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  1. I think a lot could be achieved with better money management and vouchers for food instead of cash. But then you will get shot down for taking away civil liberties!
  2. For you Wolves fanatics on here! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/01/14/australian-superstar-greg-inglis-wanting-to-add-value-and-experience-to-warrington/
  3. Thanks Confused - just always try and do my best for Warrington - but as you have seen for yourself there are those out there who try and rubbish my reports and facts - all I ever do is try and report the facts to the best of my ability and impartially. I have my own opinions which I sometimes publish and certainly vent on social media but they will never stop me working with and trying to help those who are also trying their best for our town. I find it frustrating that most politicians I have met set out with the best intentions but then get dragged down by the political mud slinging.
  4. Welcome to the forum Dorothy and it is great to see you already engaging with members. While we have people join on a regular basis few choose to post, so considering you are a novice well done. If you enjoy local history we recently created a local history section on the main site which you can visit here https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/category/community/local-history/
  5. This is the exact reason I decided against entering politics and joining a particular party, as well as the fact i believe it is important for the media to be independent,although few are these days. I do hope the outcome of this article is that both men put their political differences to one side and meet on a regular basis to work on the best outcomes for Warrington. One has a direct route to Government and the other has control of our local council - working together they could probably achieve a lot more for our town. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2021/01/12/one-year-on-
  6. Welcome Chico Bud - I suspect there are a few typos in the name you have put - should it be Barry Fell? Have you got any other detail including age and which school or where they worked?
  7. Thanks Stallard - as I have reported on the town for 40 years I can remember or have written about pretty much all of it - and I remember the doctor visiting me at home still when I was first married which means it must have been in the last 26 years!
  8. Belated Happy New Year everyone! Only taken me 11 days to find time to get on here! Mind you still no happy new year from Dizzy! I have been busy manually adding a new member who couldn't get on as we block gmail accounts due to the large number of spammers. So if you see Dorothy R post on a local history topic please ensure a warm welcome!
  9. Gary


    You never know Bill - they could be just out carol singing and getting a bit carried away
  10. Gary

    Forum 2021?

    Thank you for your feedback Bill - which from the info provided is pretty much what I would have expected. Regarding promotion of the forum it would be a little bit like flogging a dead horse and I am so busy working hard promoting our clients I just haven't got much spare capacity - as you can see it has taken me from Saturday until late Wednesday night to respond to this. We seem to be sadly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Once again thank you for your endeavours.
  11. Typical isn't it - I try and generate more interest - and the insecure warning issue crops up - but from what I can see by the number of people who get their facebook accounts hacked - facebook is far more insecure than this forum!
  12. It has returned for me as well but we have flagged the issue with invision who are looking into it and coming up with a fix - but I am told it is perfectly safe to log in and use.
  13. Thanks - I don't pretend to understand much of that - but I will pass on to the powers that be. Thank you for trying t o explain in layman's terms. best wishes Gary
  14. It is fixed and doesn't appear to have caused any issues - this things happen from time to time and I just generally caused by browser updates and cookies deciding something is unsafe
  15. Whatever was causing the issue appears to have now been fixed - apologies for the inconvenience - I ignored the warning to get back on and don't appear to have picked up any nasty bugs.
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