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  1. I'm still here! There's just not been any negative comments about young people for me to rant about
  2. Can anyone link to me to this information? Cheers
  3. Budget consultation tonight. All of this shall be raised
  4. It is a shame that not one of the executive members or officers even looked out of the window, but their own ignorance will be their own downfall. Young people are starting to take notice of what's going on now both locally and nationally, and so if this Council is committed to ignoring its young constituents and cutting on our services and provision... Then young people will inevitably be committed to cutting their parties out of politics in future elections. *You won't fool the children of the revolution*
  5. No wonder they were more than happy to facilitate the protest 12 or more officers + ?125 an hour + an hour protest = 3 Ipads
  6. Its the exam week, so most people couldn't come :/ BUT they'll be more protests and it can only get bigger and bigger ^^
  7. There was about 100 people there, no sight of the Council but plenty of media attention The crowd was really loud and we definitely got our voices heard. Not sure whether the Council actually took notice though xD
  8. Well as IMPACT never actually used it for any minute taking or preparing documents (we mostly just left the Ipad at the end of the table and just wrote our notes down on paper) I'm not too sure how great they are. From having a look at it the first time we got it, I found it mostly to be useful for just internet searching. So I guess for emails, it's useful but I would generally say the only benefit to it, is its size. However considering the ?50million of spending they have to save, I would not see them as financially beneficial. As for who got them, I know that Head Directors and assis
  9. This is quite a big joke for me really, and not a funny one at that. IMPACT was given one of these Ipads to use during its meetings, to which me and a few others were against ever since we got the pathetic thing, because; 1) As young people, you can't help but want to play with it. 2) With access to the internet, the first reason is just emphasised. 3) There was never any clarification on where from and why they had suddenly appeared and at what cost.... Me and another member of IMPACT requested that the Ipad should not be brought to the meetings, as its only use was as a dis
  10. Considering your posting on my thread, I've got the oldie stalker And considering I have exams in 2 weeks time, I need to actually get some revision done
  11. I noticed that too, we'll have to set up a separate forum for me and you
  12. No-one with just a little bit of authority or general power can be genuinely helpful to anyone anymore can they
  13. I myself was giving out the survey and collecting them back in to hand over to the Youth Service, who then correlated the data. So they should have it somewhere, just a case of reminding them to actually go and find a copy And I will definitely look into using an FOI request, as it could come in quite useful for seeing how all that Youth Provision funding is allocated and spent
  14. Long but very educational and wise As for a copy of our consultation and the collected data, I've been asking the Youth Service for a copy of it for a while now, but sadly they have not come forth it a copy. I'm under the understanding that there must be a completed copy, otherwise I'm unsure what was actually taken to the council to support our campaign. The next IMPACT meeting is on the 11th, so I will ask again for a copy and hopefully get the details of it to you soon after
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