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  1. Perhaps listing Kerry Katona as a famous Warringtonian didn't help. Strange though, even Halton came in the top 48%.
  2. Surprising the amount of land in Warrington. Zoom in and much of the Riverside retail, Birchwood and Cockhedge centre are registered off shore.
  3. Interesting how much land is registered off shore. http://www.private-eye.co.uk/registry?utm_source=brand&utm_medium=registry&utm_campaign=registry
  4. How fitting that he is meeting the Danish Prime Minister.
  5. Hopefully we now have a clear choice between the right wing, toffee nosed, business adoring, tax evading, hatred of the poor, Conservative party and the Labour Party. I'm not saying who Id'e vote for.
  6. Amazing video of a jumbo landing. https://www.facebook.com/amazing.weird/videos/599425006735632/
  7. wolfie


    When you affect a situation, you have an effect on it, by parking you are having an effect on local business.
  8. Eh .............................. the Vulcan bomber could be one.
  9. Considering that most Scots dont sing the National Anthem, or the Welsh, or the immigrants, or the lefties, or the Atheists and probably most Muslims then who does sing it?
  10. My Google search up to now has come up with the UK and North Korea. Actually Dave I disagree that it is a prestigious anthem it is more of a dire anthem and little wonder that the Scots and Welsh opted for their own.
  11. If he had sung the National Anthem the media would have called him a hypocrite. But isn't it about time we got rid of the national anthem? I could be wrong, but there can't be many anthems that are dedicated to one person rather than the country they live in and that's not taking into consideration that it's probably one of the worst anthems in the world. (remembers the Billy Connolloy sketch)
  12. As my usual paper had sold out this morning I decided to buy a copy of the Daily Mail I lost count of the references to Corbyn and friends as hard left, left wing, looney left etc at about 30 counts. They even had a quiz with a looney left rating.
  13. That was the photo I saw, however in trying to find it, loads of sites came up about evidence that ISIL had indicated that terrorists had indeed come across as refugees. One of the headlines was from the Daily Express http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/586045/ISIS-Islamic-State-jihadi-terror-attack-migrant-crisis-Europe-Italy-North-Africa
  14. I can't say I investigated the authenticity of the photo I saw except to say that it wasn't Police in riot gear. If I can find a link to the photo I will post it. I suppose it does prove how a photo, taken out of context or not can have an effect on peoples views.
  15. Alg, it wasn't. Back to the refugees, seems those fighting with German Police have suddenly discovered there ISIS flags.
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