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  1. Parents work on the principle that if they are outside they are safe because of the fresh air blowing the germs away and if they drop the kids off in the car then they will not come into contact with anybody so will still be safe. Kids themselves think they are "immortal" and have nothing to fear from the virus even if they catch it, after all it is only the "oldies" that die from it is probably their thinking if any. Also it only happens to other people........🤭
  2. So why the sudden almost worldwide shortage of HGV drivers. There were plenty before the pandemic kicked in. There were plenty during the "worst" of the pandemic. Are they all on holiday or have they succumbed to the dreaded lergy..........🤔
  3. Try telling them that and they just say it is typical oldies "we had it worse when we were young" stories. At the risk of sounding like one of the monty python yorkshiremen. I remember the smog so thick that you got lost two foot from your front door. Horrible yellowish colour that hung around for several days. Can't blame it on cars as they were few and far between,only "posh" people had cars everybody else either walked, cycled or got the bus. Mostly down to coal fires, but there was less rubbish. what could go on the fire did. food waste went onto a compost heap if you were lucky enough to have an allotment,spud peelings boiled up and fed to any chickens you had. Clothing and shoes were bought when the ones you had were either so small that you looked like a badly dressed giant or were so beyond repair that they were fit only for dusters. Hand me downs were the order of the day tough on those lads who had three older sisters though......🤦‍♀️
  4. After seeing some of the protestors on tv being interviewed not one was asked the important question. "Where are you from and how did you get here today?"
  5. we should do it first and beat them to it see what their reaction is when they can't sell their onions.
  6. I will ask why it seems to be only the "black" portion of the human race that is being touted as the downtrodden. Over the whole of history nearly every race has at some point gone through similar experiences of repression,way back when the first caveman clubbed another over the head with tree branch. History is whatever you want to make of it and any account is usually written by the winners of whatever scuffle happened at the time. the victors being the heroes and the losers being the villains.
  7. So it is just about every-bodies fault as they sort of either covered it up, denied that was where it came from or in some financial way contributed to the research.( with the possible exception of Lichtenstein) so were any of the conspiracy theorist close to the truth......🤔
  8. my sister had her flu jab the same day as me, she asked about the covid booster when she got there and was told they had them in and gave her both, one in each arm. If i last another six years i will be eligible for the shingles jab as well. If i get all three on the same day i am going to shout out loud "one hundred and eighty"...🤭
  9. Last time i did that they said "aren't you dead yet?".....🤣 The receptionist should be able to sort the when and where for you. Mine was at the jubilee hub, surprisingly it was my own doctor and practice nurse that were on duty at the time. I wonder if they have set days for each practice, unlikely but possible.
  10. Are we talking about the "common sense" approach to safety, which seems not to be so common. If so how can you instill some sense without also instilling some paranoia as well. Should be easy you would think but it never is. It should be obvious that you never go into a dark alley at night or jump off high cliffs into the sea, but people will do that sort of thing and think nothing about it, if they think at all. The horror of this particular case was that the perpetrator was one of those whom people should be able to trust to stop that sort of thing happening. How can you spot a murderer. i don't know and I have spoken to one about an hour before he killed. He did not look like anybody out to commit murder, even the people he talked to immediately afterwards had no idea he had committed a murder just a minute or two earlier. So even with greater scrutiny and standards it would be impossible to say that person will be a bad un or that person will kill somebody when it comes to police recruitment. I have no answer and i suspect neither does anybody else either.
  11. But who would be working at the fast food places then. They rely on university graduates for their labour force.........🤭
  12. Like I said obs i am no expert my whole biology knowledge being one one hour lesson at age fifteen and whatever comes up on google search....
  13. Well i for one can't wait to get my bus pass. only another two years to go until i reach the updated pension age, unless they put i up again. Current travel by bus to town and back is the equivalent of two and a half litres of petrol, even at todays prices. (That is one eight of a tank for my car). With the mileage i get that is around twenty miles as oppose to a mike and a half on the bus.
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