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  2. Mr Brindle is still at large ,somewhere in Burtonwood.
  3. The legacy of the Corbyn McCluskey alliance has cast a giant shadow over the Labour Party. Not even the staunchest of genuine Labour supporters want a return to seventies political mentality.
  4. The French have invaded Jersey several times, but they never managed to take over the governance. The Channel Islands weren't even part of the EU which makes it strange that the European Commission should be sticking its nose into the fishery dispute!
  5. Even I wasn't around back then 😂 But if my history lessons were anywhere near accurate here is the official take on this subject................. Jersey was occupied by the French in 1461 as part of an exchange of helping the Lancastrians fight against the Yorkists during The War of the Roses.
  6. The "red" wall that is - as Labour lose the Hartlepool bi-election; but Labour still don't get the reason why. Since Brexit, the political landscape has polarised, with the liberal left in their Metropolitan ivory towers, who've usurped the Labour Party for decades, parachuting their ex-Uni careerists into white working class constituencies in the Provinces, and taking their vote for granted. A measure of the schism is the fact that over 60% of LP members have polled in favour of re-joining the EU; add to this their obsession with political correctness and identity politics, and it's no w
  7. Yesterday
  8. Allie Brindle was in my senior class at Beamont and had just signed for Warrington. We alternated between soccer and rugby on Orford Park once a week for gym class and I soon learned how to fake an attempted tackle when Allie was bearing down on me !
  9. It’s most likely to be for economic or even environmental reasons rather than us not having enough power ourselves. Most of the French supply is constant cheap nuclear from aging plants and sometimes they have too much. Fortunately, we have more variable sources, so we just turn off some of our relatively expensive gas fired stations and buy their excess at knock down rates. To some extent, the French have shot themselves in the foot by employing so much nuclear as it actually prevents them from getting more involved in greener alternatives. Wind and solar are great but their outputs ar
  10. King John lost all his territories in mainland Normandy in 1204 to King Phillip II Augustus, but retained possession of Jersey and the other Channel Islands. Since 1259 the Islands have been self governing English, and later British, possessions.
  11. Some countries have long memories 😁 Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066. After Normandy was lost by the kings of England in the 13th century, and the title surrendered to France,
  12. France has never ruled Jersey, legally or otherwise. Won't stop them trying though 😉
  13. No they will likely request an Armistice and call it a Victory. Then in around 5 years time demand the return of Jersey to legal French rule.
  14. Unless you are backing it in the 2.30 at Chester races.....🏇
  15. I remember the Labour Party becoming inclusive ,starting with female MPs to balance the books , & now they are unelectable & provide nothing but an extreme alternative.
  16. Just have to watch they don't use their super etendard missile like the Argies did.
  17. It hasn't "revealed" anything, it's a well known fact that we've been importing about 20% of our electric from France for years, mainly because they have loads of nuclear powered stations.
  18. They aren't frigates Obs, Offshore Patrol ships HMS Severn and HMS Tamar.
  19. This latest fracas with the French has revealed that we import energy from France, must be when there's no wind ?
  20. Well, we've sent two RN Frigates to ward off the Frog fishermen around Jersey; if the French are true to form, they'll drop their trousers like they did in 1940, and go home. 😉
  21. The problem is that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", Animal Farm by George Orwell. All his predictions seem to be coming true.
  22. What I was trying to say is the BBC didn’t create wokeism but rather they’re simply following a trend that’s evolved over time. Look at what’s happened with the Oscars over the last couple of years. It’s blindingly obvious that inclusivity buttons are being pressed like crazy on a national scale and you can’t blame the BBC for that, they’re just reporting on it. I agree that instances occur which make an older person like me say “Oh for God sake” but leaving the stupid and extreme aside, overall, equality in general is something we should all aspire to and maybe there’s more people
  23. I think back to the comedians, Bernard Manning in particular and also Charlie Williams VERY non PC the pair of them. Maybe we should stop showing war films a sit might upset the Geermans "they bombed our chippie" as Stan Boardman would say. (don't mention the war) All those hysterical dramas with the plucky brits fighting just about everybody at the time like the Spanish,french,Zulus,Boers, heathens and other infidels and the Romans (what have they ever done for us those Romans eh) Even kids programes are not free of offense. The latest being peppa pig of all things. We grew up
  24. Last week
  25. The BBC is, in my opinion, forcing it upon us. We definitely were laughing at Alf Garnett and It ain't half hot mum was written by an Indian and the blacked up character was that Indian, Michael Bates. When played as a repeat I do not accept that I cannot see what we once enjoyed again because someone has decided to make a political point. They can stick their political stance where the sun don't shine and accept that fee speech means that we should be free to look again at old TV programs and old films without political interference.
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