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  1. Who could possibly say Warrington is short of culture when last evening at the Odeon there was a televised live showing of the National Theatre's production of Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch, a quite brilliant production which has been well-reviewed. There were 6 people present.
  2. Is anyone interested in this topic or is it just a forum for correct English. I have in front of me drawings produced by Elan showing the original building, the approved scheme and the new proposed scheme, dated 16/09/2015. I am impressed by how quickly a new scheme was drawn up. It is for a modern white-painted semi with some bits attached to make it look old. The proportions of the frontage, roof line, chimneys, windows, door etc all appear to have changed. I presume Elan will make this available in the hope that it will be approved by public and planners. But don't expect to see the original. My first reaction to the collapse was that it would replicated as is done all over the world after, for example, war damage. Why is this not possible? The original approved scheme accepted the limitations of an old building, more low profile than modern homes, so they were prepared to accept its 'shape'. They must be pushed to copy it faithfully, if only to restore some faith in the planning system.
  3. Ten years ago this site was given temporary planning permission but had to be cleared and restored to agricultural land by December 2014. They were required to limit the number of families and the size of their permitted 'additional' van and to conform with the site plan. They have now applied for permanent permission with seven more families, no restriction on the size of the additional van and with no site plan. For full information see planning application 2014/24509 on the WBC website
  4. When I first outlined here last spring what Warrington BC was going to do to Walton Gardens I was told I was talking complete rubbish. Tom is having the same difficulty. He tried hard to get back to the topic, but it seems impossible to get some people to think and contribute positively. Tom's ideas, along with many others are positive and contribute to the debate. As he and Dizzie have outlined there are many ways in which the Gardens could benefit from voluntary and youth help. Various suggestions have been made to engage students and it would be very sad if Warrington BC fail to use these opportunities. My task at the moment on behalf of the Walton Estate Advisory Group is simply to encourage as many people as possible to consider how the Estate might be improved. Sadly I guess many people who might have responded to the simple challenge Walton Gardens. Wonderful but..... will have been put off by the debate(?) that has ensued. So twice now my efforts to help the people of Warrington have been hijacked (or pwned?? I still don't understand it). Should I bother??
  5. Just getting back to the topic... It would be useful if all of the people contributing here could also get involved with the official council survey which is here: www.visitchesterandcheshire.co.uk/waltonhall ...as well as the Facebook 'Walton Estate Advisory Group' here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Walton-Estate-Advisory-Group/118361721559311
  6. Could we get back to the topic please, and start another one to continue this debate
  7. The National Trust were approached but were not interested.
  8. Let's keep this really simple. What would you say after 'but...'
  9. As a member of WEAG representing the Save Walton Gardens campaign, I hope to use this forum in a positive way to help the Group make sensible informed decisions in the interests of the people of Warrington. It is easy to be cynical but WBC learned a lesson from the SWG campaign and are genuinely keen to hear from the public. The composition of the group will ensure this. To clear up one error, there is plenty of time to submit your ideas. The Warrington Guardian has today corrected the timetable and though there is still a date (Dec 9th) by which time we hope people can submit ideas, we will still be open to suggestions after that. So what do we want and where and how? The main survey is available in all libraries in Warrington, and at the Contact Centre in Sankey Street. It is also available on-line at www.visitchesterandcheshire.co.uk/waltonhall. Copies are available from Karen Kellett at the Environment & Regeneration Directorate, New Town House, Warrington WA1 2NH or kkellett@warrington.gov.uk. It is long but to fill in any part of it would help the Advisory Group. You can also give your positive ideas through on-line forums like this, Warrington Guardian and Save Walton Gardens Facebook site or in writing to Karen Kellett.The Friends of Walton Estate website (http://www.fowe.btck.co.uk/) has a simpler survey. Please be positive. The result achieved by the campaign and forums such as this have opened up the possibility of a better future for Walton Estate. If you don't contribute to the process, don't then blame the WEAG group. Save Walton Gardens Facebook and website will keep up-to-date with developments
  10. So at last the true picture is being revealed, and as Dizzy says, signing the document was very very close. And as Dizzy suggests, read the rest of the document carefully and see what conclusions you draw. I'll help. It states several times that a main aim is to save the Conservatory but also states it will be demolished and become a conference centre. The report is riddled with contradictions. The whole document seems to be a cut-and-paste exercise by a lazy half-wit and then approved by our Executive! From the beginning I have been saying that Contessa would have half the area though I was wrong to say exclusively. But think about this. I did suggest back in April that the pond would remain in the public domain, as the map now shows. Presumably WBC wanted to guarantee public access. That can only mean that they cannot guarantee access to all the rest of the proposed Contessa area. Anyone got a different interpretation? The Save Walton Gardens Campaign is seeking a full council meeting referral for this disgraceful proposal, so that the failings of the process can be publicly aired. Anything less would be the result of politicians refusing to accept responsibility for their actions. Sadly, the most likely outcome is that the Exec will say 'Give us another go, you can trust us'. Until the Contessa bid is withdrawn there will still be officers and politicians who think it is a good idea to give away our heritage.
  11. I understand the proposed alternative map which was shown briefly on the Save Walton Gardens website was withdrawn as it was not the view of the Campaign that there should be a hotel. But it does seem to have quite a lot of merit for an amateur planner throwing out a few ideas one evening. We should concentrate on the WBC maps. One published last week and shown at the Walton Parish Council clearly showed the Rose Garden, the shrubby wooded area going back from the Hall and the top half of the Flats (the slopey lawns) as excluded, and amazingly shows the band-stand lawn immediately to the east of the Hall as open to the public. The words from Warrington BC say the area immediately to the east of the Hall will be private. I was assured by Andy Farrall that the un-named Contessa hotel company were perfectly happy to have people playing games right outside the windows of the proposed Five Star Hotel. However, the map produced for the Executive for when they make their decision shows no excluded areas! You just don't know what to believe. Try the Coffee Shop. Andy Farrall told the Executive it operated with a surplus of ?10,000 when he wanted to keep it in 2008, and has now stated a six-month loss of ?4178.54 when he wanted to close it. You just don't know what to believe. There are many more similar observations on the Save Walton Gardens web-site Blog. In answer to Paul who thinks Monday is too late for a Protest, it is the only time when the Executive can be confronted. The Police have been informed, Granada Reports will be there. Just make sure everyone you know is there too. Town Hall 6pm
  12. I didn't say the deal was sealed , but there are several suggestions that it has happened. Yes the executive will choose a development partner in June - from a short list of one. And as one councillor stated 'there is no plan B'
  13. I have always thought the car parking cost was too great but many families when you talk to them say that it is a bargain for a family day out. Not for a dog walker. And we have been assured the money goes to the upkeep of the Estate. So after their meeting last night councillors assembled at Walton Hall to celebrate, I am sure at their own cost. One passing dog walker was accosted by a boastful guy who stated that the Hall would be a 4* Hotel, the new build a 3*, there would be a family pub, golf academy horticulture training centre, shops, and NO LOSS OF ACCESS. Not a lot new except for the implication that the deal was sealed (perhaps at the meeting last Wednesday between councillors, officers and Contessa). Did the existing coalition rush through the deal in case they were no longer in power? and NO LOSS OF ACCESS!!! Let's wait and see
  14. Vic 'EH having to be consulted' Why do you think EH will be consulted. I understand the listing is Grade 2 and WBC make the decisions. Only for Grade 2* does it go to EH
  15. OracleUK I understand WBC have renovated areas so they can honour existing bookings. I am sure this is very worrying for you. According to the official statement from Warrington it will be some time before any further changes. But you will have to keep on trying to confirm with them. So many people on the Save Walton Gardens Facebook have remembered their happy wedding day in Walton Gardens. I sincerely hope you will join them.
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