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  1. Build Parliament at Omega and let HMG use the facilities for the next five years. this would solve several problems It would take away the need for expensive consultation to build sheds on the site. HMG would fund the building of a modern office block with lecture theatres equipped with modern technology and have several thousand new houses built on the site next to the MP place of work all for free! There would be no embarrassment about the planning permission farce. New roads would be built to accommodate the traffic and probably a new junction on the M62 to give MPs their own access to the new building. Again no [planning and no cost to Warrington. Downing Street could be moved to Burtonwood and give Mr Oneil another ego boost. ALL AT NO COST to Warrington who would be left with a profitable source if income in five years. What a no brainer deal. Even the Home Office have a site nearby and staff could utilise the Warrington bus linking Omega with Birchwood yet another cost saver. Chapelford rail station could provide a fast link for train passengers wanting access to the new Parliament and hmg would bear the costs! Airports nearby would see increased business and probably couid get better facilities for free all paid for by the State! The list of positives goes on so what about kit? House prices would rise business for local shops Parliamentarian could even have their goods delivered to an nearby shed What awinner!!! tu
  2. Don't think there will be many people there. they will all be stuck in the traffic jams around the area.
  3. If I were in charge ,I would give the Met people a 24 hour pass, tell the Peruvian embassy of this and expect Assage to be removed top the southern hemisphere a toute vitesse and sod the stupid judiciary.
  4. I have to agree with the planning veto as I am wonder who in their right mind would want to build retail food outlets in such a place? Are they looking at passing trade as customers possibly those lost in the town maze or stranded in the traffic jams? One use is possibly to rehouse these establishments in Sankey way opposite the chemical works so that the narrow road can be widened and give better traffic flow through the area. Either that or put the bus station there with and overhead pedestrian (and cyclist) path to the railway station over the sludge that constitutes the "river Mersey". th
  5. lets hope the application is rejected immediately without talks and satnam get the message they are not wanted and hopefully they don't even show their faces.
  6. what about Enfield Park? The park is overgrown, dirty with nettles everywhere Even the ducks seem to have abandoned it Well Mr Settle what do you intend to do about this park that is outside your back door? y
  7. NHS is mismanaged by people who have sneaked up the career and friend structure. Start charging all those not entitled to the service. this means doing as the States and having a finance office checking every patient and getting money before treatment where necessary. If some person is hurt cet la vie. There is a need to have regional stockholding and cut out the peculiar way medical goods are purchased and the top jobs should be given to a business manager not a soft touch or a person who only cares about himself as has just happened.
  8. It does not matter what any of the so called leaders do, UKIP will walk the next election Dithering Dave is incapable of selecting the right person for the job. Millipede is old liebor rubbish and clegg is in cloud cuckoo land along with several others I can think of.e
  9. Good old Dirir as progressive as ever full of new ideas and totally dedicated to keeping her income even though she is totally useless. No forward looking ideas just the same old liebor rot charge everyone to cover up the inept management of warrington parking fiascos that occur every year.h
  10. Ah but will the councillors be here after 22 May? Perhaps the new ones will remove all 20 stuff and use the road humps to fill in the potholes?
  11. Rod is in dreamland and his followers have browbeaten scared useless politicians with so called statistics that are based on unreliable doubtful base data. the politicians are scared they will be sued and capitulate to the stupid costly nonsense emanating without really examining the "facts" and actualities of their actions.from certain Bring back common sense and gat rid of the clutter on the kerbs.y
  12. Another crowd of self appointed self promotion scammers with worthless awards
  13. Politically, 20is the biggest political con of the last few years. Only being outdone by the hs2 scam 20zones do not really work Traffic speed is qualified by the state of the road and with unmarked bumps and holes coupled with parked cars and a traffic light system suited to the 1950's contributing to the slow traffic throughput in Warrington. Drivers use all roads to avoid the worst ones such as Capesthorne Road and Hood Lane regardless of any artificial attempt to influence their speed If some proper traffic management scheme is not developed soon W Arrington will be totally gridlocked within four years and 20 zones are not the answer.
  14. Bazj your halo glows at night or you have been very lucky PJ go on the course it is dear but enlightening to see how many other people have been done for a couple of mph over limit by dumbo cameras particularly at nigh hours or on wide open roads with no traffic. they keep quoting the Highway Code, but don't even give you a copy. Unfortunately no human seems capable of looking at camera data and making a decision it is left to the robots to enforce it. money grabbing rather than road safety I believe. uda
  15. Not really It was serious at the time as there were thoughts the car could set alight due to smoke and steam Luckily for the girl, the residents and passing motorists went to her aid and freed her very quickly Very Well done all of them Interesting Cllr settle could only take a photo after the event and use it in guardian to foster his current idiotic project about roads.
  16. The car was not in a 20 zone It was barred from entry by a sign and lamppost. Shows that some people are going to strange efforts to get rid of the waste of money unenforceable stupid zones. The residents of Stirrup close and drivers who stopped to assist the driver did a great job freeing her quickly and efficiently from her perch.
  17. Wait till the nuclear stations are working, then nationalise
  18. wahl

    Speed Limits

    Note that Cheshire and Mersey police are resorting to hidden speed camera checks in Sutton, Winwick and various roads around Warrington especially those where the speed limit decreases from 40 or 50 to 30. These ardent coppers are hiding behind hedges, in bushes and otherwise trying to hide their radar fr5om sight until the colourful bushes and hedges suddenly sprout black clothed yellow bellied deliverers of bad news for some people. so remember keep to speed limits until these underemployed people are sent back to useful tasks such as patrolling motorways for dangerous drivers.
  19. What a shambles the a49 is turning out to be. After the mass of changes by Albany Park that resulted in traffic chaos when exiting the park due to non road widening scheme, we now have utilities digging massive holes in the carriageway for the third or fourth time. Of course it is after the whole road had been resurfaced so goodness knows what a mess balfour beatty will leave it in. Tonight the roundabout at Fordton was chaotic due to incompetent morons who stuck cones down to immobilise a lane without adequate warning or even common sense in the cone placements. Why doers wbc let such morons cause traffic chaos? What do the police do nothing as usual what a shambles Anyone having a bump should sue the council.
  20. wahl

    Speed Limits

    Speed limits imposed anonymously and dictatorily in Warrington are utterly ridiculous. There is little logic or sense applied to these limits. The naïve politically correct attitude for 20mph that is not manageable has cost council tax payers some £750,000 money that could and should have been spent on useful projects like road widening and congestion easing. The stupidity of these limits is illustrated by the fact that most traffic ignores the most stupid impositions. The artificial road narrowing only creates congestion and is a complete waste of valuable road space. Such roads also cause unnecessary congestion and encourage dangerous driving . The whole traffic management in Warrington is a disgrace and needs to be reviewed. Cyclists should be fined for not using the expensive tarmac laid down in warrington - tarmac that has spoilt the greenery and shrubbery and is an eyesore.
  21. Congratulations to all who opposed. Margaret did great job. As did Geof. perhaps Taylor and planning dept should be reviewed and assessed for causing unnecessary distress?
  22. Too true Baz J Cromwell avenue is a suitable 40 mph road. The police are using the area for cash collecting They are indeed adding another place for their van on the Lingley green rd outside the United Utilities place. This green are is being spoilt for another cycle tarmac that few cyclists will use. All over the area the tarmac for cycle paths is bespoiling the greenery of the area and these paths are not used by many cyclists or people... merely a waste of money to meet some stupid politician's ego About time the inhabitants of Lingley mere asked the council to widen the roads thereabout using the money from the development ... oh sorry that money just disappeared somewhere
  23. There is plenty of land for houses the old fordton leisure centre for one The site opposite fordton for another Stop building warehouses and empty office buildings there is one in particular that has been empty for at least five years on cromwell avenue. so NO NO NO to Peel park area.t
  24. Thanks Cleopatra for your complement. At least one person recognises I am thinking. More than can be said for wbc
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