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  2. May all turn out to be so much loose change compared to what might happen with The Hut Group. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58951738 God knows what the terms of that £151million are and that underlines the real problem. You have a handful of people - and in the case of certain aspects of Redwood, one person - making deals for tens of millions of pounds with no scrutiny, accountability or transparency whatsoever. Still seems unlikely to me that anything untoward is going on, but if anybody wanted to indulge in anything dodgy, all the pieces are in place. Most likely it all comes down to over-confidence, lack of accountability, stupidity and groupthink.
  3. Well despite all I said earlier about the effectiveness of masks, looking at the overall UK figures, there’s not a huge difference between England and the other countries who retained compulsory mask wearing. There’s no doubt masks work but it’s clear that the continued high numbers are due mainly to the high levels of social mixing, especially at indoor locations. On Tuesday I attended a club meeting in Grappenhall; where with a primarily elderly membership, Covid advice was followed to the letter. But adjourning for a drink afterwards we were forced to sit at the far end of the bar as a group of about a hundred noisy footie supporters all crammed in together around the big screen. If ever anyone needed an example of why we still have a problem, then look no further than this. Bill 😊
  4. No not really Gary and to be honest, I didn’t ask but I suspect absence rather than lost might better describe the situation. I think most social media sites have seen a tail off in recent years as novelty gets replaced with the same old same old. Even on Facebook I post maybe once or twice a year just to let my virtual friends know I’m still around but most of who I used to chat with on there, like me don’t seem to bother these days. The only chat forums that seem to be relatively unaffected are the special interest groups where all users share the same basic interest. For example, I’ve been a member of the Alfa Romeo car forum for over twenty years and it’s just as busy now as it’s ever been but it’s a completely different kettle of fish when compared to Worldwide. Bill 😊
  5. Del boy had better investment instincts than our council.....🤭 A bank that has yet to show any return on the money invested in it and an energy company that is making a consistent annual loss.
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  7. What do people think of the council's investment strategy? Plenty being said on social media - but nothing on here.
  8. A true gentleman who i had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions over the years. He was always supportive of Warrington Town, signing shirts for the club several times. Last time I saw him was on Warrington town's famous FA Cup run.
  9. Nice to know Reader is still going strong - from memory a gentleman with a first name beginning with R. Did he divulge why we had lost him?
  10. On Tuesday night, I visited the Warrington ham radio club where I'd been a regular member for most of my life. Due to pressure of work, I hadn't been there in nearly ten years so I thought it was time for a catch up with old friends. Unfortunately there were only a couple of the original members there but I did had the good fortune of meeting and chatting to one of the old forum members. “Reader” was such a nice person but who hasn’t posted here for several years now. He says he still looks in occasionally and as a result was already well aware of what I’d been up to since I retired. Unsurprisingly, he lives up to his name and prefers to read more than he posts. It’s always good to put a face to the name and I suppose it’s one of the benefits of using a profile picture. Bill 😊
  11. I'm sure most grumpies will continue to act with caution and avoid covidiots where possible. The problem is, and has always been, in trying to avoid the idiots it can lead to friction (especially in my case, as I have a low tolerance for such idiots) and ultimately, possible violence; as indeed we're seeing in other areas of confrontation, like the M/way protests. It's therefore essential for the Gov to take the lead on mandatory advice to ensure we don't succumb to yet another surge this Winter. 😷
  12. I think by now most people understand how the virus spreads and how dangerous it can be for others but sadly the younger generations don’t seem to care much for the others of this world, only themselves and their immediate family. The government can’t change the nature of these people, as rules or laws are simply seen as unwanted interference in their lives. It doesn’t help either when opposition parties constantly criticise every move. Given all the above makes for an impossible situation, I think the only solution to getting people to wear masks is an intensive media campaign to brand the none mask wearers as selfish uncaring people. Nobody can object because it’s not legislation nor is it coming from any one political party. I doubt though that deep down anyone would like to be thought of as selfish and uncaring person so this approach might be the way forward. Bill 😊
  13. Well you can stop meeting grandchildren and their parents without taking precautions. You can also keep your distance in shops from the 40 to 55 age group who will not wear masks to protect you. The situation is different to that which prevailed at Christmas, there are less people to avoid that you would normally see, at least for most of us. The biggest risk is for those who have to give free childcare to their grandchildren, they are at greater risk and should try to find alternatives for now. With more information one can take sensible mitigation measure, which is why I am fed up with the total lack of advice from the Council Health Protection people. I suspect that they offer no advice because not all can follow it. It is the Covid equivalent of one out all out; or one dead all dead!
  14. As the ariel advert advises. "always keep away from children"...... Making something compulsory is fine provided you can get people to comply with it. Seat belts have been compulsory for a very long time yet you still find people who don't wear them all the time. With masks they give people a get out with unless you are exempt. Short of living a howard hughes lifestyle or not going outside without a full hazmat suit i have no solutions apart from trust that the vaccine does as advertised and take reasonable precautions.
  15. But you can't, while there is free movement - the kids catch it at school (like they catch most things), bring it home to parents, then parents pass it on to everyone else. Perhaps closing schools (as a holiday) till after Xmas would help ? It looks like HMG are using the kids to reach herd immunity ? 😷
  16. The graph of recent Warrington case age bands (as a case rate over 7 days for 100k persons). The massively climbing group is 10 to 14 and next 15 to 19. Third highest is 40 to 45 - parents of those kids - at a much lower rate. As far as I know a firebreak hasn't worked anywhere. The key is if you are old keep away from all kids as far as I can see.
  17. It's clear to me, that a firebreak lockdown is required and the booster jab prog speeded up; if we don't want the NHS overloaded by Xmas. From what I'm hearing, a lot of infections derive from school kids - colds, flu & covid. 😷
  18. I see Northern Ireland have kept compulsory mask wearing
  19. One step forward, two steps back - again. 😷💀
  20. Time to make masks and distancing a lawful requirement on transport and in shops. Should never have been relaxed.
  21. Well UK cases have hit almost 50,000 per day and concerns re-emerge about the capacity of the NHS to cope. But we have a Gov, commited to repeating past mistakes and remaining behind the curve - again. 😷
  22. I know, it was written by a British diplomat at the end of the war, when we still had illusions about being a major player in world affairs, with naive notions of human rights; that have since been used to compromise our national interests. As for a trade war, sounds to me like it's already happening, with the French. 😠
  23. Parents work on the principle that if they are outside they are safe because of the fresh air blowing the germs away and if they drop the kids off in the car then they will not come into contact with anybody so will still be safe. Kids themselves think they are "immortal" and have nothing to fear from the virus even if they catch it, after all it is only the "oldies" that die from it is probably their thinking if any. Also it only happens to other people........🤭
  24. Parents must realise that they risk not just their health but the childrens as well... Why don't they wake up and grow up 🙄
  25. Why you want all that trouble and a trade war is beyond me. We are not however tied to the ECHR through the EU, rather I believe we actually wrote it.
  26. In many areas, our food standards are better than the EU. The reality is, that the EU, especially France, are peeved with us for having the nerve to Brexit; so they are trying their best to secure some control over us. Our Gov have been slow to fully deliver Brexit by falling for these deals that tie us in to the EU. Hopefully they'll realise that "no deal" was the best deal, and will now scrap all the chains tying us down, like the Protocol, the ECJ and the ECHR. 😠
  27. Surely our food standards haven't slipped since we left the club. Our standards have been good enough for the last 40+ years.
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