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    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. H.L.Mencken

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  1. In fact, sod it. Life's too short to be bothered with this nonsense. I won't darken this forum's hallowed ground again. Goodbye.
  2. Oh I see! You are now the self-appointed adjudicator of which posts are worthy of consideration on this forum Confused52, congratulations 不.
  3. If you can't understand what I write (apparently on a regular basis) I suggest you don't bother reading any of my posts. It's no skin off my nose, although I think that in reality you just like to think you're point scoring.
  4. I should imagine that 140000 at Silverstone will be spaced much further apart than the 60000 at Wembley or the crowds at Wimbledon were. Anyway Obs needs these events to be full so that he can see if his spikes occur as predicted.
  5. Try and get your facts straight Obs. The moon has a wobble on a cycle of approximately 18 years, something that astronomers have known about for centuries, so why they've decided that this scare story is something new is the mystery. Heatwaves and flooding? All part of climate change, something that has always happened and always will, but the media never lets a good scare story go to waste.
  6. Apart from getting paid extra (瞿12.58 a shot?) for every vaccine they give Sid. To be fair this payment goes to the practice rather than to an individual Doctor, the same as other procedures they do that attract extra funding, e.g. flu shots (瞿10 a go?). A practice could, of course turn down the extra money by not giving vaccines
  7. Oh dear, fancy being able to understand what someone has written better than the person that wrote it. Pathetic waste of your time Googling for references to try to justify your inability to understand simple English. Confused by name, confusing by nature 不不
  8. Compare and contrast. A lot of people HAVE made a lot of money in this "pandemic out of ideas LIKE this app. The advice to delete it is in my second sentence which states the fact that just being in the same room as someone with Covid isn't a death sentence. To mix the two sentences together and claim they mean something else "beggars belief and only a fool would do that" to steal an expression.
  9. You'd better hurry up Bill, you've only got 12 years to save the planet......................Wait!! It's now only 8years? Oh no, hurry up Bill there's no time to waste 不不
  10. The atmosphere has 209,500 ppm of oxygen (about 21%). CO2 makes up 400 ppm (about 0.04%). Humans need a concentration of between 19.5% and 23.5% to stay healthy, below 16% is generally fatal. We can breathe 100% oxygen for short periods (in hospital for example to aid recovery) and astronauts have breathed 100% oxygen at low pressure for up to 2 weeks. I should imagine that, the same as everything else, the planet would adjust as it always has.
  11. As it kills less than 1% of the people it infects, and those being mainly elderly and vulnerable people, I think the immune systems are doing a fair job so far. It's the fear of the virus that's killing people from other causes. More people die from cancer in a day than have died from Covid in the last 40 days.
  12. 520,194 People pinged by the app in the first week of this month alone. In the first week of June it was 47,039. That's an awful lot of people forced into idleness for the crime of being close to someone who may, or may not, have the virus. Crass stupidity.
  13. As far as I'm concerned it's down to personal preference. Wear one if you want to and don't go near people without one. Mankind has survived for millenia without wearing masks, relying on our immune systems to fight off viruses and bacteria.
  14. I'll go as far as to say that it's seldom a death sentence, but it depends on how healthy your immune system is, and your general health. If you're in poor health, overweight, diabetic, with pulmonary and/or cardiac problems, you would be ill advised to get in close proximity to anybody 丐.
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