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Save Woolston CHS tonight 5:15pm - Town Hall

Geoff Settle

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Originally posted by observer:

:D It gets more pathetic by each post! :wink:

Showing your true personality now?You seem to have descended into the depths of despair by trivialising the situation.

I wonder what the Residents of Fairfield and Howley liked about you?

Did you recommend shutting any of their places? :confused:

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Originally posted by observer:

Diz: if you trawl back through the posts; I think

True :D:wink:


So what do you recon to the so called Scrutiny Meeting that was held :roll:


Usual rule of not allowing anyone except the members and officers to give evidence :roll:


Exclude all comments/evidence from residents,parents, children, governors, teachers and any other interested parties :roll:


Closed book if you ask me and they are just ticking boxes to appear to have cared/consulted/discussed :roll:


And of course the usual token gesture comments from those councillors who are involved.


[ 14.12.2007, 22:32: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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I received the following email regarding Thursday's meeting:


"Having had the "joy" of sitting through a 4.75 hour committee meeting chaired by the weakest chair I have ever seen, with two very able political opponents dancing rings around her, all the ridiculous speculative assertions for referring the decision back for reconsideration by the Executive Board was defeated, except for one.


It seems that the Executive Board have failed to provide clear reasons to the relevant community for its decision to close Woolston, contrary to a

Statutory Requirement and this was a unanimous decision of the Committee.


The Executive Board have an emergency meeting arranged, I think for this evening, at which this will be reported to them so that it can remedy this faux pas. My guess is that it will take them 20 minutes to do so.


I cannot understand how Councillor Morris has been able to get away with not being reported to the Standards Committee for wasting the Committee's time."


I understand from today's front page that the emergency Exec Meeting will be on Monday after the full Council Meeting. Guess it will be a quick one as all of the beer and sandwiches that follow full Council meeting will all be gone if their meeting goes on for too long. :D

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