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  1. Nope - the jokes section in particular allegedly contains some politically incorrect stuff which has been deemed offensive
  2. I've done two forum upgrades in the space of a week - hopefully no teething problems!
  3. Staycations for me until the day you can get back on a plane as normal! https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-total-chaos-at-uk-airports-on-busiest-weekend-this-year-with-covid-checks-and-lack-of-staff-blamed-12363202
  4. I know Warrington has a long history of munitions - but was surprised to see a local company not only still operating but updating!
  5. Good to see the return of the Warrington Regatta - the event has a long history in our town. Warrington Regatta
  6. Unfortunately the more members, the more running costs and the more hassle for me as Dizzy rarely appears these days (Not having a go as I know she is very busy working and on facebook ) Because of the millions of spammers who try and join the joining process is fairly rigorous and we don't even allow people with gmail accounts to join. Every now and again someone emails in saying please let them join, we go to the trouble of manually creating their account - and guess what they rarely ever post and are not seen again. We are also undergoing a revamp of the main site and our web developers have said the forum could drag the reputation of the site down because ITHO there are some racist and not politically correct posts on the forum which could damage our reputation. You have to remember around 90 pc of you fall into the Grumpy Old Men category these days (probably me included). So is anyone willing to come on board as a moderator and share the responsibilty and the legal fees? Even with the adverts this forum costs best part of £1k a year to run and maintain properly - and the more members it gets the more expensive it gets. The vast majority of our forum membersm, being grumpy old men also have ad blocker on so the returns are almost non existence towards the running costs.
  7. Wire seem to be developing a pattern when playing the underdog - without realising every dog has its day!
  8. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/05/26/public-health-chief-urges-people-to-be-vigilant-as-indian-variant-cases-confirmed-in-warrington/
  9. So the mighty Manchester United finished one place above the "worst defending champions of all time" who stuffed them at the Theatre of Clowns in the most recent encounter when United fielded their strongest team! They go on to represent our country in a European Final and get beaten by a team from a town of 50,000 people who haven't ever won a trophy before and get beaten on penalties by a goalscoring goalkeeper! The future looks great!
  10. Thankfully no recorded Indian variants in Warrington as yet and positive tests at an equal all time low since records began . https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/05/21/positive-covid-19-tests-in-warrington-at-equal-lowest-level-since-pandemic-data-started/
  11. This reminded me why I hardly attend live games any more! My first ever live game of Rugby League at Wilderspool - and we think Super League and Summer Rugby has improved the game! Yes, the players are fitter and the stadiums (most of them) are smarter. But this was a packed Wilderspool involving two teams playing for a county cup which doesn't even exist anymore! This was the game and atmosphere which made me become a fan. Not the corporate hospitality and flat expensive beer and posh nosh! How I crave to be at a game with an atmosphere like this instead of the armchair fan I have become. https://fb.watch/5DoZcSvuqo/
  12. They will all be up for election in three years which gives the opportunity for a clean sweep if that's what people want.
  13. So much for using the link button on here to try and do it properly - I have now manually added it and it works!
  14. I thought I would come on here to see what people made of the Local elections - and dismayed to find no comments! It really has become a tame playground these days! 😁 Just incase anyone didn't know the results https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/05/08/warrington-borough-council-local-election-results-202/
  15. I've actually become so happy and content in my stay at home most of the time with family life I have no huge desire to mingle with the crowds any time soon. A trip to the walled garden for Sunday breakfast, a curry in my local Indian restaurant and a trip to the seaside is pretty much all I desire now - and a decent rock gig of course!
  16. They are going to have to pull up their socks considerably IMHO
  17. He has been banned and blocked after several attempts to get facebook to act - please let me know if he reappears - been one of the most hateful trolls I have ever had the displeasure to deal with and one who made me take my zero tolerance stance.
  18. Surely things can only get better! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/03/28/disappointing-start-to-the-season-for-warrington-wolves/
  19. It was actually Ian Brown, front man of the Stone Roses https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/03/04/stone-roses-frontman-ian-brown-pulls-out-of-neighbourhood-weekender-over-proof-of-vaccination-request/
  20. Well seeing as this is where it all first kicked off I thought I would share my thoughts with what remains of our once boisterous chatroom. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/03/16/time-to-spring-clean-the-keyboard-warriors/
  21. Gary

    1% NHS ???

    This is the problem when you operate a one cap fits all policy. I am sure there are many in the NHS (and elsewhere) who deserve bigger pay rises and 1pc does look insulting. May be if they had a sliding scale offering 5pc to those earning under 30K a year to zero to those earning more than 100k - who also earn twice as much working privately as well. I am earning less now than I was 10 years ago and the only pay rises we have been able to provide are in line with the living wage. This is down to the fact we are working in the real world where everything has had to be cut to the bone to survive. Even with bounce back loans and furlough I have been forced to make some tough decisions and implement redundancies which is the last thing I wanted to do. But again this is the real world. The changes I have made will hopefully secure the future of the business which until the past 12 months had traded successfully without every having a loan or even and over draft.
  22. The page looks to be working fine to me - or have you been blocked from posting anymore?
  23. I think a lot could be achieved with better money management and vouchers for food instead of cash. But then you will get shot down for taking away civil liberties!
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