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  1. DavyG

    Mrs Giggs

    What a pair of d*ckheads
  2. DavyG

    Mrs Giggs

    You're the only one around here looking anything like the evangelist, and I really don't mind you having your fun. You are starting to look like a tedious one trick pony though. I've not seen anyone trying to defend Giggs' off the field behaviour. Careful 'fug' talking sense like that will get you on the list of 'wolfie' dopplegangers. I think it's upto 27 now.
  3. DavyG


    Good to know that the goal that knocked Poo off their perch was scored by an old Evertonian
  4. Now he's dead it's unlikely anyone will ever know that.
  5. How clever, Devious, but clever. Who would have thought.
  6. Hardly everyone, Liverpool centre was very busy with all the shops open as usual.
  7. On the other hand ....................
  8. DavyG

    DAB Radio

    Don't bother they're crap.
  9. Was that for real??
  10. No idea what it has to do with the environment
  11. DavyG

    FA Cup

    it's possible that FC United could go further in the FA Cup than Man United
  12. Nothing wrong with trains, I love travelling by train but not in this country, but don't like travelling by car in this country also.
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