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  1. that would explain the Lucozade when you came back in.
  2. I have thats why I asked where people in Woolston are going to send their kids. I have a son who should see out Woolston and one who will be starting in Gregs 2009.
  3. Where are people going to send their kids now then?
  4. No I lived in Padgate and my children went to Woolston, its about choice and I choose not to send them to Padgate, I know live in Sankey and they still go to Woolston its a great school and my son loves it. There is no reason to close any school.
  5. The next open meeting is on Wednesday 7th November 7pm at the Church of the Ascension. For information on how to send letters or Emails protesting to the council visit us at :- www.warringtoncouncil.youdontcare dot com If you want to be kept up to date with information, send an Email to save-woolston-chs@hotmail.co.uk
  6. My thoughts and love are with Yvonne, Kev and his sister Danielle. Thinking of you all.
  7. mummy

    Mick Curran

    Thoughts and wishes to his family.
  8. Stuart was a lovely young man and a real credit to his family and friends. His friend Sophie has set up a web site to bring awareness. please check it out. www.myspace.com/do_it_4_stu Stu will be missed by his parents and sister and family and friends. our thoughts are with them now. [ 26.10.2007, 13:56: Message edited by: mummy ]
  9. Fair enough. It was special measures that knocked the school in the first place, I dont think the council expected them to pull out but they did and did so early.
  10. The staff are not poor and the school is no longer in special measures. Woolston came out of that earlier than planned when the current head took over. [ 23.09.2007, 07:47: Message edited by: mummy ]
  11. I think its far from over.
  12. What knock on effect? Just got back and my feet are freezing.
  13. well i have kids there so thats my reason, be nice if we could keep both.
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