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  1. What an awesome threat to deal with the serial irritant, abuser and troll. Turn the points system off!! Brilliant Dizzy, you will go far unfortunately the board won't.
  2. The Group seems to have enrolled a new troll and the admin team do nothing.
  3. Very sad news, Harry was one of life's gentlemen. Sincere condolences to is family and friends.
  4. 1805 was 211 years ago, Waterloo was 1815.
  5. Eagle

    Sad News

    Very sad news, a very nice man. RIP Peter.
  6. Is that your version of dealing with someone who disagrees with you?
  7. Robin 2 Blackbird 1 Blue Tit 3 Great Tit 1 Coal Tit 2 Long Tailed Tit 6 Nuthatch 2 Pigeon 1 Magpie 1 Squirrel 1
  8. I am hearing that Geoff isn't the only good councillor who has been deselected, they will be replaced by "quota women".
  9. The Labour Party is a festering mess particularly around the Poulton area. Stand as an independent Geoff it will be a doddle.
  10. We still get all those in our garden apart from the thrush, we also have a large family of long tailed tits plus the odd chaffinch, greenfinch and bullfinch. Unfortunately we have a sparrowhawk as an occasional visitor.
  11. Thank goodness someone has figured it out what is happening in the middle east, I was confused but now it's as clear as mud. A highly restricted briefing document on Syria.... President Assad (who is bad) is a nasty guy who got so nasty his people rebelled and the Rebels (who are good) started winning (Hurrah!). But then some of the rebels turned a bit nasty and are now called Islamic State ( who are definitely bad!) and some continued to support democracy (who are still good.) So the Americans (who are good) started bombing Islamic State (who are bad) and giving arms to the Syrian Rebels (who are good) so they could fight Assad (who is still bad) which was good. By the way, there is a breakaway state in the north run by the Kurds who want to fight IS ( which is a good thing ) but the Turkish authorities think they are bad, so we have to say they are bad whilst secretly thinking they're good and giving them guns to fight IS (which is good) but that is another matter. Getting back to Syria. So President Putin ( who is bad, cos he invaded Crimea and the Ukraine and killed lots of folks including that nice Russian man in London with polonium poisoned sushi ) has decided to back Assad (who is still bad) by attacking IS (who are also bad) which is sort of a good thing? But Putin ( still bad ) thinks the Syrian Rebels (who are good) are also bad, and so he bombs them too, much to the annoyance of the Americans (who are good) who are busy backing and arming the rebels (who are also good). Now Iran (who used to be bad, but now they have agreed not to build any nuclear weapons and bomb Israel are now good) are going to provide ground troops to support Assad (still bad) as are the Russians (bad) who now have ground troops and aircraft in Syria. So a Coalition of Assad (still bad) Putin (extra bad) and the Iranians (good, but in a bad sort of way) are going to attack IS (who are bad) which is a good thing, but also the Syrian Rebels (who are good) which is bad. Now the British (obviously good, except that nice Mr Corbyn in the corduroy jacket, who is probably bad) and the Americans (also good) cannot attack Assad (still bad) for fear of upsetting Putin (bad) and Iran (good / bad) and now they have to accept that Assad might not be that bad after all compared to IS (who are super bad). So Assad (bad) is now probably good, being better than IS (but let’s face it, drinking your own wee is better than IS so no real choice there) and since Putin and Iran are also fighting IS that may now make them Good. America (still Good) will find it hard to arm a group of rebels being attacked by the Russians for fear of upsetting Mr Putin (now good) and that nice mad Ayatollah in Iran (also Good) and so they may be forced to say that the Rebels are now Bad, or at the very least abandon them to their fate. This will lead most of them to flee to Turkey and on to Europe or join IS (still the only constantly bad group). To Sunni Muslims, an attack by Shia Muslims (Assad and Iran) backed by Russians will be seen as something of a Holy War, and the ranks of IS will now be seen by the Sunnis as the only Jihadis fighting in the Holy War and hence many Muslims will now see IS as Good (Doh!) Sunni Muslims will also see the lack of action by Britain and America in support of their Sunni rebel brothers as something of a betrayal (mmmm... might have a point) and hence we will be seen as Bad. So now we have America (now bad) and Britain (also bad) providing limited support to Sunni Rebels (bad) many of whom are looking to IS (Good / bad) for support against Assad (now good) who, along with Iran (also Good) and Putin (also, now, unbelievably, Good) are attempting to retake the country Assad used to run before all this started? I hope that clears all this up for you.
  12. Warrington Wolves v Leigh Centurions, Sunday 24th January 2016, 3.00pm
  13. You will be familiar with the word 'nonsense', you spout it enough. You are so up yourself that you think that anything you don't agree with shouldn't be allowed, you will soon have the forum to yourself.
  14. Whilst the word 'poor' is a fair description when measured against some who are not poor, the actuality of being poor has changed dramatically in my lifetime. When I was at primary school in the late 40s there were kids obviously worse off than the majority; this was apparent by the state or absence of essential clothing and their desperation for the school dinners. Today's poor are identified by not having the latest iPhone.
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