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  1. Probably the late 40s and fifties, a;though I can't be too sure. Your description is not far off my memory, but there were seats. It seemed to we peasants as somewhere where the better off could have to a snack whilst shopping. Happy days
  2. The cafe was in the left quadrant,. not too far in from the back entrance we used to use. Roughly between what is now the food and hardware shelves. Happy days Glamour seems to be in the distance - dullness close at hand
  3. As I said earlier there was cafe in Woolworths. Quite small but bigger than a snack bar - speaking about after the war. Happy days
  4. Some on here will be old enough to remember the back entrance (and possibly the musical pram man outside}. Doubt if many will remember the inside cafe which was not far from the entrance mentioned. My mind is struggling with shopping upstairs in our Woolworth's, possibly confusing with same in one of the cities. Happy days 'Some people are still alive, even though they have passed away.'
  5. I remember one in Cairo street just below Rylands street. Sweet shop on the corner, next to it the chip shop. A bit old fashioned - was there a green plant pot in the window. Allaby's jewellers was a few yards further down Cairo street on the other side. Happy days
  6. Christmas spirit explains the heading. Best of times to you Bill. Happy days
  7. Yes thank you all. 84th anniversary of my birth. Calling myself 'about 48'. Best wishes to everyone on the forum. Happy days 'Thirty smiles an hour on the road of life.'
  8. For the country - and I wouldn't have said this a week ago - the current prime minister should be asked to stay on to negotiate. A fair sized giant among pygmies. Happy days
  9. A fine time of life. Make the most of it. best wishes Happy days
  10. Message now received. Your box said that you couldn't receive messages, but it's now back in order. Thank you. Happy days
  11. Hi Karen, Hero to villain? Can't contact you privately. Best wishes Happy days
  12. Presentaion to Mark Cueto re the death of former Warrington player Frank Cueto, killed in the war. Happy days
  13. More an Orford Park man myself, but i seem to remember the Victoria band stand was well off the driveway and more towards Latchford village, (100 yards?) much more like Dizzy's picture.). As a boastful aside, I got 50 not out on one of their concrete pitches and when the innings was over i was told that Never Say Die had won the Derby. and I had bet it. Been steadily downhill ever since. Happy days
  14. I enjoyed the flashes from the Warrington game during the St Helens match, but it is a fair point Sid makes. Happy days
  15. I think I'm correct in saying a rugby team played at Holmsfield Rec at the bottom of Salisbury street. (60/70's probably.) I thought it was Latchford albion, but am told I am wrong. It's a long time ago but wondered if anyone knows. Hppy days
  16. Thank you so much for the interest, a good memory you describe. Clogs were a feature in my younger days,tannery workers and the like. I was a tin can kicker and damaged all my shoes. Dad bought me a pair of clogs and put metal studs on the bottom. I became a bright spark. Happy days
  17. Nice to hear from you Dizzy - 18 and 19 respectively. (Trieste at 18 when someone decided all 51/01 intake should go to Korea and join the Welch regiment. Fatal news for a couple of we South lLncashires. Thank you Bill. Glad my punny sense of humour pleased. Had a ball in the police - yes indeed. Much more free and easy in my days. (funnily enough. at the moment I am writing about the police ball which in the fifties was a highlight in Warrington's social calender.) Best wishes to both. Happy days
  18. Thank you for that very kind and correct reply. Yes, my life has had its Epsom Downs. My birth dates combined with those of my dear, departed wife, were useless on the lottery. However should any young ladies read this, I am a Millionaire already, but sadly, only in tuppences! Best wshes Happy days
  19. A quite unbelievable 65 years ago yesterday I was called up for national service in weather as cold as this. Korea and all that. A horse called National Service ran yesterday and it won and I never bet it. Why does life treat me this way ? Fifty one years ago tomorrow, I joined the police. A copper for your thoughts. Time flies Happy days My body stays at home, but my mind travels where it will.
  20. Well I got a twenty five pound premium bond prize this morning. Onward and upward as I have two lucky dips for tonight. When I win i'll extend both Warburton's and Currall's and make Warrington the pie shop capital of the world -if it not already is. Happy days If life had a second edition, how would you change the proofs?
  21. Thank you folks. Very kind. I have my police experiences in the form of notes, circulated to family. A book - nice thought. Maybe. So many things do and (perhaps) so little time to do them in. Best wishes Happy days
  22. Couple of souls have asked for police memories; two more more welcomed me back; Thank you. Think it was me who virtually bored everyone to death and helped kill off the Poetry section. So to kill two birds with one stone, here is an absolutely true story which occurred in Mersey street, not far from the old bus station. (all pre-radio days). The story has an anti-climax. UNTO YOU A BABY IS BORN (no, not that one) Young men were naive in the fifties, About the female frame; They had two bumps above the waist, All else, a marriage game. A young PC by a terraced house, Heard loud screams from within; A murder he could cope with, But not what lay within. A lady on the point of giving birth, She was several days overdue; And all the Lord provided, Was a policeman without a clue. Two lives and a career on the line, If only google had been in place; Calm her down and boil some water, Would I end up in disgrace? Lying through my back teeth, Something PC's should never do; "Your worries are nearly over" Which the distraught lady took as true. Both parties now seemed calmer, But inside, a panic zone; Safety first, we may need an ambulance, Someone must find a phone. Whoever said there is no God, Was this day proven wrong! The first passer-by was a policewoman, Role reversal - I'd tag along. But what if I'd been the delivery man? Cartoon images now take shape; Cutting the cord of the birthday boy, And him fizzing into space. ------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading Happy days
  23. Just looking up if i have posted my police experiences as mentioned elsewhere. Thought I would bump this one up. The (Warrington) World needs cheering up. Happy days
  24. Wigan, the pie capital? As well as all those mentioned, i would add Cissie Keefe's in Priestley street; Smith's in Orford avenue (with the warmest wall in Warrington). Earlier there were two bakeries in Longford street; Moon's in Norris street; and I think it was called Donaldson's in the same block as Warburtons and which became Savage's bookies. Walkers on Pinners Brow. At the Grammar school, I used to 'stop pies' which you ate at the back of the dining hall - Currall's were 2 and a half old pence each and a luxury in the war. When I was a beat policeman from 1955 to 69, I used to buy pies for my meal break, so I considered myself an expert in the towns bakeries. They fitted nicely into my cape over my shoulders and the aroma was excellent. If it was raining, they fitted cleanly into the lining of the cape and I walked along with my hands in my pockets, pausing occasionally to surreptitiously try a piece of pastry when there were no pedestrians about. Warburtons were brilliant pies, but the best were from Nickson's in Bridge street, between the bible book shop and the lights. Unfortunately, they got 'done' for a dirty kitchen, so it was back to wherever my beat landed me. Happy days
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