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Save Woolston CHS tonight 5:15pm - Town Hall

Geoff Settle

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Reminder from Lotts on another posting:


Hello All.


By way of an update... There will be a protest at the Town Hall from 5.15 on Monday 3rd December when the Executive Board next meet to discuss the report published by the LEA on Friday.


Could I ask all who support the campaign to keep Woolston Community High School open to attend and make their voices heard. We also need to continue to lobby ALL 57 Councillors via letter and email to vote against the closure.





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A splinter group went round to the back door entrance where the Councillors where going in and then the rest of us followed & yes it was very noisy. Did you hear the sweet tins being banged together as well?


There was lots of cheering when the Councillors supporting the protest went in and lots of booing when the LIB-DEMS went in. They tried to sneak in by getting through the crowd instead of down the gap that the police had made.


Just before 6:30pm another break away group headed to the back of the Town Hall and up the back steps where the Council chamber was. The police ushered them down on the grounds of H&S - it being a Fire Exit. Anyway everyone joined them at the bottom of the steps, singing, making lots of noise. It wasn't enough for the lady sat by the window inside as she kept raising her hand to encourage more and more shouting & singing.


It was really good to see the children so passionate about their school and also a couple who had feature in one of Gary's news items today. It's great for Gary to be providing the support facilities through this forum at least he knows how important education is. It was also good to see the mums and dads and their mums and dads - the children's grandparents.


I just hope in went well inside and Ian Marks didn't get too inflamed - why he is taking such a stance I'll never know.

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I'd fight against the closure of Padgate as well. Cllr Alan Simcock fought his last campaign against the closure of Padgate. We believe that the schools are being targeted purely on a numbers game with NO consideration about the impact on the community or more importantly the Learner's Education and well being!!!!


A lot has changed since the data was collected by WBC - the accountant has left to advance his career at Liverpool, new housing developments have been approved, Cllr Froggatt's criticism of inadequate analysis and consultation by WBC has received more air time, the WCC has highlighted the changes in the school run patterns and traffic congestion - more local roads are now grinding to a holt, 32 NEW business units are being constructed - without any consultation with the PWF Parish Council.....

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A senior member of the Labour Group has told me privately that if Labour had been in power they would, reluctantly, have had no choice but to come to exactly the same decision and that it would probably have been Woolston rather than Padgate that closed.

Me thinks it is the opposition that is playing politics on this one!

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According to Gary's front page Padgate High and William Beaumont... BUT unless Sheila (the staunch educationalist NOT) has changed the rules you have a form to fill in.


As I recall on that form you can select from the choice available BUT if your child is in a feeder school for Birchwood High such as Locking Stumps then that is a way in, another is to go to the school where their brother or sister goes.


My niece goes to Locking Stumps and already the class sizes have swelled. It will be interesting to see which other primary schools have an increase in class sizes elsewhere in Warrington.


The other option that some people are taking is to simply move house.


Obviously these matters have been carefully thought through and long term plans made.


As for the teachers I wonder what is going to happen there, who will now stay and who will go. How is the quality of teaching to be maintained?


Eagle will have the answer so don't worry he's heard it somewhere in the wind. Or maybe the Chief exec will have a view afterall he or she's trying to Gag Parliament now that takes the biscuit.


[ 04.12.2007, 17:07: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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Egbert's spot on: doesn't matter who's in control at the Town Hall "a school" would have been closed, and they would pick the least worst option "politically"; which means either Party would probably have opted for Woolston. :roll: I suggest folk blame the real villain in all this; National Government; and all the posturing by local MPs hasn't saved the school, as they didn't/won't save the Post Offices. :roll:

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Some things don't change.

I remember the same person complaining when she visited Causeway Community Centre,(re. closing it) and thought I had been planted by the Lib-Dems. The fact that I worked there didn't enter into the equation. LOL

Just the fact that the visit was a secret!!!!! :D

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