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  1. i might be a bit slow here but how does the sun and wind affect the fact that the price of gas is going up. Electric possibly but gas?
  2. saw a clip on faceache of the police stopping a fed up driver from removing the protesters. He tried to drag one of them away and was set on by a second the police stepped in and told him to stop or he would be arrested for assault.... Personally i would have backed the diesel up to the protestors and floored it. a few seconds of diesel exhaust in the face will shift anybody. mind you that would probably get me arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.....🤭
  3. In the words of battery sergeant major Williams "oh dear, how sad,never mind" My sympathy goes to the medical staff who have to now treat this person and to those he has unwittingly infected and affected by his deeds.
  4. Bill it sounds like you have the hub 3.0 model. I have waded through the bumpf again and they do do have a separate battery backup device for the purple zone areas only. It will only make 999 calls though as far as i can make out. confused this link will take you to the pdf that i was referring to, mind you it will probably make you more confused but that is virgin media for you. http://www.virginmedia.com/phoneguide hope it helps somewhat.
  5. Not happened to me as yet but they will no doubt start to tout for business before long. Mind you my current contract does not expire for another 12 months yet they will be trying their best not to get me to downgrade. just had a goggle on virgin media digital voice and ended up on the home phones page and they have a pdf file that you can access but it is the usual virgin media bumpf. lots of information but of little help. you need to check what zone you are in to see what features will be available. I am apparently in the yellow zone. you will need to keep your hub on 24/7 or you won't be able too make calls from your home phone. This also means that if you have a power cut you can't call anybody up to find out why there is a power cut unlike at present. I do wonder if the standing charge for the landline will still be applied?
  6. perhaps we could get a loan from redwood bank.......🤭
  7. i cook food to eat where they cook food to look at and charge a fortune for it. big problem i have still, is cooking big meals. even mince, onions and rice i end up with enough for four and thats with one onion one bag of boil in the bag rice and 250g of mince. it gets eaten though,mostly by me.
  8. i was very shocked at how fast his health had declined. was always one of my favourite players.
  9. i was wrong about the how to boil and egg. i have just typed into google "how to boil and egg" this was the result * About 166,000,000 results (0.53 seconds)'* as i child growing up i learnt to cook from both my mother and my grandmother, which means that i can cook quite a lot of different foods with some degree of confidence and success. although i have yet to try scones. have a recipe just need to get round to get sorting out some time and ingredients.
  10. Which would account for their confusion when they are trying to decide which of the five thousand odd search results on how to boil an egg to pick......🤭
  11. Nowt wrong wi lycra.....although mrs sid thinks i look more like cooperman than superman when i wear it.....😭
  12. actually obs we aren't doing that, we are just accepting them in from those countries who move them on in our direction. (well if you believe some of the "propaganda" touted in the media)
  13. Well that will put a crimp in the domino players plans then.....🤣 i ,as i have said many times, do not have a smart phone. i have no real need for a smart phone. the phone i have does enough for my needs.
  14. as long as it doesn't infringe on their human rights obs. can't be doing things like that can we...?
  15. ah the dear old government. implement total lockdown and the masses start to rebel about. implement release from lockdown with a few minor restrictions and the masses rebel against it. Whatever the government does is wrong in other words, even when they do the right thing it is wrong to some people.....🤭
  16. I would need to get an android smartphone first though and be a proper dual sim one at that rather than a dual sim if you don't put a memory card in.
  17. I think i may have a gmail account set up but cannot for the life of me remember any of the details of it. never used for anything that i am aware of. i have a yahoo one, a hotmail one, and an ntlworld one. apart from the ntlwolrd one that gets looked at first thing in the morning the others get checked on a Saturday. those two usually have either faceache messages on or moneygram spam and even the spam is dropping off after i sent them all a message saying keep the money.
  18. wondered why the council was sprucing up the road surfaces in the area......🤭
  19. How much tax is payed is down to how creative the your accountants can get when it comes to avoiding paying it (in this country that is) That is if you are wealthy enough to afford accountants in the first place. For the rest of us it is just pay up and shut up. Taxes:- the government method of legally collecting money with menaces
  20. i do hope you have not been compromised by a scammer. I am always wary of any notice that advises me to "click this link to (whatever)" anything like that i am not expecting i will usually go via the normal route to get to the page. For example if it said "click link to go to Warrington worldwide page". Rather than use that link i would use the link i have in my bookmarks and then see if there was a reason for the link in an email being sent. it may be me being paranoid but prefer that to having to figure out why my pc is acting funny all of a sudden.
  21. I have a text from my doctors to say that they will be offering a booster jab along with the flu jab from September. They will contact me to make my appointment and will no doubt ask if i want one or both or none. Be feeling like a voodoo doll at this rate.......📌
  22. All those undertakers coining it, might be a good thing to invest the pennies in......
  23. Personally i would glue the locks up and leave them to it for a few days. If they complain that they are cold start the car to warm them up. A few laps round Piccadilly Circus should do it.
  24. But it is not compulsory to wear a mask now and eve when it was there were so many exceptions for not wearing one and no real way of enforcing lack of mask wear. if the vaccine works as claimed then it is the younger people who should be worried about not having had it and catching the virus not the older people who should have had both shots by now and are on the list for the top up when the "standard" flu jab time arrives. That is the thing about freedom you are free to make your choice and just as free to suffer the consequences of that choice. remember in every old person is nineteen year old wondering what happened........🤔
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