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  1. FYI... the technology to make cars follow the speed signage already exists and is in some top end cars... I had my S Class written off by a young lady back in June last year (I've got a nice shiny new one now so thanks to her!!) I was given a 69 plate, Audi A8 LWB and when you set the autonomous cruise control to say 60, and you drove into a 30 area, the car would reduce speed accordingly... It won't work with motorbikes though because bike riders are above the law when it comes to speed limits and rarely follow them... like cyclists and red lights....
  2. I've even turned off my ad-blocker on here because at the end of the day, Gary is a decent chap and compared to the other Warrington news site, this is practically ad-free
  3. for decades, it was always "Ethnic Minority" and now, to fit into their acronym, it becomes "minority ethnic"... wonder why they didn't like BAEM?
  4. There is still one of the original buildings left from the old Lancashire Steel on Bewsey Road, and that is Hamptons Garage just before the railway bridge. It used to be the garage where they kept their fleet of MK1 Granada chauffeur cars.... It predates the Lancashire Steelworks and appears on aerial photos of the area from the early 1920's
  5. Bazj

    It's Here....

    I wouldn't have let anyone out of Italy in the first place... people were still flying out of Milan airport to destinations all over the world AFTER the area was supposed to have been under lockdown They should have been kept in isolation for 2 weeks over there
  6. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/03/11/first-case-of-coronavirus-confirmed-in-warrington/
  7. The last I heard, the classic car industry is worth over £6 billion to the UK economy, and probably ten times that to the US economy, so hardly an amount of money to let drift away with these nonsensical electric cars. For a start, as someone said, there aren't enough charging points. There isn't enough capacity to cope with an equivalent number of electric cars to the fuelled ones we have now, not by a long long stretch.... People won't use buses, especially if Warringtons are anything to go by, 10 times over priced and just not convenient and they are unreliable If the governments around the world are really going to get people to switch or change habits, the car companies are going to have to come up with a large family car that can fully charge in less than half an hour and have a range of about 500 miles per charge... otherwise the technology is doomed to abject failure
  8. Bazj

    Car Insurance

    They may now re-visit the placing of Warrington in the list after all the claims that will be submitted after the little scrotes went on a window smashing rampage the other week....
  9. But she's hard-left Labour just like her dad (who is a good mate of Corbyn and also a top union boss).... and she's Jewish... (Well she has been for a few months apparently.... which is convenient) and apparently she's spent loads of time in Salford... and Liverpool.... so she ticks all the right boxes 🙄
  10. Looks like Russ has got in quick to borrow more so the council can buy two more office buildings....
  11. The "Little Chef" chain bought a lot of the transport cafe sites in the 60's and 70's. I used to go with my dad when he drove for Crosfields and we used to stop at one on the A34 on the Stafford to Stone section. There was also the one going to the M6 from Grappenhall which is now Crudens offices and Georges Cafe in Penketh.... Ironic that after taking so many of the sites, Little Chef too has since sold on many of the sites because of falling trade. Many have been turned into Indian restaurants (at least 12 that I know of and about half a dozen that are now "Adult Superstores" (or sex shops as they might be better described ) one of which is on the road to Hull after the end of the M62!!
  12. Makes for interesting viewing https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=s7Zto_1521439055
  13. My dad was the Chauffeur for Crosfields for many years and one job he always had to carry out was to take Ken home after he had done one of his shows at the old Crosfields theatre.
  14. A few more vehicles that were modified by our cash strapped public services
  15. The cowboys who currently lay the tarmac in Warrington can't even get that right, so what hope is there that they will be able to lay cobbles? a job that involves a lot more skill, patience and time (and therefore cost) than driving a machine and pressing a few buttons.... Grappenhall will be lucky to see them again if they are lifetd
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