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  1. Is it me or is the middle one about the only vaguely credible choice? The other two look like something an old buffer who is a member of an obscure cricket club might insist on wearing on match days
  2. A sad farewell to the old tea-pot lids then
  3. Is the Government going to cover the cost of the ruinous empty business premises tax that is currently still in operation? As for 'art galleries' - they would be pretty small ones. When you said "Ghost Towns" I thought you were referring to those villages that have been identified as potential sites for new nuclear reactor facilities - I imagine that there will be a few "For Sale" signs going up there shortly
  4. Fred the Shred is the local Councillor's role model Big fat protected pension, no penalties for pathetic "work" and the run of the castle.
  5. What's wrong with spending money consulting the electorate Maybe if a bit more of that was done we wouldn't be in quite the mess that we are now
  6. Erm... Greenalls is desperate to shift this site but no-one is likely to buy on the terms that they want (i.e. large deposit up-front with no deferred payments thereafter). Most property companies are only able to offer a derisory deposit followed by payments spread over 5 years or so. Not good...
  7. The Gemini Business Park is perhaps a good indicator of how badly these aspirations can be diluted. The Gemini site was originally going to be an economic generator for the borough but it has degenerated into half a retail part and half a business park, niether one nor the other
  8. Poor taste Omega is looking less like the "high-tech" industrial park and more like a "please anyone come and locate here" type place
  9. National Minimum Wage is currently ?5?73 per hour 28hrs/week @ ?5?73/hr = ?160?44 52 weeks @ ?160?44/week = ?8,342?88 per annum.
  10. Originally posted by FatShaft: I'd rather be a prison Governor on ?120k a year than a dog turd collector
  11. Betraying your allegiance there Paul
  12. End pay for Councillors and you'll only get people genuinely interested in the position
  13. Will the much hyped - but strangely absent - Core Strategy Issues and Options document that Council is late producing touch on the issue of incineration and the potentia locations of such facilities I wonder
  14. Nowt wrong with half-clad lasses stumbling around
  15. Got to agree with Obs in as much that a requirement for new housing doesn't automatically mean there is a need for release of Green Belt land... ...but then some Green Belt land isn't worth protecting anyway but try telling that to some people who see it as holier than Bethlehem.
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