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  1. We tried Guinness a few weeks back when we couldn’t get Mackeson but having developed a taste for it, the Guinness seemed tasteless and watery in comparison which is a bit odd because I used to like an occasional pint of it. Bill
  2. Knowing out luck the box would probably be empty. She already rattles with all the other tablets she takes, and her condition isn’t that bad. They said it’s just a bit on the low side and dietary changes would be sufficient for now. I remember my mum having a similar problem and the doctor back then recommended Mackeson. On the plus side, it’s a little social drink in the evening that won’t do us any harm. Bill 😊
  3. What I’d like to see is a graph showing the average age of covid 19 related deaths as that should show the effects of the vaccination process. I’m surprised that nothing seems to have been produced to show this and any info that is available all seems to be from before the vaccinations started. I’d have thought it would not only show how well the vaccine works but also maybe sway some of those who are still hesitant about it. Also, as we move into the younger groups, I think there’ll be an increasing number who don’t see the virus as much of a personal threat and simply not bother
  4. It is a bit expensive I suppose but it’s what the doctor recommended. She’ll only drink half a can so I end up with the other half and over a while I’ve developed a liking for it. I’ve never been a big fan of the high alcohol content drinks so I’m perfectly ok with 2.8% and at half a whiskey glass of it per night, there’s never a hangover the next morning. Bill 😊
  5. Last week I bought our regular four pack of Mackeson stout for my wife who has a bit of an iron deficiency and tonight when I came to open the last can for her, I found it was completely empty. The ring pull was all intact but I could just make out what looked like a microscopic pin hole in the bottom where it must have leaked out prior to it being boxed as the cardboard carton showed no signs of staining. I had a banana once that was completely empty but never a can of beer, how odd is that. My glass is now neither half empty or half full. Bill 😊
  6. Well the rabble seem to be doing a pretty good job of things. Bill 😊
  7. Nice one Davy. Laughed so much it made my sides hake. Bill 😊
  8. Well I’m only glad that you’re not in charge of organising the vaccine roll out Obs because you seem more concerned about fairness and looking for cheating rather than all hands to the pumps to get the job done quickly. Nothing in life is perfect but the fact that we’re well ahead of most other countries should tell you we’re doing things right. I normally tell people to put a bit more water in their drinks when they talk nonsense but in your case a bit more whiskey is my advice and make sure it’s as Asp recommends, more than half full. 😊 Bill 😊
  9. That makes more sense than the missing person from a flight that was widely reported in the media and why I was starting to doubt whether or not this was just some kind of clerical mistake. Where did you hear this because this because I’ve not heard anything on the TV news about it? Bill 😊
  10. I think it’s obvious by now that whoever this person zero is, they don’t want to be identified for some reason. What I don’t understand is why with all the information that’s available, we can’t narrow things down. If as they say they’ve been able to trace and eliminate 70% of the people on the flight, then there should be a short list of names for those missing. I’d have thought it would be relatively easy with that list and CCTV images from the airports to find this individual if indeed they actually exist. Bill 😊
  11. Yes, it's called a two pronged attack to make sure people get the message. Bill
  12. It was the other way around for me. I got a call from the surgery, had the jab the following morning and received a letter from the NHS the day after. Better this way than relying on one single source that could be delayed for whatever reason. Bill
  13. Bill


    Speaking of comic events, the fireball on Sunday night looked quite impressive and a bit scary when you consider this could well have been like the one that caused so much damage in Russia a few years back if it had been just a little bit bigger. They said this morning that anything that reached the ground might be somewhere down south despite the event being seen most widely here in the north west. Bill 😊
  14. When the vaccines got approved, I remember writing on Facebook that I hope they don’t try doing the vaccinations at the hospital due to the poor parking. As usual on Facebook, I got bombarded with comments about being stupid enough to even think they might do this, but that’s just some people for you. I can accept the fact that the Pfizer vaccine is easier to store at the hospital but the effort to transfer it to places like the football stadium or Orford Park is nothing compared to the total amount of time wasted by hundreds of people aimlessly driving around the hospital looking for no
  15. I think the answer to that is that they were Brits that were just trying to get home, anyone else from Brazil at that time was barred from entry. They couldn’t be escorted to a quarantine hotel because at that time the hotels weren’t ready to accept people. This virus has created mega logistic problems so it’s not surprising that mistakes like this happen but at least it’s been picked up rather than covered up, so go easy on the gloom and doom because I'm sure everyone's trying their best. Bill 😊
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