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  2. He may be the first but you can bet he won't be the last
  3. funny Cher sang about doing exactly that.
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  5. We know that Dave; like lockdowns, they are intended to keep us safe - the question is; do you want to stand in a queue like cattle or not ?
  6. A 34 yo vaccine sceptic has died in Hospital from Covid 19; he wished he could turn back time. 😷
  7. All the security checks are there to protect everybody involved from take off to destination.
  8. One thing I do notice is that in any Rugby or Football team pictures from 1946 till the mid 50's the players all looked like men well into their 40's . Guess they were ex servicemen who had been through the grinder during the war and the years had taken their toll.
  9. My father in law was an electrician in the RAF. He served his time at many satellite aerodromes around the country, even did a stint in the isle of man maintaining the bomber training lights. He always said that the night duty was the worst part having to run the generators for the temporary runways in all weathers. surprisingly he lived well into his nineties as did most of my wifes family. I do have to wonder if it was because of the war that people from that era seem to live to a ripe old age, diet and all that. Todays generation seem to peter out before they get close to retirement age. Can't be the stress of modern life as to my mind living in a time when bombs dropping was commonplace would be a lot more stressful.
  10. Yes; Thats why I started using Liverpool as it was ten times quicker than Manchester in all procedures
  11. The biggest pity about it all was that my father in law didn't even reach retirement age and so worked until he passed. And his Wife was virtually housebound for the last 10 years of her life due to to her health problems. So much for reaping the rewards of a hard fought life
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  13. The protocol which Boris signed up to, effectively separates N/Ireland from the rest of the UK, and places N/Ireland at risk of being absorbed into the rest of Ireland and thus the EU; which was clearly the EU plan all along. Whilst there's talk of operating Article 16 of the Protocol to put a brake on things; the real solution would be to withdraw from the UK/EU trade agreement altogether and thus end our relationship with the EU and finally LEAVE with NO DEAL; reverting to WTO rules. If the EU then wish to protect it's internal market, it would be for them to build a customs border in Ireland, and police the resultant smuggling.
  14. I'll take my hat off to both of them . My Dad was an airframe fitter in Egypt where they also got plenty of leisure between work . Best days of his life ,he said.
  15. I think back then it was a case of everyone doing their bit. While my Mother in law was at Risley her husband was on the Atlantic (and then Russian )convoys. So I suppose it was all get stuck in and not to complain
  16. Exactly, Latch. I wonder if there has ever been compensation awarded to or offered to war workers whose jobs were very dangerous with hindsight.
  17. Yes my Mother in Law also worked there and said she cried every morning on the bus to Risley apparently the conditions were horrific. Her skin turned yellow due to the chemicals she handled in her section. She had terrible breathing problems for the rest of her life after working there
  18. My ex mother-in-law ,who i never met, died very young & left young children behind after wartime service in the munitions factories at Risley. Apparently,she contracted some form of cancer from the stuff they were handling in the pre PPE days.
  19. I really dig our new avatars . I've got more medals than the Italian captain in allo allo .
  20. Perhaps there are other medications that people may take for other ailments that help to provide some immunity. Covid looks like it's here to stay ,how we deal with it as the human race is what matters but we can't hide behind our front doors forever.
  21. You’re right Sid, we all call the younger generation for being uncaring, but the truth is we were probably not that much different when we were that age. We were never going to get 100% vaccinated and it’s not just the young that have declined the jab so these people will just have to take their chances at not ending up with any serious long-term problems. Given this, letting it rip might sound drastic but having done as much as possible there’s not many other options left, but at least it should be quick. Us oldies just have to be mindful to stay safe while we get through this final stage. Bill 😊
  22. But the young are immortal, they don't need to be vaccinated. even we were when we were younger. it is only as we get older do we get a sense of self preservation. at 19 jumping of a hundred foot cliff into the sea was fun. at 59 jumping off anything higher than a foot is life threatening event to some. (in fact stepping off a footpath can be dodgy) the frame of mind is "that only happens to other people" a bit like those ads on tv that promise you a chance of winning a 3million mansion in wherever plus a top of the range Italian sports car.
  23. amazing what you can still learn about the area. I thought that the munitions had long gone with the closure of the risley site after the war just goes to show.
  24. Don't blame you Gaz; but wasn't it always like this, even before covid, queueing like cattle for the security checks - I gave it up years ago. 😷
  25. This forum dragging WWWs reputation down? You’ve got to be kidding and I sincerely hope you put them right about that. This is like a Sunday school compared to some of the responses I see on your news articles on FB. We don’t really need anyone to moderate here because despite differing opinions, we all try and show respect for one another. I’ve not seen anything offensive here for years despite you and the moderator rarely appearing. As for people who don’t post anything, that's always going to happen and amazingly, a none posting member turned up on my doorstep today asking about my solar heating project. He was a very nice man and said he doesn’t like to post but reads most of what’s written here. How's that for timing, that's never happened before. Bill 😊
  26. Staycations for me until the day you can get back on a plane as normal! https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-total-chaos-at-uk-airports-on-busiest-weekend-this-year-with-covid-checks-and-lack-of-staff-blamed-12363202
  27. I know Warrington has a long history of munitions - but was surprised to see a local company not only still operating but updating!
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