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  1. Yes Time Team was a fiasco, after they left I went on to uncover more evidence of military artifacts in the area. Really cheered up our Tony Robinson though !! Still unearthing artifacts to this day ..
  2. Nice find but not surprising as Wilderspool and Stockton Heath is awash with Celtic and Roman artifacts as Well as Warburton where I uncovered the Roman settlement and a hoard of Roman Silver including a solid silver Roman snake bracelet, all now in Manchester Museum for future generations to see.
  3. 'm very pleased to be able to announce that following the release of my latest Wildlife film 'Wild Wings Birds of Prey' I have just been endorsed for 'Media Production' by BBC's Senior Broadcast Journalist & Presenter Greg McKenzie !!! Greg is well known for appearing on BBC's news and current affairs programmes, including The One Show, Inside Out, BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel and Entertainment News 24, in addition presenting news for BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and 1Xtra. My thanks go out to Gregg for his endorsement.... It really means a great deal that my films are being watched and enjoyed by mainstream broadcasters in the UK !!
  4. Many thanks Francine, it was a lot of work filming over 9 months but worth every second !!
  5. Deep in the heart of Cheshire exists the Wild Wings Birds of Prey Centre caring for sick & injured birds. The centre is owned and run by a dedicated team with many years of experience between them all. Wild Wings is family owned & run as a Not for Profit Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre. All funds raised are re-invested back into the centre to enable the continuation to care for rescued, injured, neglected & unwanted Birds of Prey. All staff & volunteers are totally committed to all of the birds and their well being. Paul Clark owner of Ovenu Warrington has teamed up with Wild Wings to raise much needed funding in the coming months to enable the centre to grow & be able to offer more help to the ever increasing demand to treat more sick & injured birds that are brought into the centre on a daily basis. James Balme, Archaeologist, Presenter and Director of Historic Media Productions has worked with Ovenu Warrington on several wildlife projects over the past three years producing films in support of fundraising efforts made by Paul. James has donated his time to write, film & produce this short documentary in support of fundraising by Paul for Wild Wings. Previously James has appeared on BBC 1, ITV as well as featuring in a programme for Channel 4's 'Time Team'.
  6. Hi Francine, I have a feeling that it may be your house that i bought !!!! Did you move to Frodsham area around July 2007 ??
  7. Hi Shelia, They were patrolling the parkdale road and surrounds last night at about 6pm onwards......
  8. It is a shame that these days you have to look over your shoulder in many ways, unsolicited phone calls trying to sell you things you don't want, charity bags through the letterbox almost every day of the week as well as buckets of junk mail every week. Seems that the specific goal of most of these people is to get you to part with any spare money that you may have ??
  9. My two dogs are very vocal at anyone coming down the drive, a great way to make them think twice, add to that the fact that I created a gravel drive area on the run up to the front of the house (essential as its impossible to get over it without making a lot of noise) the dogs pick up on the slightest noise ... anyone knocks on my door during the early hours they would be greeted by the dogs first !!!
  10. I live in Paddington and there were quite a few patrol cars driving slowly around the estate, I assume they were still investigating reports of these people knocking on doors as we don't normally see any police around the estate....
  11. A hasty decision I think and one which Wolves may come to regret next season. I can see Hodgson returning to the Halliwell Jones in new colours next season and reminding them of what they had !! ... Salford may have more than just Morley to talk about in the coming weeks....... though Huddersfield seems the most obvious ..
  12. Very many happy returns !!! Lovely to see you yesterday, its been a long time hun !!! hope everything is ok for you, let me know if i can help with anything ?? you have my contact details x
  13. indy

    Time Team....

    Here is a tribute film currently running for Mick
  14. Sainsburys Diesel even cheaper at just 134p per Litre ..... works fine for me
  15. The churchyard mystery remains a mystery as it is going through official channels including the Churches own archaeological department and plenty of red tape ... hopefully progress will be made soon
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