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  1. I’m not sure how true this is but I read somewhere that the French actually pay some of their larger industries to use power in order to soak up the excess the nuclear stations generate because it’s not possible to turn them down when power isn’t needed, and we also help them by turning down our gas and importing their excess. We have enough flexible sources of power unlike the French, who at times have too much, so, if they get funny about the Channel Islands, our response could be that we stop accepting their excess and force them to shut down stations and they won’t be happy about tha
  2. I think the move away from labour had more to do with the government being seen as doing a good job during the pandemic while labour seemed to do little more than criticise every move. Hopefully politicians of all sides will eventually realise that focusing on the issues in hand is more important that trying to discredit others by name calling. That’s my opinion anyway. Bill 😊
  3. It’s most likely to be for economic or even environmental reasons rather than us not having enough power ourselves. Most of the French supply is constant cheap nuclear from aging plants and sometimes they have too much. Fortunately, we have more variable sources, so we just turn off some of our relatively expensive gas fired stations and buy their excess at knock down rates. To some extent, the French have shot themselves in the foot by employing so much nuclear as it actually prevents them from getting more involved in greener alternatives. Wind and solar are great but their outputs ar
  4. What I was trying to say is the BBC didn’t create wokeism but rather they’re simply following a trend that’s evolved over time. Look at what’s happened with the Oscars over the last couple of years. It’s blindingly obvious that inclusivity buttons are being pressed like crazy on a national scale and you can’t blame the BBC for that, they’re just reporting on it. I agree that instances occur which make an older person like me say “Oh for God sake” but leaving the stupid and extreme aside, overall, equality in general is something we should all aspire to and maybe there’s more people
  5. Which is 85% owned by the French government and that’s near enough for me. Bill 😊
  6. I heard that one as well, but I think it’s just a load of old nonsense. Imagine what the rest of the world would think about France if they were to deliberately do that. It just won’t happen and I’ll have another bet with you on that. Bill 😊
  7. Some of the humour we enjoyed in the past was on reflection quite racist although to be fair it was often the case that the person making the comments was usually portrayed as being a bit eccentric and OTT with their views. So, we could say that really, we were laughing at Alf Garnet rather than with him. Maybe this extreme use of humour in the past did affect some people and could have ultimately given rise to what we’re seeing today. As I say whether the BBC’s to blame for actually creating the Woke culture or whether they’re just mirroring a change in public attitude is debatable but
  8. Well of course there needs to be a couple of minutes between programs to put the kettle on or take a leak so it’s only natural for them to “advertise” future shows. At least they don’t do that every ten minutes or so like the commercial stations. I suppose as you say it’s our choice. We have normal Freeview, Netflix and Amazon all of which we get for free by using my son’s account. We watch the occasional film online, but I certainly wouldn’t pay for them. I’ve also got Virgin, but I’ve never even bothered plugging their box in as it doesn’t give me much more than Freeview and two handset
  9. I’ve never minded paying the licence fee mainly because I don’t like the constant interruptions of advertising. I’ve spent a lot of time watching TV in the states and seen just how bad it can get when there’s no choice but commercial stations. If we only had the choice of one channel, I’d definitely choose the BBC and if there was only one choice between terrestrial and streaming, I’d stay with terrestrial. Call me old fashioned if you will but I liken it to school dinners where there’s plenty of variety even if everything’s not your favourite, but at least it’s better than bingeing on a
  10. Bill


    Seems a bit odd to be made to travel that distance but local border lines always seemed to be more important than physical distance back then and still are for all I know. I recall one of my friends being sent to Richard Fairclough despite his house on Hallfields Road almost backing onto Orford Secondary School. Ah well at least it prepared us for a life of accepting rules and regulations that don’t always make any sense. Bill 😊
  11. I’m also in quite a long cul-de-sac and most of the time it’s litter free. It’s all bungalows with mainly older people and I think people here would pick up the odd bit of litter and bin it. A few years ago though I turned into the drive behind another car and couldn’t believe my eyes when a whole load of Mc Donald’s rubbish was tossed from the window. Given it’s a cu-de-sac I thought he’s going to get a piece of my mind for that, so I followed him down the road. Unbelievably he decided to try and turn around in my drive of all places, so I followed him in and he was going nowhere. The l
  12. I’ve just been watching some car stuff on YouTube where they were reviewing modern electric sports cars. The one they were on about is called a Rimac C_two and it's the fastest production car in the world with a power capability of a small power station at about 1.45 Megawatts. We wouldn’t need too many of these to be feeding into the grid to make up a good battery backup but at nearly 2 million pounds a time there's never going to be many. Bill 😊
  13. Speaking of good ideas I’ve just been across to Asda at Birchwood and couldn’t help noticing a new store directly opposite called Oops. It’s mainly all frozen food a bit like Iceland but the prices are ridiculous. It’s a new name and a new idea for a food store and Google could probably tell you more but I’m certainly going to give it a try when there’s a bit more room in the freezer. Something to do with excess or wonky production or so they say but everything is so cheap. I don’t know what the qualities of what they sell is like, but everything certainly looked ok I assumed it’d be so
  14. I think it’s interesting to see that everyone seems to have accepted wearing a mask in places like shops these days and you don’t hear anybody complaining about it. When it all started, the anti-maskers made a huge fuss about human rights and civil liberties but you never hear anything these days or see anyone who appears to be deliberately going out of their way to flout the rules. It makes me wonder if we could solve some of our other problems by applying similar rules that might upset some folk in the short term but after a while become an acceptable way of life. I’m thinking here ab
  15. Other channels are available. Bill
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