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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum Dorothy. As you've said some of the older photos aren't accessible now as many of us used to store our own photos on other hosts like photo bucket and we'd post the direct link to those as it was the only way we could post lots of pics at the time. Don't worry though as I've probably still got a photo of Glass House Row on my discs and if I've not Algy B definitely will have in his huge collection. I'm going to work now so won't be able to dig mine out until tomorrow. Oh and Happy New Year everyone, I was sure I'd already said it on here but clearly not lol
  2. Hope you've all had a great, but safe, Xmas day and all the very best for the New Year 2021. Here's hoping it's better than this year's been xxxx
  3. Apparently data/research showed a few weeks ago that the most likely place to catch it was in supermarkets. They had asked people where they had been prior to testing positive and that's where most had been. When you think about it people are always picking things up and putting them down again and with all the good will and daily COVID cleaning routines in shops they can only clean trolleys, doors and other main touch points. Doubt card payment machines get cleaned after every customer enters their pins. Everything else constantly being touched by shoppers and staff on stock shelves never gets cleaned. The couple of local pubs I've been since all this started were always abiding by all rules and doing a fab job of keeping everyone safe and distanced but despite all their great efforts they were made to close again. I felt safer in the pub than I do anywhere else including work. I'm sure there are some pubs and bars that were probably flounting the rules though and no doubt customers were too. Too much alcohol and rules have never been a never a good combination in some circles. You only have to look how bad Warrington Town centre always used to be every weekend before Covid..... horrid place at night. I'm sort of glad it will be mostly closed to the drunken yobbish riff raff this xmas and I'm sure the police will be too
  4. Dizzy


    Best tell your immediate family and closest friends first, not right if we are the first to know lol
  5. Well I remember the doctor doing house visits all the time, I remember The New Town as my uncle wrote a song about it at the time that was released on 45 vinyl and I still have a copy. It was pretty naff though lol I remember the IRA of course and the Warrington bombings too but have to be honest the rest I only 'remember' cos others have posted about them or uploaded photos over the years.
  6. That's so funny (cant get the laughing emoji to work for me but I am laughing lol)
  7. Naah they were all there to visit their 'mummy'
  8. She was a funny and beautiful person. It's sad to hear that she has died. Altzeimers and Dementia are such cruel diseases but alas are so many others too. RIP Babs.... I like to think of her as being up there with the angles now shouting 'Ger Out o' MY Pub' x
  9. Ignore my post...I've just seen the topic about it on Forum Problems. Catching up is proving to be much easier using my desktop pc (that I've not used for months) instead of my mobile phone that I have been using. The adverts don't fill the whole screen on my desktop so I can actually see stuff at the moment for a change lol
  10. What insecure warning issue ? I've never had a warning on my mobile and for once I'm actually on my desktop pc and I've had no warning on here either.
  11. The good thing about the forum is that say for example we are discussing an issue or some local history it has its own topic, comments follow on from each other and the topic remains and us easy to find again. The downside of Facebook is you can have a really good topic or photo and lots of comments and info but after week it's disappeared way down the page and gets forgotten about. I do use Facebook a lot but it's not as good as the forum used to be in the good old days when there was more of us. I tend to use FB as it's quite quick to look and post but it seems to take me much longer on here. Maybe that's cos I only really use my mobile now and adverts take up more of my viewing space lol I agree that a lot of people probably don't know it exists and some are probably also wary of having to sign up and give their private email addresses etc 😢 Ps sorry for being AWOL for so long oops.
  12. Dizzy

    What lockdown?

    We're actually going into Tier 2 Gary not 3.....although new T2 is what our last T3 was lol. Anyway, yes I agree with you there have been a lot more people out and about on the roads, shopping and even just wandering around on foot this time than there were in 1st lockdown.
  13. Correct, which is why we were told months ago not to wear gloves in work but rather to wash, wash, wash and sanitise hands frequently. As for wearing face masks or coverings, well many are abiding by the new rule but some aren't. Guess that will always be the case regardless of what rules are in place. Have to say wearing a face mask for 6-8 hours a day is bloody awful though and I now have an even bigger respect for the wonderful NHS staff who have always had to wear them. I don;t know how them manage to do it day in day out. So for all those anywhere who are moaning about having to wear one for less than an hour to do their shopping....count yourself bloody lucky !!!
  14. On the plus side it would give us all somewhere not to far away to go for a chalet/caravan holiday seeing as though we can't really go anywhere else...will they allow tents too?...and maybe a man made beach with wave machine may be a good idea to pull in the tourists. Threat of pirates may put many off though lol. Sorry only kidding but did get me thinking as I have no holiday planned this year boo hoo... and the way things are I'd even be happy to spend a week within a few miles away from home in a tent at gulllivers just for a break from constant work and home environment that I've been stuck between for the past 4 months other than the odd trip to morrisons, tesco or asda every few weeks if I'm lucky. Same for us all though I know
  15. Ooops sorry....I've only just seen your reported post about the spammer Evil Sid. Thanks for reporting it and glad to see Gary has removed and blocked the prat
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