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  1. Why is there a waiter holding a bowl of fruit in his right hand, while holding his left hand in the air, hanging in the top right hand corner of the photograph? Brill' photo!
  2. Very interesting? Images on the front cover? 1. Barley Mow 2. Not sure? 3. Odeon 4. Bridgefoot, Castle Rubber etc
  3. A cheap tip? Carefully tape the negative to a window or a light with a diffuser (eg. Tracing paper or even a computer screen witha white background). If you have a digital camera, set to macro and for best results use a tripod and get close to neg? as possible. Then transfer to computer, use an editing software (photoshop etc) then using the filters etc, invert the neg? increase the dpi to above 2000 or higher and hopefully you will an image stored for future reference.
  4. I have heard of a 'watery grave' before, but it just might work?
  5. Thanks Dizzy. Talking of hints and tips, here is a link that will be of help when practicing with Photoshop and using the 'Droplet' command.
  6. So sorry to disappoint Dizzy, but because of family and work commitments, will have to decline such offers, and post on this forum when I can, nice of you to offer anyway!
  7. Thanks for the compliments and offer of tea Wingnut, algy and PJ Callands, to be honest I have been using Photoshop for years now for various projects, however no mater how many times they update the software with some fantastic effects and filters, I still tend use the same filters for the simple results I need. Colleagues of mine use the ?Droplet? command quite a lot and as you know this can save a lot of time doing repetitive tasks, such as colour mode, filters, resizing etc, this would be a worthwhile skill to learn. To be honest it is not the software that is the hardest thing to use, you first must have the fun element, which is creativity and imagination and lots of practice.
  8. I hear on the news that various government dept's have to save on spending and have cut backs until a date of 2013/14 etc, but after these dates what happens then? do they then get the green light to start spending again and investing in more departments and employing more staff?
  9. Wingnut. Sometimes it is possible to improve the original. It is a matter of trial and error and with a few tweeks you can improve what could be a poor image into a good one. Try using these filters etc in Photoshop and experiment with one or all of them to get the desired result. Use the filter ?Despeckle? (with a little ?Dust and Scratches?) filter Filter : ?Sharpen? command Or/and ?Selection Colour? command to give colours more depth Or/and Image : Adjust ?Curves? Or/and ?Brightness/Contrast? command Hope this is of help
  10. I don't think he is pointing at the problem, but highlighting how good the road surface is around the pot hole, so to prove the road does not need any resurfacing.
  11. Photo's just get better and better, I have had a really good chuckle!
  12. PJ Callands, I went to your friends site, I am always amazed what talent people have, the 'Cloud Maker' looked like something out of 'Harry Potter'. stunning!
  13. Dizzy, your Photo Shop and camera skills are excellent! That has given me a much needed giggle!
  14. Thanks for the link algy, really enjoyed the site, background music added an extra dimension, especially on the Steaming City/Reflections.
  15. Excellent response Wahl. Can I also suggest that where there are deep potholes appearing that the residents fill the holes with soil and plant a shrub/tree/flower bed, so that car users can see what to avoid, thus protecting the car from expensive repairs!
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