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  1. Even though City were played off the park by United at the weekend I still think they have a great chance. It looks as though Nasri will shortly be joining them, and even though they play as individuals rather than a team, with the amount of talent they have available they should definitely be top 4. I would have said 4th place would be between Arsenal and Poo but with Arsenal losing Fabregas and Nasri, then Poo must be favourites for 4th.
  2. Carlton club on Tuesdays and Fridays, The Lion on Saturdays, fantastic. All came to an end once the Speke and Huyton mob started to go though. Once Burtons window was smashed by someone being thrown through it,the enjoyment was lost.
  3. KeithR


    What a refreshing change, a Poo fan with a sense of humour. :wink:
  4. KeithR


    How strange, A poo fan called Knock off
  5. 18 is Arthur Lloyd http://www.arthurlloyd.co.uk/Songs2/18.htm
  6. KeithR


    The most successful club side in Britain, thanks mainly to the most successful manager in the world.
  7. Well if Camilla was the ' Royal who shone the brightest' then it proves that the Royalists on here are a few sultanas short of a fruit cake. Unles the voting is corrupt
  8. Not just Warrington, the coverage in the media has been next to nothing.
  9. Wasn't it Tacitus that got rid of his opponents from the Senate by having them tried for treason and executed? Relative of Maggie then.
  10. Well City come good against Poo, can they keep it up?
  11. I would like to think United but they were fortunate to get second last year. Liverpool must improve now Raffa has gone. But if money spent on transfers wins cups then Man City should have no opposition.
  12. The battle of the Boyne had nothing to do with religion as in Protestant v Catholic. In fact the biggest supporter of King Billy was the then Pope. Eire is a beautiful and sparsly populated country, if these yobs attacking police with petrol bombs in one hand and the Irish tri colour in the other love Southern Ireland so much why don't they move there? Northern Ireland because of its history is now part of the UK, as is the Falklands and many other fought over countries, whether the yobs like it or not.
  13. Firstly, Wikipedia is wrong. Catrall's own home page states that she was born in Widnes. http://www.kimcattrall.net/ Secondly, she like many others are not proud of their roots. MelC - born in Whiston hospital but lived in Widnes. Sue Johnson born in Warrington but insists that she is a true scouser. Paul O?Grady born in Birkenhead. All of them are more concerned with their careers than being proud of their roots.
  14. What when everything is signed and finished
  15. Well Tosser has confimed he's staying
  16. So fill us in with what really happened if you 'no'
  17. more like Chelsea 6-0 Wigan, Utd 1-0 Stoke,
  18. KeithR


    It seems Widnes have 13 first team players injured and played that match with their reserves so maybe he is doing a better job than you seem to make out.
  19. What would be more important to a football supporter. His team winning the Europa League or qualifying for the Champions League?
  20. Firewall's are very limited in their ability to determine what is malicious and what is friendly. It is up to the operator of the firewall to decide. So if you are a computer 'expert' like byrdy then you may well prevent an attack, but the average computer user may not. Resident security software such as anti-virus and auto-update software, are disabled by malware if the operator simply makes a mistake by opening an attachment or downloading a suspect program for instance..
  21. No! the mud slides in Madeira was an extreme weather event.
  22. With Argentina 1000 miles away and Britain 8000, neither will be interested or capable of a war. A negotiated settlement similar to that offered in 1980 will be the obvious outcome.
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