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  1. funny Cher sang about doing exactly that.
  2. My father in law was an electrician in the RAF. He served his time at many satellite aerodromes around the country, even did a stint in the isle of man maintaining the bomber training lights. He always said that the night duty was the worst part having to run the generators for the temporary runways in all weathers. surprisingly he lived well into his nineties as did most of my wifes family. I do have to wonder if it was because of the war that people from that era seem to live to a ripe old age, diet and all that. Todays generation seem to peter out before they get close to retirement age. Can't be the stress of modern life as to my mind living in a time when bombs dropping was commonplace would be a lot more stressful.
  3. But the young are immortal, they don't need to be vaccinated. even we were when we were younger. it is only as we get older do we get a sense of self preservation. at 19 jumping of a hundred foot cliff into the sea was fun. at 59 jumping off anything higher than a foot is life threatening event to some. (in fact stepping off a footpath can be dodgy) the frame of mind is "that only happens to other people" a bit like those ads on tv that promise you a chance of winning a 3million mansion in wherever plus a top of the range Italian sports car.
  4. amazing what you can still learn about the area. I thought that the munitions had long gone with the closure of the risley site after the war just goes to show.
  5. Pressing on in the good old british "shed built" tradition of the great inventors. For the double glazing are there no neighbours having theirs replaced that you could scrounge a few panes from? Save the planet a bit more as well as do your bit for recycling.
  6. just read the news page and according to warrington worldwide there has been a drop in reported cases in the warrington area. So maybe the spike has peaked for now and we are on a downward trend. hopefully the bungee cord will eventually run out of bounce.
  7. plastic drinking straws just don't have right thermal resistance.
  8. They are on the way, Boris got a text from fed ex saying they were at the warehouse and a tracking number.....
  9. Perhaps we should charge france half a million for every one of them that pops up on our shore per day. The money could be used to fund a series of spotter stations along the coast like the ones used during the war to detect enemy fleets and aircraft. Any that are collected should then be put on a cruise liner and when it is full shipped off to some exotic location. I am sure there are plenty of small islands with no population that would be ideal for such purposes.
  10. it is a proof of concept. That the rich and famous can be sent into space paves the way for them to have an escape route for when the planet finally gives up the ghost. Ok so a bit more expensive than the usual "nuclear bunker" at the moment but like all things the more available it becomes the cheaper it will get (at least that is the theory) It is also great publicity for the company involved. "our company is so good even our ceo trusts our technology enough to blast into space"
  11. We have that already they are called politicians.....
  12. Bums on seats = money in the government club owners pocket = more taxes dodged paid = a healthy economy or that is the thinking.(or lack thereof)
  13. A joke? depends on what news you look at on't Tinternet. 430 crossed in a single day according to the beeb
  14. well that's five minutes of my life i won't get back. Not my cup of tea or in my case coffee It's an old dance routine from the looks of it. Just look at any of the old british movies about us plucky brits bringing civilization to the "heathen" African tribes. Every one of them featured that dance in some form or other, usually the night before the big battle when one soldier was sure to remark "listen to the jungle drums, they're up to something mark my words".....💂‍♀️
  15. sense and well put. it is a pity our leaders do not lead by example. Boris "if you get pinged by the app you must self isolate and get tested." Boris when pinged by the app "well it just a suggestion and doesn't apply to me as i made the rules up"
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