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  1. While the loss of Killer is to be mourned he struggled to find the back of the net just about making 20 goals in all competitions and a number of them were penalties. Bowen hardly scored any and Ben would have got more if he had not broken his arm. A fit Wharton and Hickey up front with back up from Metcalfe, Gahgan and super sub Ash will find us plenty of goals - probably need one good quality striker to add to the squad and we will be good to go.
  2. Well hopefully the victory at the champions yesterday will convince the doubters now! Also amazing that not a single Warrington Town fan has been on to comment about a great win. The only time you come out of your hobit caves is to criticise!
  3. There wont be any new faces - season of rebuilding and bringing on the kids - happens at every successful club.
  4. Not sure how you work out we scored playing the ball on the ground when it was a header!!! First league defeat of the year and the snipers are out! Curzon were the best team on the day and these things happen in football. Too soon to write season off and this was the big wake up call.
  5. A lot has been said on here over the past few years - and yet when the team is three points clear at the top of the league first week in February - and hardly a word being said. There was always plenty being said when the team was not performing so well - so come on lets see everybody getting behind the promotion push with some words of encouragement. Oh and also get off your backsides and down to the game next Saturday when Kendal are in town!
  6. Football is the nation's game and a global sport - it is always going to be bigger than Rugby League anywhere!
  7. I'm not saying you comment isn't a reflection of last night's game - which was against one of the form sides in the league with something to prove after being hammered 3-0 earlier in the season. What I am saying is the lads don't need public criticism when they are unbeaten in two months and top of the league. Everyone is entitled to have an off day. The team needs encouragement. Mind you I am suprised you held back from recommending the manager to call up a certain young player you keep flagging up.
  8. Top of the league and unbeaten in the league for TWO MONTHS! Give the lads a break!
  9. Amazing how quiet it is on here considering Warrington Town are top of the league 13 games in - something which has never been seen before!!! Looks like crowds are starting to increase as well. Hopefully the footballing public of Warrington can wake up and smell the coffee!
  10. All well and good on some occasions - but not in tight games- cost us a return to Wembley and a Grand Final victory. There are occasions a team should take the two - and Warrington never do!
  11. I suspect the next two league games will be pivotal for the season - Padiham should be a home banker while Kendal away is a key play off battle. No one can question the desire of the team as they battled against Ossett with 10 and then nine men - I suspect some were a little leg weary on Saturday after the midweek exploits and take Killer and Wharton out of any team and they will struggle.
  12. I'm afraid to say the guy who cost Warrington the game was the Head of Coaching Tony Smith - Leading 16-2 with three minutes left to the break Warrington got a kickable penalty. Lee Briers signalled for the two but Tony waived it away and insisted (as usual) on running the ball and going for four points - Bridge was pushed out in touch on second tackle - Wigan got the ball back - came up field - Monaghan injured in tackle, long delay and Wigan score straight from the re-start just before half time. If Warrington had taken the penalty and eaten up the clock to half time Warrington would have gone in 18-2 up and Wigan would have been completely demoralised and probably down and out. This is not the first time Tony Smith has got it wrong on not going for the two in a tough game - If memory serves me right the same happened in the cup semi-final defeat to Hull. In tight games you need to take points at every opportunity - rugby is not all about throwing the ball around with gay abandon!
  13. Surprised the usual suspects have not been debating this item which has made TV coverage!! Debate ....?
  14. I think you will find that the new signings you are reading about are slightly old news in the main and have been there or there abouts for a while. But at the end of the day you will find that players will come and go at this level on a pretty regular basis and the team that starts the season will not be the same that finishes it - they never are at this level. Even Skem who won the title last year shipped players in and out throughout the season - they even loaned one of their star strikers to Warrington!
  15. Suspect the following will figure on Saturday Dootson, Davies, Short, McCarten, Robinson, Dougan, West, Mannix, Dawson, Gahgan, Kilheeney, Wharton, Mooney, Miles
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