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  1. You’re right Sid, we all call the younger generation for being uncaring, but the truth is we were probably not that much different when we were that age. We were never going to get 100% vaccinated and it’s not just the young that have declined the jab so these people will just have to take their chances at not ending up with any serious long-term problems. Given this, letting it rip might sound drastic but having done as much as possible there’s not many other options left, but at least it should be quick. Us oldies just have to be mindful to stay safe while we get through this final stage. Bill 😊
  2. This forum dragging WWWs reputation down? You’ve got to be kidding and I sincerely hope you put them right about that. This is like a Sunday school compared to some of the responses I see on your news articles on FB. We don’t really need anyone to moderate here because despite differing opinions, we all try and show respect for one another. I’ve not seen anything offensive here for years despite you and the moderator rarely appearing. As for people who don’t post anything, that's always going to happen and amazingly, a none posting member turned up on my doorstep today asking about my solar heating project. He was a very nice man and said he doesn’t like to post but reads most of what’s written here. How's that for timing, that's never happened before. Bill 😊
  3. Well Sid, my original prototype made use of a second-hand double-glazed unit that I got off eBay for a fiver. It was listed as being slightly grubby but when it arrived it looked brand new, so I was quite chuffed. A couple of days later I found out why it was cheap when it filled with condensation but aside from that it weighed a tonne so homemade acrylic seemed a good idea. The irony was that I’ gone to great lengths to design the software to protect against nuclear meltdown but that only works when the bloody thing’s turned on. ☹ Bill 😊
  4. I noticed a distinct change in the rate of increase a couple of weeks back but just when I thought it looked like we were beginning to see the start of a peak, the numbers shot up again. It’s been suggested that the mixing during the Euros produced a delayed surge, and the latest relaxation could well do the same but four consecutive drops does look hopeful. Looks like Observer is still getting his numbers from his fish and chips wrapping. I notice also that they’ve stopped giving out the daily numbers for vaccinations. For months it’s always been around 500,000 each day but the last figure I saw was only a fifth of that. It seems many of the youngsters don’t see the importance of getting the jab but hopefully, the threat of them not getting into certain places like nightclubs will persuade them to get off their backsides. Bill 😊
  5. Interestingly or not Sid, last week I was given an edible straw with a soft drink. As a straw it worked perfectly, but when you're done, you could crunch into it and it had the same consistency and taste of the old toffee cigarettes we used to have as kids. On the solar tubing, that’s been replaced with lightweight thin wall nylon that’s good for 180C so that’ll never melt. You can heat it but can't eat it. 😊 It wasn’t just the pipework though, the expensive acrylic double glazing looked like an old 78 record that’d been left out in the sun for a week. As for the FMEA, well I'm following the Elon Musk principle, don't spend too much time trying to get it perfect first time. Just keep blowing things up and learn from your mistakes. Bill 😊
  6. Well my attempt to save the planet took a bit of a dive the other day when the extreme heat completely destroyed my solar collector project. I'd nipped out for a couple of hours and covered it with a sheet as it wasn't fully connected, but there must have been a bit of a breeze that blew the sheet off. I'm just off now to get some more pipework that will stand up to the higher temperatures. Global warming 1 Bill Green 0 Bill
  7. I read this on Facebook this morning and thought I’d share it here as it pretty well sums up my own feelings on the situation. Bill 😊
  8. The point I was making was that hydrogen powered cars are a bit like Betamax. They won’t be bought if battery charging points are 100 times more plentiful than those for hydrogen. But technology has a habit of moving on and maybe at some point in the future hydrogen will become the primary fuel. But for now, batteries are way down the road while hydrogen is still stuck on the starting line. Bill 😊
  9. I think it all boils down to whether you care about others or just for yourself. Personally, until the virus shows signs of improving, I’ll continue to wear as mask as I have done throughout the pandemic. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s no great inconvenience, so if it reassures others then I’m all for doing it. Bill 😊
  10. I wouldn’t worry too much as it looks like hydrogen powered vehicles will be limited to specific applications where conventional batteries wouldn’t be suitable. Nobody bought Betamax recorders back in the day, not because they were in any way inferior but because VHS had stolen the lead and was far more common, and it’s much the same now with our electric cars. I’m currently trying to save the planet by building a direct solar water heater suitable for the UK climate. So far so good and hopefully my new and improved second version should be even better than the first. The wife thinks I’m bonkers but at least it keeps the grey matter ticking over. Bill 😊
  11. That’s not the case at my local, it’s just a note pad on a table as you walk in with name time and telephone number for all to see. The security aspects don’t particularly worry me, it’s just more convenient to use the app. The smaller place I sometimes visit on a Wednesday, the owner keeps a book but that place is small enough for him to know all his customers. As for telling people to delete the app based on the notion that someone might be profiting from it beggars’ belief and only a fool would do that. Bill 😊
  12. I think you’re not quite understanding how it works Sparky. The person that went into the pub at 10pm would only get pinged if they’d have sat next to the same or another infected person. If it didn’t work this way, everyone visiting the pub would end up being pinged. I did a check last night by leaving my normal pub and nipping into the one next door. The log shows I was in my local from 19.15 to 19.30, then in the pub next door from 19.30 to 19.35. Finally, it was the local from 19.35 until 23.59 despite the pub closing at 21.00. It's an imperfect solution due to a combination of technical and personal security issues but I feel happier using it rather then having to write down my details for all to see. The biggest downside to it is that most people don’t understand it and won't use it. Bill 😊
  13. What time you left the pub makes no difference, it’s just a time stamp to indicate the possible infection occurred sometime after this point. It doesn’t mean you were infected in the pub, it could just as easily be the bus on the way home. It’s pretty certain though that at some point, you were in relatively close contact with an infected person for more than a certain time. For sure the app could have been made more accurate if Apple were a bit more forthcoming about their systems, but absolute accuracy isn’t the be all and end all given the proximity and length of time figures are not an exact science. It appears the app has done it's job and you have spent quite some time near an infected person. Deleting it because you don't fully understand how it works is a bit silly. Bill 😊
  14. Or possibly one of those who come here but never post anything. I'm still half tempted to give it a click down because what you say sucks. Bill
  15. Twasn’t me either, but if I’d have seen it then I might well have been tempted. 😊 Bill 😊
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