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  1. I don't ever use public toilets if I can avoid them, for the reason you state, Cleopatra. If necessary, I will go to a store where there is a restaurant as they always have toilets, usually in a much cleaner state. They are very necessary and you would think that an employment opportunity is being missed here to have a full time attendant/cleaner. Better and safer for the public, more people would use them, so bringing in a small charge (50p?)would seem a small price to pay! At a small village in Lancashire, you had to pay 40p for a ticket before entering the premises but it was well worth it as it was a lovely building, very well appointed and everything was spotless.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that it was going to be converted into luxury apartments but I can't think when this was.
  3. The tanks are being replaced as they are now too old and not up to standard apparently. They will be re-opening when the work is completed.
  4. That hasn't stopped disabled people parking there, I see them every week parked on the yellow lines in front of the taxi bays (often partially blocking the slip road to the car park). I suspect the taxi bays are used in the evenings for late night revellers, but I can't say that for certain as I am not a late night reveller!
  5. Make sure you all notice the news article about the parking charges in Lymm and Stockton Heath as they are changing from today. You will now only have 1 hour of free parking so don't get caught out! I feel sorry for people living on nearby roads and for the local retailers, as this may stop people using the villages to shop.
  6. It seems a shame that Primark wasn't interested in either the old Boots or TJ Hughes stores as these would have encouraged shoppers out of the Golden Square, but I suppose their main rivals are New Look and TKMaxx so it was inevitable that they would wish to be in the main shopping centre. As Egbert said, these shops are known for their low cost clothes aimed at the younger shopper and not necessarily for their quality, so probably won't affect M & S or Debenhams.
  7. Common sense really, everyone realises that safe navigation of the space depends totally on their own observation and ability to negotiate their way through. Self-preservation, the in-built system as designed by nature!
  8. Happy to have the black & blue once a fortnight but would like the green collected weekly !!
  9. Errrmmm, which night? tonight, tomorrow ...?
  10. This makes me angry. A huge proportion of the people doing voluntary work, including having set up and run various projects over many years, are older people. A number of the older generation have always felt it their duty to put something back into their communities in this way and in some cases did it at the same time as holding down full time jobs. The running of 'meals on wheels', hospital visiting groups, drivers of minibuses enabling people access to social interaction or appointments have all been reliant, for the most part, on the older generation. It is only those who don't live in a normal community, because of the privilege of money, who seem to think that all older folk are stopping at home doing nothing while being paid a state pension which enables them to live in luxury!!!!!! As most of us know, this isn't the case and someone should make sure this message gets to the right people. :angry:
  11. I don't like the trend for token females in the workplace when some are clearly not up to the job! There are enough females around whose work merits promotion but don't get it because it is still a man's world in many workplaces and preference is given to a man who may not be as good at the job. I have always believed that the majority of women have an inbuilt warning radar where predatory men are concerned and that they are far more likely to be aware and do something about a situation that arises where young and vulnerable people are concerned. In the Savile case, many of the people who flagged up a warning were not in a senior enough position to do anything positive and the senior men at the time decided nothing could be done. I know that this isn't exclusive, some men will try to do the right thing and some women are clearly abusers as in the care home case, but a mother's instinct is to safeguard her young. We have to return to the culture of common sense, always believing the victim who claims abuse and not dismissing it until properly investigated.
  12. In my opinion, the 'old boys network' may have had a lot to do with why nothing was ever acted upon when rumours were heard and instances of assault were reported. Again, in my opinion, if the hierarchies at many corporate institutions included women in more equal numbers (purely on merit though,) these events might have had a different outcome.
  13. The girls involved have a right to be heard and believed so they can draw a line under it and move on with their lives. It appears that many people associated with the BBC knew something was going on at the time but did nothing, wanting to protect Mr Savile's 'reputation'. It has been confirmed that these girls were not connected but told the same or similar stories. Even those meant to be in charge of the victims at the approved school chose to keep it quiet because they feared losing the charity money. It really doesn't matter if the perpetrator is now dead, it is the abused who deserve to be heard now. The cover-up at the time was wrong and similar cover-ups are still wrong. You only have to look at the the recent Rochdale cases where the victims were not believed and far too many people turned a blind eye to child abuse, preferring to blame the victims for 'lifestyle' choice. This should not happen and the common belief is that the same is going on in many more of our towns and cities. As I remember it, if a child reports abuse of any description, they must be believed and the incident reported to the relevant official who should investigate the facts. Children are being let down by adults who are too politically correct and can't use their common sense. Where a child under 16 is involved, surely a criminal offence has been committed and should be investigated as such.
  14. In this case, as I understand it, being armed would not have saved the officers. In my opinion, anyone whose job is protecting and safeguarding the public, whether in uniform or not, deserves to be honoured because they put their lives on the line every day, never knowing if they will return home at the end of a shift, something most of us will fortunately never have to experience.
  15. Why has the topic on Pension advertising and all the posts disappeared? The screen just goes white if you click on the topic title or latest post????
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