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  1. To true Observer. I note you state the majority of people involved in knifings are young black males. I don't doubt you are right, but I'm not sure where you get the information. All the reports I have read meticulously avoid mentioning the ethnicity of those involved - presumably for fear of being branded racist. It is true that pictures of victims are almost all of young black males, but in the absence of arrests and convictions, we are not to know whether the offenders are black or white. But it is certainly true that the young offenders who carry knives are obviously more afraid of th
  2. Handy they may be, but we managed OK before they were invented. It seems to me that most people use them constantly for the most trivial reasons. The number of times I see couples in restaurants ignoring one another and spending their time on their phones! People walk the streets oblivious to what is going on around them because they are texting. The phones themselves are obviously very useful - it's the people using them that are the problem!
  3. Do you remember the health warnings that accompanied the arrival of the mobile phone? Cancer, loss of memory, etc etc. Well just about everyone has one now and many people seem to spend their lives on them. As far as I know, the official advice is still that young children should not use them. But no-one seems bothered about health risks any more. Is any research being done to see if those early warnings were justified. I myself have noticed that people seem to be losing their memories at an earlier age than they used to, but this could be because so much information is available via t
  4. I'll have you know you are speaking of the city of my birth - although I did leave before I was three!
  5. Egbert


    Fact is, the number of arrests was double that of last year. Davy says where there are music festivals there are drugs. Pity there wasn't some music! But seriously, whatever the event, if it attracts drug dealers like this, it should be stopped
  6. Life goes on...I see a woman has been arrested for shoplifting at M&S
  7. Milky - it is not a leap into the unknown. I remember life before we went in and I didn 't notice any difference when we went in. I don't think we would notice any difference if we came out either!
  8. PJ - you (probably deliberately) miss my point. I am talking about being offensive to other members of the forum - not the people who are the subject of the debate, whether they be doctors or not. I have noticed for a long time that you seem to be incapable of putting forward an argument without becoming offensive. People are entitled to different opinions and mine is clearly several light years removed from yours. But I don't wish you personal harm because of it. Obs - I am well aware that the work ethic is in short supply these days. That is why the country is in the state it is. I still be
  9. Obs - the trouble with giving "the people" ultimate power is that it includes people like PJ who cannot even conduct a debate on this forum without being offensive. In a Parliamentary democracy we vote and give power to our government. It's not a perfect system, of course, but nobody has come up with anything better yet. The country voted for our present government. They still don't have ultimate power but they are the people most entitled to have power. As to the doctors other options? They have the same one as anyone else. If they don't like their present job they should leave it and f
  10. Thank you for your good wishes, PJ. You will be disappointed to know that both I and my wife have, over the years had serious, life-threatening conditions and have received excellent service from the NHS. I have nothing but admiration for NHS doctors WHEN THEY ARE WORKING. I have also had extensive experience of private medicine and have found it to be vastly inferior to the NHS. The point I was making is that the doctors should not be striking. There are no circumstances in which a doctor should strike. They should find some other way of resolving their dispute. And as I say, they have
  11. I keep hearing that the public are backing the doctors. Well I'm a member of the public and I'm with the Government. The doctors have got too big for their boots. I worked in an industry where seven day working was the norm - which meant Saturdays and Sundays were normal working days and the rate of pay was the same as for the other days. And in an emergency, if that meant actually working seven days in a week, that was too bad. Doctors have a privileged position in society. They have wonderful career prospects even if they are not particularly well paid in their early days. The Government ha
  12. I can assure you Baz that if house cleaning was an Olympic sport, my better half would be a gold medalist. We seem to have got on top of the problem now, anyway. Thank you all for the helpful comments - but not for the idiotic ones
  13. Came home last night to find one room of the house - a downstairs bathroom - invaded with flies. Zapped them with a fly spray, closed the room off and this morning collected 65 dead flies. Anyone else experienced a fly problem recently - it struck me as most unusual as there had been none about for some time. Could it be connected to the mild weather?
  14. While I have great sympathy for people fleeing desperate situations in any part of the world, isn't it time we started doing something about ending the war in Syria rather than opening the door to more and more immigrants? And by "we" I mean the whole of Europe, not just the UK.
  15. I see on the news pages today that our council wants to lend money to Warrington Collegiate. I'm not suggesting that the Collegiate is not a worthy cause, but given the financial constraints the council claims to be under, should it be lending money to anyone? Some councillors, of all parties, are not happy about it. I am not surprised!
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