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  1. Hi, Can I ask people to fill in WBC consultation forms as well as signing the Downing St petition...even if you have done so before. If you have not received one feel free to message me and I will get one to you. The closing date for this final stage is 31st Jan. There are no other public meetings planned now until the dates oulined by Geoff (see above). Thanks to everyone for all of your continued support. Lotts [ 22.01.2008, 21:29: Message edited by: lotts ]
  2. The 3 Little Lotts went to meet Santa this afternoon. It was fantastic, they thought he (and his grotto) was wonderful! :bounce: Many thanks to Santa and Team Elf. :angelwings:
  3. I have 3 young children (eldest is 12) and I work with children both as a paid job and in the form of voluntary work. I suppose that this tends to take some of the time I might otherwise use for posting... :angelwings:
  4. Gary, This is just the opportunity we have been looking for. I am fortunate to work with children from a wide variety of backgrounds who are fantastic. They are considerate, compassionate and care about the community. I look forward to submitting nominations! The vast majority of kids today are good, unfotunately that doesn't sell papers!
  5. Perhaps also worth pointing out that the Exec are effectively their own judge and jury as I believe that they can choose whether to take on board/proceed with recommendations from Scrutiny (if any are made). However... with an eye on what is motivating decisions, it is important to try keep an open mind. There is support from all Labour Councillors and eleventh hr support from Lib Dem better than none! (I do wish it had been a little sooner, must admit...) Thursday will make interesting viewing.
  6. Just tried post code thing... Looking at the map, we are OK where we live but will get webbed feet if leave the end of the road. EEK.
  7. Thanks Ag. Me and the Little Lotts' are looking forward to meeting Santa just as much! :angelwings: Will PM Santa's Helper now to book. Excitement almost too much :spin:
  8. At the risk of being dim... What time is Santa around pls? Would love to bring the kids along to meet him. Thanks :biggrinbounce:
  9. Could I just say a massive thank you to all who came out in support of Woolston Community High School tonight. You were all fantastic! :biggrinbounce:
  10. Hello All. By way of an update... There will be a protest at the Town Hall from 5.15 on Monday 3rd December when the Executive Board next meet to discuss the report published by the LEA on Friday. Could I ask all who support the campaign to keep Woolston Community High School open to attend and make their voices heard. We also need to continue to lobby ALL 57 Councillors via letter and email to vote against the closure. Thanks Lotts
  11. It is not economically unsustainable to keep Woolston High School open. It currently has over 900 pupils on roll. Also have you visited Padgate shops or Birchwood shopping centre at lunch? Am not saying two wrongs etc. but they are hardly sealed sites. for the record I believe that Woolston have the same policy, only ks4 pupils with a note are allowed out.
  12. Demonstration today really positive, one of many still planned. Do you think they have started to realise we are not going to just fade away yet? Thanks again to all for the support we have received so far. Please come and join us on 3rd Dec at the Town Hall!
  13. Hello all. Owing to circumstances beyond our control, the march from Woolston High into Warrington will NOT be going ahead tomorrow (Saturday). We will however, all be making our way into town separately and meeting at Market Gate (the skittles)at 12pm. Please can I encourage as many people as possible to come and support us. For further information check www.warringtoncouncil.youdontcare.com Many thanks, Lotts
  14. Hi Geoff, I look forward to seeing you, and many others, there on Saturday for the March. (Assuming you have recovered from your deliveries ) Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing support.
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