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American embassy in Libya


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Pastor Terry Jones kicked this one off by burning Qurans in Florida. The Quran - burning spree began in 2010. He vowed to burn 200 on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, before reducing the book-toll to one. Jones's anti-Islamic flame sparked 20 deaths. Back in April 2012 with a burning vengeance that cost him a fire department fine, he is reported to have said he might yet burn again. It's about time the US started sorting their own out before dashing around the globe trying to sort others out! :angry:

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Seems the ambassador to Libya and three other Americans have been murdered because of the release of some online film ridiculing Muslims.


Murdered by the same people who the Americans and British helped to put in power.


Some thanks :roll:


:roll: Not murdered by by the same people the Americans and British helped to put into power but murdered by terrorist still loyal to the dead madman Muammar Gaddafi.

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I'm only going on the reports I have read, but I suppose the reports could be wrong. :roll:




Libya embassy violence was a 'planned terrorist attack'



The film was initially blamed for both the Cairo protest and the attack in Libya. But Senator John Kerry, the chairman of the foreign relations committee who was briefed by administration officials, said that the Libya attack appeared to be premeditated.


''The evidence was that [the Libya] attack was very well planned and very well structured,'' he said. ''This was not a mob.''


But exactly who it was, or whether the attack was linked to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, remained unknown.



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I am wondering whether or not it is some sort of ploy by the arms manufacturers to keep the conflict on the boil so they can make few more bob selling their wares. ( quick check for signs of suspicious activity in the area by way of black suv's with blacked out windows or men in trench coats and hats with bits of curly wire hanging from one ear, all clear phew) :unsure:

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Some people are easily upset, poke em with a stick and they react but who’s to blame? To my way of thinking, people who deliberately set out to provoke or incite violence should be held responsible for the predictable outcome and in this case held responsible for the deaths.


Bill :)


BTW Fug I gave you the red mark there for incitement on the forum.

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