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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/12/09/record-uk-exports-drive-huge-narrowing-trade-deficit/ Clearly not doomed just yet....and hopefully never. With a more realistically valued £, there are great opportunities for British companies to increase their exports and to compete more favourably in the home market.
  2. The bus lane on Wilderspool Causeway is rarely used...given the reduction in bus services, coupled to which, for a section of it you can legally park a car in it, meaning that the few buses that do use it have to pull out in to the main traffic flow. Waste of time and should be done away with.
  3. Guilty as charged. Back on to the substantive issue of the topic....at today's PMQ's, Peter Bone asked the question what contribution would the EU be making to the UK so that the 27 can have access to our market....now there's a thought.
  4. Given the obesity crisis, it seems too many people are having cake and eating it.
  5. Just wondering what the legal fees are for the original High Court and now Supreme Court Brexit case. The irony, I guess, is that most of the legal fraternity who are getting the fees voted to remain.
  6. I have duly edited my original cut and paste post....with a bit of Latin.
  7. ....funnily enough I bought a couple of books at the airport the other week....the first for a long time.........Ken Clarke's Kind of Blue and Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Islands - Tax havens and the men who stole the world.
  8. and true to form, they did....not sure that the petition was welcomed really: "In response Councillor Anthony Higgins said that the council would take time to fully digest, process and understand fully the findings of the report and only then would they make it openly available. He added that he welcomed the petition and thanked the organisers and those who had signed the petitions for giving the cause heart. He assured them he was himself an advocate for library’s (sic) but that they should understand that the proposals were exactly that and not a done deal. He added that all authorities were struggling to cope with the unprecedented cuts the Government had imposed upon them".
  9. Ay....and as is often said, we have elections and the Council/Government always wins....by that it means the establishment....in its various forms wins....eventually......so as with Brexit, where the establishment doesn't initially win, it fights back....and eventually gets its way.
  10. It already has, Brexit being a local example where a majority of those who voted in Warrington, voted to leave, Mr Trump and the Italian Referendum being the two international examples.......
  11. Or more likely is that WBC's current administration will blame the current government for cuts........
  12. One of my favourite songs....albeit a very haunting one. Here is a link with the words of the song.
  13. .....they also voted to leave the EU because they were totally and utterly fed up with the "establishment"....and many probably took the view that leaving the EU wouldn't make their lives any worse than they are at the moment....and with a Referendum their vote would count and maybe for once they could be heard...and what shocks me is that the "establishment didn't realise that....and most of them still don't.
  14. Italian banks are, I understand, the most in crisis...as is its economy. Its Government could fall if next month's Referendum there doesn't go the way their Government want...and given the mood of voters in Western democracies....it might well fall.....mind you that is nothing new in Italy....they regularly used to have a change of Government annually....indeed at its worst a couple of Governments a year.
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