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Walton Gardens. Wonderful but...


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...it needs more regular attractions and interesting things to entice people especially outside of the summer months.... ooh and a much better and bigger cafe/shop etc like they have at Delamere and other places :D


ps xmas craft fairs etc in the snow would be LOVELY :D


...and Gary is right things are rarely advertised well :roll:

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What reasons did the NT give for not wanting it and what details were actually given to them etc? Has anyone seen the correspondence between WBC and the NT ?


At the exec board meeting I attended it was stated that the National Trust had been contacted but that they never actually replied !?


Now getting back to the 'but' question


but ....... it cost's too much to park during the week so puts a lot of people off going more often or for an hour or so with kiddies during the day/after school or walking the dog etc


but ...... the pitch and put/crazy golf are too expensive when you have more than 1 kiddie to pay for

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maybe... but the so called 'chavs' (I presume you mean youngsters) never cause any trouble and are usually playing footy etc and having a good time running off steam with all their mates.


In all the years I've been going to Walton Gardens I have NEVER EVER seen any trouble there even when it's absolutely packed.


Unlike of course the 'chavs' who hang around smoking and drinking near the skittles and all around 'forgotten' Bridge Street :shock::wink: It's not nice round there :cry:

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Can I just say that as a representative of Young people, we absolutely love and cherish Walton Gardens. And at no point have I ever heard about young people causing a serious disruption at Walton Gardens and if this is the case, please let me know as its my duty to reduce this behaviour and tackle that problem.


I myself defended Walton Gardens from Contessa as I worked with the 'Save Walton Gardens' campaign and can I point out that there were hundreds of young people who signed the petition online and joined the facebook group and even took the time to come to the protest outside the town hall.


My second issue is the use of the word "Chav" as a general term for young people; This I strongly oppose.

The word "C.H.A.V" was formed as an abusive word to the fraction of bad young people who stereotypically live in a Council House And are Violent.


Now I agree with the point that there will always be a small minority of young people who drink and use drugs and cause problems within Warrington. But I am part of the group that hangs around Bridge street and the skittles fountain, and I can certainly say that none of us drink nor use drugs there.

Can I also say that were are certainly not chavs! That group that collects around the fountain come from all parts of Warrington and we belong to all different stereotypes. I myself belong to the stereotype 'EMO' which is short for 'emotional' and apparently means that I listen to depressive music and slit my wrists...This is not the case.


So to conclude, I'd ask that you come over to our group and maybe talk with some of us, to see actually who we are and what we are like. Especially before branding us the wrong stereotypes and believing the myths about us.


And don't forget that those who criticise my generation, forget who raised it.


Tom Jennings- MYP for Warrington South

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Chav: a stereotypical arrogant teenage yob and behaves like a lout. Origin: from 'charver', meaning 'an unruly, disobediant youth '


Nothing to do with Council Houses and yes Walton Gardens gets its fair share.


Ask the police on a Friday or Saturday night if the drunk kids on Bridge Street are a small minority.

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Not enough youngsters on here giving their views on life in general.


Speak for your self Peter!




my oldest son was one of the goth/emo crowd and his mates were on the whole OK. I was a punk rocker back in the 70's and we got the same bad press as your generation do now.


I never saw anything wrong in what we did and looking back with an older head; I still can't! It used to upset the oldies though and that was part of the fun

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Well done Wolfie for searching chav on wikipedia or an online dictionary but considering how its my generation's stereotypes, I think I know best in what we call each other and what it means...


And again, I'm one of these " stereotypical Chav drunks" your talking about and I can tell you that last week, myself and a friend brought our guitars to town and till about 11pm we all spent the night playing and listening to each other play and then went home because it was freezing.


Now, if I may ask, are you around every Friday and Saturday night watching us? Because I think you must be watching a different crowd of young people. And within my role, I meet regularly with Warrington Town Centre Police force and they don't seem to have the same view as you, which doesn't surprise me.


Now yes, I agree with you that there are people who are getting drunk on a Friday and Saturday night within the town centre.

But I doubt completely that its all us teenagers...


Now I represent 12,000 young people in my role as MYP for Warrington South and am I right in thinking, you believe the majority of them (and were talking thousands) are smashing up Walton Gardens and hoarding Bridge street getting drunk?


Because if that is right, then I really feel sorry for you having such a distorted view of young Warringtonion's such as myself.

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Baz. Do you have a problem with young people telling us how they see the mess that older people have made of the country?

They could all be Tories for all you know.



I think most people have a different view of what chavs are, and as with anything in life, it is wrong to tar everyone with the same brush, even grumpy's.

Eagle stop picking on him. :wink:

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Baz. Do you have a problem with young people telling us how they see the mess that older people have made of the country?


Nope.... I was calling you a silly old duffer.... and you are obviously too much of a silly old duffer to have noticed :wink:

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Welcome to the forum Tom and don't get dragged down by those who enjoying winding people up! :wink:

Hope to see you involved in various debates on here so we get a varied view point which bridges the generations.

Tis gud to c a yungun not typin in txt lingo :wink::lol:

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