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  1. I too got a ticket there around 15 months ago. If you look in the forums on Moneysupermarket there is advice on what to do. Fortunately for me I knew to screw it up and throw it in the boot, then came the letters and threats from bailiffs and "Solicitors" which then became phone calls. I've got a wad of letters in my office but not had any correspondence since October last year. The last letter from Graham White Solicitors (research them too, plenty of advice about dealing with them) was for a "Fine" of £480 To sum up, DO NOT PAY!!! Paulo
  2. Let me get this straight, we're in a recession, austerity measures are hurting the masses and yet the mayor sees fit to burn 56k on an A6, there are two of them in it plus the driver, get rid of the driver and get yourself an R8... Sorted But seriously I don't see the need for the extravagance of an A6 or a driver, if it's down to booze, it's economically more viable to hire a limousine (Taxi to the rest of us) that's what private businesses do, and for engagements sin alcohol why not drive himself? Last question - Is the Mayor, shall we say on the wide size? why couldn't they fit in an A4 Cheers Paul
  3. I went to Woolston tip today, and was politely asked my postcode as I live in Woolston he waved me through, does anybody have an explanation? Regards Paul
  4. I did point this out to the Exec committee during the consultation period and they chose to ignore this benchmark in favour of cva's which as they are now realising is not a recognised benchmark. Typical that unlike those of us who researched the guidelines, they instead listened to the 'officers' advice, which, surprise surprise was flawed yet again. So as Gary says - no decision has yet been made... They have a full 50 days to formulate a plan to save a school that has NEVER achieved this benchmark.
  5. You could always call crimestoppers 0800 555 111 they don't take any details more info on http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/
  6. Hi Obs, I agree wholeheatedly with you, the 3rd world are suffering as a consequence of us wanting cheaper fuel. I know I'm unhappy with paying ?1.15 per litre of diesel at the moment but there must be a better solution than impinging on 3rd world food supplies Paul
  7. WBC have announced that they are shutting Woolston Playbarn - doing so without any public consultation this time, however, we know that makes no difference...in Woolston anyway, a different matter in Lib Dem wards I guess. I don't suppose they'll decrease the council tax, so... What do they propose to give the community instead? Sweet Fanny Adams I suppose and expect us to just put up and shut up. This cannot continue. Any ideas on how to stop these idiots - and please don't ask me to march they have the police in their pockets and they deliver me letters by hand these days informing me that it's dangerous to march on pavements in case someone falls off - it all beggars belief when I watch them in London... Cheers Paul
  8. Hi Geoff, It was great at 7.15 from Woolston to Birchwood it took minutes. Some colleagues haven't made it in though. One has just got home after getting stuck at J20 at 8.30 simple rule - get a job locally if possible Paul
  9. Geoff, having it "called in" to scrutiny. I'm led to believe is a group of impartial councillors and a few others who will make sure i's are dotted and t's crossed and that everything is above board. They can vote to allow verbal representation as they did for Warrington Baths. Or written only I think. Basically check the stats are correct. I will stand to be corrected, as this is a new experience for me. Regards Paul
  10. It's been called in to scrutiny this morning by Iona, she's called it in based on proportionality. There is a meeting planned next Thursday regarding the call in. see link
  11. Paulo

    HMS Turbulent

    Hi Gary, I've just passed them on their way I guess to bed, still suited and booted. I've met them before at the Village Hotel at an awards ceremony they're a nice approachable bunch.
  12. Green Lane School in Woolston is another one under the same threat. What is going on in this Town? Have the council made so many financial mistakes that they need to sell off three schools to developers? When the new houses are built on the school sites, where are the kids who'll move in be educated? I'll no doubt see lots of them sat in cars creeping along in the already over congested roads to distant schools. Give yourselves a pat on the back the coucillors who devised this master plan, you should get an award for this.
  13. Hi Charlotte, I'll be there Friday with you to hand over the comments to Cllr Woodyatt at 1.30pm at New Town House. Just a note with regards to the fact that I thought we lived in a democratic society - not in Warrington - I attended the full council meeting last Monday, you'll recall after Cllr Marks said we were out of order making all of that noise etc they 'voted' on a few issues and you could see the divide - it was a vote on anything and everything to the party line in all they discussed - not just the Woolston issue. Every email response I have had and I've had hundreds the official line from Lib Dem/Tories say's ' it's not political' my **** - and I don't normally vent off but what can I say, they are sat on each side of the fence. I hope that at least one of the Exec Committee has some, can I say Balls? you catch my drift I hope that they do and will represent the Town as they were elected to do so and not just pay us lip service as they appear to be doing. Kind regards Paul
  14. Hi Gary, I know I do, I've been busy with writing a response to what Cllr Marks had published. Along with work and the demo on Monday. Frankly it's been a bit of a week. Also been meeting with Barristers and Solicitors. Petty excuse - I'll say it first. My apologies for not inviting you on Monday night, it won't happen again. Your coverage of the first one was great.
  15. Hi, there is a protest planned on Monday 29th October at the Town Hall, camera crews and the press will be there. Join us and make a difference. The next open meeting is on Wednesday 7th November 7pm at the Church of the Ascension. For information on how to send letters or Emails protesting to the council visit us at :- www.warringtoncouncil.youdontcare.com If you want to be kept up to date with information, send an Email to save-woolston-chs@hotmail.co.uk Kind Regards Paul
  16. Hi, there is an open meeting planned on Wednesday 7th November 7pm at The Church of the Ascension. All are welcome. Remember to join the protest at the Town Hall on Monday 29th October start at 5pm Camera crews and lots of press expected For information on how to send letters and Email protesting to the council go to www.warringtoncouncil.youdontcare.com If you would like to be kept up to date with forthcoming news/events please send an Email to :- save-woolston-chs@hotmail.co.uk Kind Regards Paul [ 26.10.2007, 18:29: Message edited by: Paul Andrews ]
  17. Hi to all, just to keep you in the picture, their will be a public meeting next Wednesday at 7pm at the Church of the Ascension. This is to decide what steps to take next. People should be aware that this decision will effect the whole community, not just the school. All are welcome to attend, however, if you are unable please register your interest to save-woolston-chs@hotmail.co.uk and I will endeavour to keep you up to date with what is happening... Thanks Paul
  18. There appear to be lots of us all acting independantly, we now need to get together and formulate a way forward. If you are interested in campaigning against the closure of Woolston Community High School please send an Email to save-woolston-chs@hotmail.co.uk
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