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  1. If there are aliens out there that were thinking of colonising earth I bet they have lost interest in paying us a visit sometime in the future and have totally lost interest in coming here now, probably decided to wait until we have wiped ourselves out completely which lets face shouldn't be too long now.
  2. We used to hide under the stairs or if there was time out in the brick air raid shelter in our backs, everyone holding saucers with lit candles on them.
  3. How many of you use these car wash stations dotted around the town because if you do then I would suggest that you are condoning immigration either legal or illegal!.
  4. I am getting old and my eyesight is not as efficient as it used to be so perhaps my judgement has also become impaired, however I do not not see much social distancing being practised in the new market or perhaps the video gives a false sense of perspective although the hairdresser does appear to be wearing some PPE.
  5. A video slideshow of the old Warrington Market.
  6. I met my wife when I was 17 in 1956 at the Church Hall Saturday night 'Hop', Stockton Heath, we married at St Lukes church on Liverpool Road six years later and have been married 58 years this September.
  7. Davy, the bone works belonged to Gortons, it started out in 1851 as the Paddington Bone Works and was then purchased in 1853 by Messrs. Aspden & Royston, in 1876 it was listed as W &C Royston, Soap and Chemical Manufacturers, in 1903 Edward Gorton (limited) to acquired the existing business at Paddington which Edward Gorton was running. 1914 Whitakers Red Book listed - Edward Gorton of Paddington Works, Warrington - Manufacturers of gelatine, glue, size, grease and manure. Speciality: glue free of grease and acid. Employees 50. Company established 1852.
  8. The 60's were happy days (for me anyway} plenty of work available, a few bob in your pocket, good ale to spend it on, good pals and the girls still wore stockings held up with suspender belts, definitely "Happy Days".
  9. Today in the Mail Online - The University of Cambridge has spoken out in support of one of its lecturers who was hit by a wave of abusive messages and death threats for tweeting 'White Lives Don't Matter'. Dr Priyamvada Gopal, 51, who teaches in the Faculty of English at Churchill College, took to the social media platform on Tuesday evening to write: 'I'll say it again. White Lives Don't Matter. As white lives.' However the controversial message, which has since been deleted by Twitter, was met with a barrage of outrage, with many people responding both publicly and privately with death threats and racist abuse.
  10. Stallard, what years were you working at Cappers, i was there for 18 months in 1961/62 working as the Muller pipe profiling machine operator, I took over from a guy by the name of Jimmy Embry, Norman Wilkinson was the works manager at the time.
  11. The banner towed behind a light aircraft over the Manchester City Etihad stadium reading "WHITE LIVES MATTER" was this the right or wrong thing to do?.
  12. It has been said that no payment will be accepted over the bar and that drinks must be ordered via a mobile phone app also has the use of pub toilets been considered?, forget these jolly times!.
  13. Can someone tell me the ratio of blacks to whites in the UK please?.
  14. Thanks. Gary, i have many more that i have compiled over the years and shall upload them shortly.
  15. These idiots that are supposedly governing our country are attending parliamentary sessions in Westminster then most are catching trains back to their constituency towns and cities all over the UK with the possibility of giving the virus free transportation with them, what a load of plonkers.🙄
  16. algy

    GP's ?

    Are doctors entitled to receive financial assistance from the furlough scheme?.
  17. algy

    TV ?

    Heck!. Asp, me and my big mouth he had a really rough deal in life and can be excused for his actions. I have used that same company for many years with good results (up until now, fingers crossed), they diagnosed my cataracts and arranged for me to have my left eye done in March of this year at a clinic in Marsh House Lane Widnes under the National Health system, the result is amazing and the sight my left eye is as good as it was when I I was twelve years old, I should have had my right eye done around now but due to the present situation I shall leave it until next year.
  18. algy

    TV ?

    Asp, there are 'mates. and good mates, good mates, the latter return what you have loaned to them, when I was a young man (boy' that was many years ago) I loaned a brand new sea rod and multiplier reel to a so called mate who lost them overboard while Tope fishing off Rhyl, he promised that he would replace them. I never did get a replacement, again some mate he was!.
  19. algy

    TV ?

    One of the best for me was "Brass" it typified the oppression of the working class by the wealthy factory owners.
  20. 1963 Map, Lancashire Steel, Dallam Lane.
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