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  1. Robbo is right. Individually the payments from Universal Credit are crap, it's only single women with loads of kids that may seem to buck the trend, and it's these people who should be sanctioned.
  2. Toss up between City and Chelsea for me.
  3. Primedius


    Who would buy him?
  4. So what happened to the 6 lane bridge with bus way and rail track on a lower level?
  5. Read in the papers that parts of Europe have now made it against the law to overtake a bike in these zones, complete with a £100 fine. :roll:
  6. I have no doubt that the person responsible for saying what they did now regrets it.
  7. Congratulations to Man City for being champions, seems that Liverpool and United fans have gone quiet, apart from having a go at each other. This was probably Liverpool's best chance in 24 years with Ferguson gone and United playing crap, but unfortunately the other Manchester side stepped up to continue the Manchester dominance. How ironic that the player who has saved Liverpool over the years should be responsible for the slip that turned Liverpool's season around.
  8. And no doubt that if I had, you would have been the first to say " shouldn't this be in the sport section". My point being that all other news has been kicked off the front pages and replaced in the news bulletins as if the sacking of a football manager is more important than the potential of a war starting in the Ukraine (albeit a little tongue in cheek) It's even shoved Hillsborough into second place on the Northern news, that must be a first (ok, another bit of tongue in cheek)
  9. algy, it wasn't that good so I wouldn't bother.
  10. David Moyes sacked Ryan Giggs takes charge Moyes assistants also leave. United's tea lady said to be upset. and in other news Russia invade the Ukraine and World War 3 starts. :roll:
  11. I'm confused regarding Hillsborough. If I had a son or daughter that had been killed I'm sure the last thing I would want is to be constantly reminded of it every time I turned the TV or Radio on. I can understand the concerns of the families that are involved but I do think that the media have gone totally over the top in their reporting which has gone on for nearly 25 years and likely to continue for at least another year.
  12. Seems to me that you both make a good point and both of you are just nit picking, so why don't you just agree to disagree and get on with your lives?
  13. I'm confused, you both agree that United are crap and the best team won and yet you still argue with one another, are you in love?
  14. The goal of bookmakers is not to predict the outcome of a game correctly. This means that their odds often do not reflect the expected probability distribution. Odds usually reflect public opinion about a match and their primary objective is to ensure a well balanced book. I would imagine many football fans would have a bet on their favourite team even though they know that their favourite team is not necessarily likely to win.
  15. Depends on the ref, but on present form I would say 3-1 to Liverpool.
  16. I liked the bloke. He did seem to have principles which most modern politicians seemed to have anything but.
  17. The 'getting people off disability and onto job seekers' interview lasts less than 10 minutes and totally ignores doctors and/or specialist reports. Good riddance to them.
  18. Seems that the Tories are now encouraging voters to vote UKIP to keep Labour out.
  19. That was the point I was trying to make PJ .......... suicide bomber - - days may well be numbered, oh never mind it wasn't all that funny.
  20. Seems to me that most people don't care until it's too late.
  21. 'Chris Smalling has apologised for his "insensitive" decision to appear as a suicide bomber at a fancy dress party.' What a prat. I think his days may well be numbered.
  22. I must be mad but I'de like to see Ukip win if only to stir things up for a few years.
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