. Still struggling with the dreaded Japenese stuff.
  9. Gary, sarcasm is my department.
  10. Peter T


    Gary, how can you complain about noise considering some of the bands you go to watch>
  11. I find it quite ironical albeit poetic justice, that Germany is now bleating about the influx of people in vast numbers, yet a couple of years ago, when the borders disappeared, it was ok for all these Europeans to head to England. Perhaps if they had helped ease the problem then, there would be more room/housing etc to help with the current crisis.
  12. Not forgetting Baz doing his radio interview.
  13. There was a lot down past Eastford rd a couple of years back when I used to take my dogs for a walk , on the banks of the Mersey. Nasty dangerous plant.
  14. What is the difference between mobile phone distractions and looking at a Satnav?
  15. Peter T


    I was told this morning that it was very well organised this year. Methinks that it has taken them long enough.
  16. Brilliant. The alla has changed a lot since I worked there in the early 60s. The whole thing gives a totally different perspective.
  17. Lot of water passed under the bridge since then.
  18. He's a Scouser. He wouldn't move that far from the Poo.
  19. I started filling that in, but part way through, I thought that the information was too personal considering I just wanted to be kept informed. So I stopped. I need to talk to the boys in blue to find out why they want so much personal detail.
  20. Are the lunatics running the asylum? The council need bringing up to a standard whereby they can think and solve problems, NOT have a machine doing it for them: "Cooeee, I'm full". Be round there in a week Guv. Got to program the pick-up and get a driver.
  21. Dizzy, one of the benefits of Twitter is that warnings like this are put on by the police as well as getting info. from the motorway police about any problems.
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