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  1. Probably the late 40s and fifties, a;though I can't be too sure. Your description is not far off my memory, but there were seats. It seemed to we peasants as somewhere where the better off could have to a snack whilst shopping. Happy days
  2. The cafe was in the left quadrant,. not too far in from the back entrance we used to use. Roughly between what is now the food and hardware shelves. Happy days Glamour seems to be in the distance - dullness close at hand
  3. As I said earlier there was cafe in Woolworths. Quite small but bigger than a snack bar - speaking about after the war. Happy days
  4. Some on here will be old enough to remember the back entrance (and possibly the musical pram man outside}. Doubt if many will remember the inside cafe which was not far from the entrance mentioned. My mind is struggling with shopping upstairs in our Woolworth's, possibly confusing with same in one of the cities. Happy days 'Some people are still alive, even though they have passed away.'
  5. I remember one in Cairo street just below Rylands street. Sweet shop on the corner, next to it the chip shop. A bit old fashioned - was there a green plant pot in the window. Allaby's jewellers was a few yards further down Cairo street on the other side. Happy days
  6. Christmas spirit explains the heading. Best of times to you Bill. Happy days
  7. Yes thank you all. 84th anniversary of my birth. Calling myself 'about 48'. Best wishes to everyone on the forum. Happy days 'Thirty smiles an hour on the road of life.'
  8. For the country - and I wouldn't have said this a week ago - the current prime minister should be asked to stay on to negotiate. A fair sized giant among pygmies. Happy days
  9. A fine time of life. Make the most of it. best wishes Happy days
  10. Message now received. Your box said that you couldn't receive messages, but it's now back in order. Thank you. Happy days
  11. Hi Karen, Hero to villain? Can't contact you privately. Best wishes Happy days
  12. Presentaion to Mark Cueto re the death of former Warrington player Frank Cueto, killed in the war. Happy days
  13. More an Orford Park man myself, but i seem to remember the Victoria band stand was well off the driveway and more towards Latchford village, (100 yards?) much more like Dizzy's picture.). As a boastful aside, I got 50 not out on one of their concrete pitches and when the innings was over i was told that Never Say Die had won the Derby. and I had bet it. Been steadily downhill ever since. Happy days
  14. I enjoyed the flashes from the Warrington game during the St Helens match, but it is a fair point Sid makes. Happy days
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