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  1. Well, look on the bright side, a step away from some of the modern lifestyle choices might not be a bad thing. If you want some meat, then why not get some fresh stuff from the butches rather than the supermarket plastic packed version. Maybe it’s also time to get rid of all this switching about rubbish and go back to a nationalized system of energy. Bill 😊
  2. Just as well then that this has come about now and not in the middle of winter when the demand for gas is at it’s highest. I remember some years back watching a fake documentary about a huge area of high pressure in the middle of winter that was pushing the demand for gas through the roof. That was until a Russian rebel group blew up the pipeline. Without the gas turbines, a catastrophic chain reaction occurred that shut down the entire national grid with devastating results. I missed the show’s beginning and so watched in horror as news reports came in rather like when they did the infamous war of the world broadcast. Bill 😊
  3. Seems a bit crazy that we don’t have enough CO2 having been told we’re producing too much of it for many years. What’s happened in Russia to limit the amount of gas they supply to us and how is that affecting CO2 production? I always thought that the protective atmosphere in packaged goods was nitrogen and as that makes up about 80% of the air we breathe, we shouldn’t really be short of that. At least my pint of real ale shouldn’t be affected but the larger drinkers may end up with a few less bubbles. Bill 😊
  4. Remember this post I made a couple of months back about a video being made in one of my locals. The big guy doing all the talking was sitting far too close for my liking but when he started doing his denying bit and saying how he wouldn’t get vaccinated I thought it was time for me to make my excuses and leave. 🤢 They’ve just done another video with him, this time from his sickbed and he’s now desperately appealing for people to ignore everything he’s ever said about Covid. He was the stereotypical covidiot who was using social media to spread his whacky views to his thousands of followers. So while I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone, there’s some who almost deserve to get it. Bill 😊
  5. Seems like the government have given up trying to stem the increase and are content to let it continue given it’s not killing too many people. There’s always been a theory that says let it rip in the hope it’d eventually burn itself out but whether this is what they’re trying is anyone’s guess. Either way, I’m just going to continue avoiding any unnecessary contact with people until things look a bit better. Bill 😊
  6. I think the term digital voice may have mislead you there Davy. I think it was just a way of saying not the old analogue type of telephone line. Interestingly and slightly off topic, I made a little device last year to accept spoken commands rather like Alexa but done without using any internet connection and it worked quite well. I’m sure these days there’ll be something out there from China that would do the job for your friend, maybe you could ask Alexa. 😊 It is a hub3 btw Sid. Bill 😊
  7. Not sure of the router model, there’s no markings on it but I got it about 18 months ago as a “new” installation having dropped my old Virgin setup for a 12-month spell on Sky. But just before that, I had Virgin out to redo the external wiring as originally, they had just thrown the twin cable over the roof to the back of the house and as I was building an extension it had to be replaced. They arranged for the telephone to be redone with on a normal BT style socket at the front of the house and the fibre going to the side upstairs. At this point the router was still the same one I’d had for several years. Just as my Sky contract was ending, Virgin contacted me and offered me a contract for the same price that I was paying to Sky. I told them I wasn’t interested in their TV package and ideally only wanted a broadband connection, but the salesman said it was cheaper to have the full package that just broadband, so I went with that. Unfortunately, they managed to screw up the porting process and I ended up losing the house number I’d had forever. As a result, we don’t even have a phone plugged in anywhere these days although we still must pay for the landline. The new kit arrived all in one box with a set of DIY instructions. There could have been info regarding the Ren and or warnings about power cuts in this but in my case it was academic. I think I may still have the paperwork but would have to hunt the attic for it. I did have a Draytek router behind it for a while but since I retired there was no need for it so that’s also gone. The lads at work would definitely be able to answer all your questions because they’re doing this sort of thing every day and I could give you a number or call in to see them. Bill 😊
  8. My Virgin router has a couple of rj45 sockets marked Tel and they provided a little adapter to make it look like a conventional wall socket so a normal phone could be plugged in. There’s only the fibre connection used these days and the secondary copper connection now goes nowhere. I suppose in the event of a power cut the line would go dead but as we never use the landline that’s not an issue for us but for others it could be awkward. I suppose there could be a small internal battery to cover this but somehow I doubt it. Bill 😊
  9. Then again Davy, if you’re too old to own a smart phone you’re not likely to be wanting to go into the sort of crowded places where a passport is needed. Bill 😊
  10. I’m sort of pleased to hear that because although I have no great medical knowledge, I’ve always reasoned that a vaccinated person that breaths in a relatively small amount of the virus is more likely to be able to kill it off and so not spread it to others. My original analogy about haystacks and sparks seems to hold good then as a dampened down haystack could still catch fire but is less likely from just a few sparks. Bill 😊
  11. Oh, I thought I heard that the vaccine had no effect on a person’s ability to get infected and pass it on to others. If as you suggest there’s a substantial reduction, then of course it would make sense to implement a passport system. Like most things with this virus, it’s not all black and white so even if something’s not 100%, we have to take anything that helps. Bill 😊
  12. The idea of a vaccine passport made sense when it was first suggested as it was thought vaccinated people wouldn’t spread the virus as much and at the same time it might encourage the younger generation to come forward for the jab. If the current science is correct, then there’s little point in having a passport although I suppose it could filter out the idiots that believe it’s all just a big joke. Manchester United announced last week that they were going to ask supporters going into their ground about their vaccine status but if they refused to respond, they’d be let in anyway. I just don’t see the logic in that. I go for a social drink a couple of times a week and by and large I feel relatively safe but if there’s a match on and a telly room full of drunken foottie fans then it’s generally time for me to leave. Bill 😊
  13. I had a similar issue recently that turned out to be due to somewhere along the line I had created 2 chrome accounts and I’d managed to switch to the older one which wasn’t recognised. Thought we had a new member here for a moment. Bill ☹
  14. I think I saw something on telly about the driver shortage where it was suggested it had little to do with wages but rather the delays in getting new drivers through their HGV tests due to a shortage of examiners. Apparently, there are thousands of British drivers that have been waiting for months or even years just to take their tests so whoever’s in charge needs their backside kicking for allowing this to happen. IMO, we don’t need to import loads of foreign drivers but rather just a handful of temporary HGV testers and that way we can get it done right. Bill 😊
  15. A lot of the Covid news has understandably been overshadowed by events in Afghanistan but given we’re running into the Autumn now and nothing is being said about the booster jab, it does make me wonder if the plans are changing. Clearly this is all new territory and just how long the antibodies last and the degree of protection they provide won’t really be know until it starts to go bad again. My friend who caught the disease right at the beginning recently took part in a test to see if antibodies from the original infection were still present after nearly two years. Amazingly they were still there so maybe even at very low levels there is a degree of protection, and this may be affecting the thinking about routinely giving the booster to everyone. Bill 😊
  16. I don’t think another full lockdown will happen given people aren’t getting quite so ill with it but there might be some tightening of the measures such as bringing back some distancing and masks certainly for indoors. What we seem to have is something akin to a bad load of the flu virus that’s active 365 days a year rather than just the winter months. The idea that it’d reduce dramatically during the summer seems not to be the case. Bill 😊
  17. Plus the schools went back there several weeks before England. Maybe they should have relaxed the restrictions but kept masks going and that may have helped. Bill 😊
  18. Of course, you need to see a doctor in the first place for him to know whether you need a regular blood test or not. My wife has had several over the last year all without seeing the doctor and the results are relayed by phone or by text. Sure it’s not as convenient as the local surgery but I think they’re trying to keep people away because of the virus. It’s much the same with blood pressure tests that used to be done at the surgery whereas now you do it yourself at home with the machine that they lend you for the week. The results from doing it this way are far more accurate being the average of fourteen individual tests and the doctor wouldn’t have the time to do that. Bill 😊
  19. I think there is some logic in doing blood tests at a central location rather than at each doctor’s surgery although it might not be quite as convenient. A junior nurse can just as easily take a blood sample and doing it at a central location removes the need for them to be gathered from all the surgeries. Plus, when it’s done this way, you’re in and out in a couple of minutes rather than sitting around a surgery waiting room breathing other people’s germs. Bill 😊
  20. I took the wife for a blood test last week at the Orford Park place. She was out again before I found a parking spot. It seems infinitely more organised these days due to trying to keep the numbers down so no more take a ticket and wait an hour or so. That’s how it should be. Bill 😊
  21. From what I’ve read, the C.1.2 variant is not that much worse than Delta, so much so that according to the WHO, it doesn’t even qualify as a virus of concern and is expected like many other variants to naturally die out. Of course, the press focus and emphasise the point that it’s more transmissible but in reality it’s statistically only just a tad worse than Delta. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this one. Bill 😊
  22. The we is the British public and no we didn’t vote to go into to Afghanistan, the politicians made that decision for us but at that time there was a lot more support for action to remove the threat of terrorism that the Taliban were playing hosts to. In most conflict cases, there’s always a good reason to act but when it starts to drag out, public support soon drops off and the conspiracy theorists and opposition have a field day. Sure at first the Afghans didn’t want us there, but after twenty years of change for the better, most there would prefer what they have now than to revert back to the old ways. I believe the Afghans that assisted our troops did so in the hope of defeating the Taliban and making their country a better place to live and only a hardened cynic would suggest it was for the chance of settlement in the UK. Bill 😊
  23. Going back to Latchy’s original question, it’s an interesting one that we can only guess at. If we hadn’t come up with a vaccine, then for sure a hell of a lot more people would have died with the majority being from the older generation. Plus, with no medical solution and the fact that a permanent lockdown would completely bankrupt the economy, we’d end up having to take our own chances, with the more vulnerable and elderly living in a state of permanent isolation. Then after several years, having wiped out all those susceptible to it, the virus would become little more troublesome than the seasonal flu. Bill 😊
  24. I think it’s more they don’t like the idea of being publicly beheaded for assisting our armed forces to fight against the Taliban than just wanting to come here. They aren’t economic migrants; they just don’t want to die at the hands of a brutal regime. We helped to create their plight, so it’s only right that we should offer them protection. Bill 😊
  25. Here’s a piccie of the Grocers Micro pub I go to each Wednesday night. It’s taken corner to corner so what you see is the full thing. At one point last night it got quite busy with six people (including the landlord). Bill
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