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  1. Legion where did you get your facts and figures from can you point me to your source?
  2. TMM for a man skilled at researching names you know I can't keep any secrets from you about mine. :biggrinbounce: :biggrinbounce: [ 24.03.2008, 16:43: Message edited by: Wireless Geoff Settle ]
  3. Found this one but it's from a site on the USA so not sure of it's accuracy web page everyone else can try the search on the site to find theirs.. [ 24.03.2008, 14:50: Message edited by: Wireless Geoff Settle ]
  4. With footballers having to show respect foe the referees, just like Rugby League players do, will supporters take the hint? According to Staurday's Daily Telegraph footballer are being asked to set an example to their supporters and not only behave on the pitch but also off it. Maybe this could be extended to the WAGS in their dress sense.
  5. Peter, hopefully I haven't damaged the Painting groups image by replying to your questions. I only intended to give posters an update. I will not be posting on this topic anymore in case it detracts from their success and achievements. I hope you understand.
  6. Was that the magificent 7 Paul?
  7. Is that milk & sugar or are you wseet enough? He is right Dissy I don't know or understand what libel on www is all about maybe an administrator can explain.
  8. That explains the long boats at Port Erin or was it Peel and the pointed hats on the bar.
  9. Well I think you've just shafted our own argument. Just as well the people of Liverpool are liked by the Manx. Strange how they are hated so much in this Town if the comments on this site are anything to go by.
  10. I was luck as I only had to visit Birchwood this morning so my route was the quietest its ever been at 8:25am. I could see from bridge over the M6 that the Motorway was efectively closed and the queues heading back into the Town centre started fro college round-about. How bad was it for you?
  11. I just like keeping busy. The children made their videos today and had great fun. They've really packed a lot into just three weeks and have mini movies to show for their efforts, having made the models, painted the scenery and directed the shots.
  12. I'm not sure but I'm working on the principle if you don't let them know then they can't do anything about it. I do wonder if they do prioritise the work required to be done, I'm sure they do aren't you?
  13. Yes the JSA have a special form to fill in and I complete three a week for all the freebies I do.
  14. It would appear that in this years Boules championships the English team stand more than a fair chance against the French. Culcheth Sports Club is about to kick off a new season and I believe that they have receieved funding for the facilities. Petanque What do you think of the game will you be taking it up? OH LA LA [ 08.03.2008, 08:36: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]
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