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  1. Unless you are backing it in the 2.30 at Chester races.....🏇
  2. I think back to the comedians, Bernard Manning in particular and also Charlie Williams VERY non PC the pair of them. Maybe we should stop showing war films a sit might upset the Geermans "they bombed our chippie" as Stan Boardman would say. (don't mention the war) All those hysterical dramas with the plucky brits fighting just about everybody at the time like the Spanish,french,Zulus,Boers, heathens and other infidels and the Romans (what have they ever done for us those Romans eh) Even kids programes are not free of offense. The latest being peppa pig of all things. We grew up
  3. I usually refer to myself as "other" really confuses them that does.....🤔....🙆‍♂️ Humour is very much an individual taste thing. What i find funny would probably not make others even crack a smile. Ditto with what i find offensive. Having to figure out what either sex would like to be referred to by is not one of my problems. It is either "owdo" or "HEY YOU" which pretty much covers the whole of humanity.
  4. i was lucky in that i managed to get into the local grammar school. this meant catching a bus from bewsey to town centre and then a second bus from there to school. Luckily busses ran every fifteen minute then so missing the one i wanted rarely meant i was late for school. coming home there was a school bus laid on which you had to be front of the queue for if you wanted to stand a chance of getting on. and then the bus from the odeon to bewsey. When i started work at risley it was a nightmare getting to work on time. bus into warrington. walk from town centre to the bus station by the ab
  5. For several years now i have had the "flu jab". It does not stop me from catching the flu but it does lessen the effects of it making it less debilitating than would otherwise be. The covid vaccination acts in the same way, it will not stop you catching the virus but it will,hopefully, lessen any harmful effects it may have on your body. So full vaccination does not give immunity and you can still catch and spread the virus. the wearing of masks is not just to protect you from the virus but to protect others from you possibly passing the virus on to them as well. The saying is c
  6. So where did they get the pictures from? If it was social media then surely whoever posted them must have some knowledge of who it was. or at least where the original pictures originated. No matter who it was they will have left some sort of electronic trail the police can track. Hope when they do catch them they arrest them for attempted murder.
  7. my paternal grandmother's name was Lillian and she lived in Garibaldi street which is near the green in warrington....a very tenuous coincidence but probably not much help unless her maiden name was green. i would have to dig around to check though. I did know a tony green from the bewsey area i think he is still breathing but not heard from him in many years. good luck on your search and if i come across anything i will let you know.
  8. From what i understand a person who has covid can be infectious up to two days prior to any symptoms showing. In that time they can pass the virus on unknowingly to anybody they come into contact with. Those people can then pass it on to others once the virus has established itself in their systems and prior to symptoms showing. This incubation period can be anything from five to fourteen days depending on healthiness of the person and which "expert" you believe. So working out when the infection chances are at their optimum is rather tricky. Best guesses are 2 days prior to sho
  9. I have an account of sorts with a certain bank and their nearest branch is in Liverpool now as the Warrington one closed down. seems like a very good idea though for rural areas. do they still have the mobile banks driving around that were advertised a few years back?
  10. Ah the good old USA mentality. Don't release anything until it has been thoroughly tested, just in case we get sued by somebody for negligence. It doesn't matter that the whatever will not be needed by then because the world population has long since passed away. As long as we do the legal thing properly we will be ok. If there was bill then there would be very few people immune just you and me and i am not sure about you.....🤣...or me for that matter....🤭
  11. i do remember giving a pharmacist concern one time. they asked to do a medication check and did a blood pressure test. The blood pressure was fine but she was very concerned when she could not get a pulse. The reason being that having had a stent fitted the pulse in my right wrist is almost impossible to find. she used my left arm and was still concerned that my pulse was 42, no idea what it should have been but as long as it is still at least one or to then i am alive.
  12. think on average over a year i pay about £100 a month for gas and electric. no central heating just gas fires which bumps the bills up over the colder months. all lighting is led and appliances are all modern so supposedly energy efficient.
  13. But surely in this day and age with the super smart technology we have a simple indication based on age would be achievable. Yes there are other health factors that can affect your blood pressure, trying to remember what the numbers should be would be bound to raise it a bit for one. There is a chart that shows blood pressure by age range surely that can be incorporated into a bit of tech with a simple high or low or ok indicator. Fitness watches can give you your blood pressure so a dial in age range would be easy to achieve.
  14. For the 1958 Disney nature film White Wilderness, filmmakers eager for dramatic footage staged a lemming death plunge, pushing dozens of lemmings off a cliff while cameras were rolling. Whilst lemming doe migrate they do not jump off cliffs, only idiot humans do that. A more fitting reference would be wildebeest crossing and recrossing the same river during their migration until a consensus is reached on which way they were supposed to be going.....Oh well that is the end of the Gnus, now for the weather forecast. Look out the window for the up to date weather in your region......🤭
  15. The next big recycling project as people flock back to the gyms to use the expensive equipment there instead of at home. I will stick with my crown green bowling, if it was good enough for Francis Drake it's good enough for me.
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