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  1. Just had this sudden image of ena sharples and company in the snug of the rovers with three bottles of milk stout......🤫
  2. Evil Sid


    What fireball. when. it could have been the end of the world and nobody said word to me. i will have to look it up on the net. The fireball not the end of the world. To many theories about how the world will end to count.
  3. It keeps them entertained. lots of long dark evening in that part of the uk they have to have something to pass the time whilst the pubs are shut.
  4. Evil Sid


    if you turn it about 90 degrees clockwise it will be somewhere near close to what you would see when the moon is full. the dark area at the top would then be the man in the moons dog (it's a poodle if you are wondering)...🐩
  5. They got in just before the hotel quarantine kicked in. they have traced all but one who tested positive for the brazillian variant and the one they can't find did not complete his test form. Of course now they have to contact all those who were on the aircraft with them and on the subsequent aircraft that they flew on to get back to the uk and the flight they used to get back to whatever location in the uk they originally came from. so potentially hundreds of vectors to spread from just on one flight.
  6. Evil Sid


    Its upside down bill....🧐
  7. Conspiracy theorist. "They will implant a tracking device inside you so they can keep tabs on where you are." Like the government cares where they go and has seven people keeping an eye on them 24/7. ...🕵️‍♂️ Mostly uncertainty on what expert to believe. The ones that say it is 99% effective or the ones who say it is 79% effective...but that is experts for you, you pays your money and takes your choice.
  8. Only foreign holiday i have ever had was a long weekend in wales. 🤭 Well actually it was a day out but being wales it felt like long weekend......🤪
  9. I am waiting for bt to cut my phone and internet off within the next 24 hours apparently,for the third time this week. add to that the new phone i have ordered from my amazon account as well as the £1000.00 package from them and the £600.00 from my account at the bank on my debit card that was sent abroad and that is today's phone calls so far. every one a robotic voice. I answer put it on speaker phone and wait to see how long it is before it cuts off. record so far 1 minute 10 seconds.
  10. oh well looks like it's argate again this year.....
  11. Evil Sid


    Just had a text of my youngest brother asking me if i had TEAMS on my laptop. He has a job interview and needs TEAMS to have the interview. What a palaver getting it up and running on my laptop. firstly it asked me to sign in using my microsoft account and password. Some head scratching later i realized that my skype account was the one that was needed. all i had to do then was try and remember my skype login details. so that sorted downloaded the software and then was asked to login, no problem, then asked what i wanted it for School/family and friends/business. fooli
  12. a quick wipe with one of those hand sanitizing cloths would be more effective on a phone. I do wonder though if those uv led lights would be good for detecting dodgy banknotes?
  13. i would hold off on the bungee jump for a bit longer if i were you. mind you if you did go bungee jumping and the leg fell off you could always get a part as a pirate in the panto season.....🦜..."pieces of eight squawk squawk"
  14. Not a problem it is being fixed under the guarantee which is valid for twenty years, unlike me.
  15. That reminds me must get in touch with my dentist to re-arrange the appointment i had to cancel due to my light bulb leaking water....💡 Also roofers to see what they are planning as a fix and when.
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