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  1. I think you ill find that the town centre hasn't moved anywhere. It's just that people are refering to a wider area at the town centre.
  2. Ask anyone and everyone in Egypt were Diana and Dodi murdered and the anwer will always be 'yes'. The Egyptians absolutely adored Diana and were as equally shocked and devestaded a the Britsch were. On a more humerous note, look at that headline - DIANA WAS STILL ALIVE HOURS BEFORE SHE DIED, Well of course she was. That was a blindingly obvious statemant.
  3. Was also not allowed to view it here in Egypt but could watch the one now. Funny old world.
  4. Ever so sorry Peter, Please accept my most grovellingly humble and profound apologies. Actually if you like the music so much I can send it to you. I bought it in Thailand. Was waiting for Mohamed and heard heard this music wafting from a little kiosk selling CDs. It sounded so beautiful I went and asked the girl if it was on CD and bought a copy. Then, still waiting for Mohamed, I heard another one, Piano In The Garden and bought that on too.
  5. Damn and blast and kick the cat....! That was the first title that came to my mind but never having watched it I didn't know for sure but I was going to post it now - too late. Dizzy, I'm sure you have heard of it. It starred John Mills as something of a mental retard.
  6. When I posted mine on you tube, you tube said we can improve parts of your video so I agreed. Hell's bells...! They made a mess of it so this morning I undid the improvement and won't be allowing them again to interfere with anything else I post. Really you tube has gone you know what. For some time now they have been getting on to me to change my username saying the present one i difficult for people to use. And yesterday they asked would I like to add adverts to my videos - Would I hell like to. It really annoys me when after selecting a video to watch I then have to stop these damned adverts etc., beore i can enjoy the video. I have watched the video of that screamig queen putting his fist through the screen several times and it never fails to make me laugh. A the moment I'm working on The Chicken Dance, really to entertain my grandchildren but watch out for it
  7. It's not Egypt, the donkey is too well fed and fairly content.
  8. Sheesh....! Get your binoculars out, you might see them better. Ahhh...! I see Alge has magnified and inset them for you.
  9. Fiddler on the roof - just another guess.
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