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  1. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Being a most unpleasant restaurant critic there can't be much body waste Winner hasn't ingested.
  2. Me a media type or a public employee ? I've been a hairy arsed trucker all my life(a long time). I am now at my leisure being kept in luxury by the hard working(have you noticed that these days you can't just be working you have to be prefixed by *hard*?)taxpayer. You won't believe it but quite a few truckers can string a few words together and also read a broadsheet newspaper.
  3. I beg to differ Gary...Huddersfield were only allowed to play to their best on the night because of the Wire tackling and general effort put in. They are a one trick pony by their spoiling tactics around the ruck...grabbing arms,gang tackling and lying on in the tackle...When referee Ganson made it plain he was having none of it by whistling up frequently in the first few minutes they were screwed. They are second only to the Pie Eaters in these spoiling tactics...The Wigan coach is leaving these shores, perhaps he should take the Huddersfield coach with him for the greater good of the game...Thank goodness the Wire coach won't have anything to do with these negative tactics. I can remember reading in the press during the last close season that a directive was being issued to referees to clamp down on this boring negative stuff but last night was the first time I'd noticed it being applied. Better late than never Mr Ganson. Perhaps refrees will get on the Wigan case ASAP. As a footnote I was humbled by some Huddersfield fans last night displaying a congratulatory banner for the Wire praising us for this season. It must have took took time and effort to make it and was nothing less than magnificent.I think the Wire club should show some appreciation in an official manner. How about,say, a thousand free tickets for the Huddersfield fixture at the HJ whenever we meet them next.
  4. I wouldn't have the Daily Mail hanging up on the back of the door of the outside privy of my hovel...My only knowledge of the Daily Mail is what I read in the headlines on the stand at the local newsagent.My media indulgence is a couple of hours every day with the Guardian which to most of the posters on here is considered to be an agent of the Devil.
  5. From what I'm led to believe the South Stand doesn't have the depth in the structure to make it possible to build boxes.
  6. I should think so too...My missus hits me harder than that on a regular basis.
  7. The only thing I can think of as to why Wire aren't more represented in this dream team is that whoever makes the choices wanted to spread it around amongst as many clubs as possible.
  8. Carmont over Atkins ? Give us a break. Steve Menzies ? He's almost 40 years old !!
  9. I'm older than dirt..I won't say how old but I used to get Brian Bevan's autograph on my programme at every home game at Wilderspool.
  10. I for one will be glad to see the back of Maguire...He was rapidly turning the game into the most boring sport on earth with his cheating, negative tactics. Tony Smith made very thinly disguised comments about the man on GMR a couple of weeks ago. He didn't refer to him by name but we all knew who he was on about....Wire have proved it's possible to succeeed by playing fast open football...I'm pleasantly surprised that on another forum rival fans have been posting the most positive comments about the way Wire play the game. It seems we are now everybody's second favourite team.
  11. Champions !! I'll never accept that anybody who finishes top of the pile aren't champions..Imagine what Fergie's reaction would be if Man U finished top and then were told the had to win a knock out tournament which by some fluke Aston Villa won and Aston Villa were then declared champions..The air would be blue and quite right too. Against my better judgement I watched RL extra on the red button and to be honest I wasn't surprised at the reaction of one Phil Clarke...*Ah but would Warrington Wolves be able to handle the pressure of the play-offs?* This man would rather eat dirt than give Wire any credit...How does he think that Wire finished top of the pile without handling pressure ? The man's a complete dolt who, if it isn't Wigan it isn't worth a carrot...He is added to my list of heads I would enjoy stamping on. Metaphorically speaking of course.
  12. Ever heard the term *scapegoat?* If you did a little research outside of the pages of the Daily Mail you'd know that his conviction was becoming increasingly untenable...Evidence was kept from the defence at his original trial and his forthcoming appeal was certain to succeed..Not my opinion but the opinion of the legal officials involved. He had to be let go to save the Scottish establishment from serious embarrassment.
  13. The chap you are wishing a long slow painful death is almost certainly innocent of the Lockerbie bombing. The only useful purpose he served by being locked up all these years is by being a focus for the victim's families hatred.
  14. He'll be a hard act to replace when he eventually goes home. He's been a revelation since the coach told him he was to play hooker. As a halfback he was hopeless but as hooker he's the best in the country.If he doesn't get Man Of Steel this season I'll eat another pair of my socks.
  15. Can't see the Wire slipping up on this one especially with the news that Alan Agar is leaving the club which hopefully has a disruptive influence on them.
  16. A more than adequate replacement for Louis Anderson is lined up for next season in the shape of Trent Waterhouse. What's needed is a replacement for Matt King. I'd like to see Rhys Evans given a chance. What I wouldn't want is his fellow Welshman Rhys Williams anywhere near the first team. I just don't rate him at all. I made my mind up about him during the Catalans game this season at the HJ when the French winger broke away and Williams gave chase, for about 5 steps that is and then he just gave up and jogged back to his own try line...bone idle poseur.
  17. I'm delighted to have been proven wrong about Adrian Morley..He's not developed the serious complaint I thought he had. I was looking forward to meeting Gaz and his trusty camera beneath the stand for the ritual eating of my socks..Despite the non-meeting I went ahead and ate the said socks. I now regret that I hadn't changed them for a week...I don't expect to become hungry for the rest of the day. The Wigan club and some of their players could be in some trouble in the next week...S. Tomkins who missed kicking Jon Clarke's head in by a whisker. The total nutcase Hock is looking at a lengthy ban for the disgraceful incident in which he attempted to blind Ben Harrison followed up by a left hook. The Wigan club should be in serious trouble in the fact their assistant coach went into the referees room at half time to bitch and moan about the penalty count. Is this permissable ? If it is it's the first time I've heard about it. The victory today must rate as the performance of the season. I'm no longer fearing meeting Wigan, today proved if you get in their faces and not allow them to bully you by their negative wrestling technique they are very ordinary indeed. The team I now fear most is St Helens.
  18. If you've got your camera Gaz I'll make it more worth your while,I'll eat my underpants as well.
  19. Adrian Morley has been named in the provisional 19 and I'll eat my socks if he's in the final 17.
  20. Mr Smith has no pretensions of being a university don..What he is is a top quality RL coach. The best we've had since I've been supporting the club which goes back a few decades.
  21. safeway56


    The symptoms displayed by Adrian Morley are exactly the same as I had...The dizziness, difficulty in looking in a particular direction(mine was to my left, the same as Adrian) If as I suspect he has developed Mennieres Syndrome his playing days are over. I was relieved of the worst of the symptons by having an inner ear removed but if I now attempted to run I would most likely fall over.
  22. What they don't reveal when they claim crowds of 2.500 just how many of those are let in for free. How come they survive on such meagre crowds when Crusaders went belly up with crowds twice the size. They must have financial genius's doing the books or are in receipt of a secret subsidy from somewhere or other.Additionally they are changing their name next season and reverting to London Broncos. Is this another wheeze in which they are dodging their creditors ? They've done it in the past.
  23. I'm of the opinion that all four corners should have been filled in at the same time..As the plans stand now the ground will have a lop-sided appearance. I can't see what would be gained by having any of the stands double-tiered. Only very occasionally would the demand be there, most weeks the place would only be half full detracting from the atmosphere. I'm sure that if there was a demand for concerts at the venue Simon Moran would have thought about that already greatly increasing his profits from appearances from that band lead by the fat lad from Frodsham.
  24. I for one have no concern whatsoever about the quality of the competition...It's a two horse race between Wire and Wigan for the honours it would seem. I would much prefer it being a one horse race just as long as the Wire are the one horse. I can remember, not so long ago standing at Knowsley Road, suffering the humiliation of thrashings season after season at the hands of Skints. Nobody in those dark days could have given a damn about the quality of the competition just as long as their own team was carrying off the honours. If indeed we have caught up and overtaken other clubs it's up to those clubs to do something about it, not for us to be brought back down to their level by some kind of manipulation of the rules of the game. I can't think of anything more boring than to reduce the number of teams in Superleague and playing one another possibly four times a season just to provide Sky TV with a more exciting spectacle to put before the armchair vegetable fans.
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