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  1. You called me delusional. Go split hairs on your own.
  2. "Against the odds" for Wigan to draw with or beat Chelsea and hand United back the title with the final whistle of the season. Perfectly possible in footie, and what a finish that would have been. And when you can control your use of bad words where kids can read them, you can lecture me. Do us all a favour and use the odd * will you? Those of us old enough can fill in the blanks for ourselves.
  3. didn't one of the teams that survived in the championship have 10 points deducted at the start of the season for going into administration? It can be done LP! Not when it's 20 points.... but it's a bit puzzling to me. They have financial trouble, so demote them and reduce their income from the FA. Tha would seem to be kicking them when they're down to me.
  4. The campaign in Lymm bordered on harrassment, Baz. At 5pm polling day, they were still stuffing leaflets through my door. For every one item I got from Con or Lab bods, I got ten from the LDs. All of it nasty. They didn't ask me to support their policies, they didn't tell me what they'd do - they just banged on about how the Tories were out of the race and how the place would go to Hell if I didn't pick the LDs. Bang outside the Polling Station doors on the day to keep up the pressure by reminding us all on the way in that if we didn't pick Jo, the Hospital was gone. I am no shrinking violet, but honestly, it was oppressive stuff. Course, being me, all they achieved was to irritate me to the point where there is exactly no chance of me ever voting for them again. And clearly, I am not alone as I now sit in Tory South Warrington!
  5. You don't know where I got the idea that you thought redheads might benefit from wearing a burkha from birth? I made that up? That's my delusion? Before you start calling me insane, it might be as well to refresh your memory.....
  6. Errrrm, am I incorrect in my recollection that Liverpool finished second last year then? If you've no joy in a season ending with even a small chance of an Indiana Jones, last-gasp, against-the-odds turnaround, then tiddlywinks is probably a better option for you. And if you use many more icons in your grumpy posts, people will start to mix you up with Observer.
  7. No, Byrdy, the OTHER secret thing we don't mention. But thanks!
  8. Dubai are probably working on a bid.....
  9. Ahem.... Cameron is a surname of Scottish origin, and a first name derived from the surname. The surname comes from Scottish Gaelic cam-shron (also spelled cam sr?n), meaning "crooked-nose" So he might be English, but somewhere up the line, his lot were wearing kilts......
  10. I like the sidetracks. This one gave us Obs advocating the wearing of burkas for health reasons..... priceless...
  11. So, once again, you got carried away and led us all atray? This becoming a theme, Dizzy. Good job we've all forgotten about the viagra and the OTHER secret thing we don't mention.....
  12. All a bunch of turkeys to me - and I reckon most of em want stuffing!
  13. Facts: 1. You said "born with freckles". 2. Freckles are a reaction to light. 3. There is no light in the average womb. 4. Children are clearly therefore not born with freckles. 5. You are entitled to believe otherwise if you wish. 6. The last man to call me "dear" in that particular tone has not been seen since......
  14. My granny, who was not given to such things at all, swore that my grandad hung around waiting for her. Several times, she credited him with drawing her attention to things that were wrong.
  15. I don't watch the relegation bits. Not nice. Especially all this business of taking so many points off people for bad banking that they stand no chance. But eight blue goals and four red ones - blistering stuff. I do not like Chelsea, never have, but today I salute them. You have to respect that degree of making sure! Gary must be so thrilled he can't speak!
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