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Does this date hold any significance for anyone (aside from Rememberance Day)? Seems they've closed the great pyramid of Giza for the day, cos of some threat of somekind of mumbo jumbo ceremomy on this date, no doubt Cleo will fill us in on the detail! :unsure:

It's a palindromic date. :blink:

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But the title of the topic isn't relevant to any date on the calendar. It is just a sequence of meaningless numbers that some people are trying to bring a meaning to.

I would respectfully suggest that if you wish to pontificate the meaning of November the 11th of the year 2011 you may wish to raise a different topic to discuss that subject in a more detailed and meaningful manner and refrain from driveling on about something that has nothing at all to do with what this topic and the majority of forum members are attempting to achieve a reasonable and intelligent answer to!!!!.

So Eagle, put that in your nest and sit on it!!!!. :twisted:

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The pyramids at Giza will be closed today in order to avoid rituals that were planned to be carried out there on the 11/11/11.

Statements from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Giza Governorate have both stated the Masonic ceremony has been completely cancelled.

The coalitions reported in a statement that Jews have some beliefs that the date, 11-11-2011, will never be repeated, and that some think the world will end on this day. It is also said to be a watershed day in the Masonic and Jews’ lives.

The coalitions also reported that the attendants of the ceremony will surround the pyramid in a Star of David shape and put a diamond of the same shape at the top of the pyramid.

Atef Abu Zahab, head of the Department of Pharaonic Archaeology said that the decision to close the pyramids only came “after much pressure” from Egyptian Internet users. The “rituals” were referred to by Youm7 in connection to a “Masonic Concert”.

Ali al-Asfar, general manager of the Pyramids at Giza, confirmed the cancellation of the Masonic concert, “11/11,” scheduled for Friday at the Great Pyramid of Khufu. 

Asfar told Youm7 that the Supreme Council of Antiquities notified the Ministry of the Interior about the cancellation, and the ministry will cooperate with security forces.

He called on all Egyptians to visit the pyramids Friday to ensure no concert takes place.

According to the president of DAR SWIATOWIDA, Andrzej Wojcikiewicz, the pyramid’s energy would be strengthened and through the installation of two interpenetrated pyramid-shaped crystals, produced in India out of mountain crystal, inside the granite sarcophagus found in the king’s burial chamber inside the pyramid.

The special day of 11-11-2011, Wojcikiewicz said, is a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to join in meditation in order to send the energy of love towards Egypt, towards the Great Pyramid, and towards earth.

“This will be a global meditation to help Mother Earth, to help in protecting the earth and its people agaWhen Egyptologists got to know about the ceremony, which got the SCA’s approval, they rose up in arms against the event.

Some Egyptologists see that it is a childish game that insults a distinguished symbol of Egyptian civilisation, while others feel it is an expression of Jewish masonic belief that they are the pyramids’ builders and not the ancient Egyptians, despite the fact that during the 1990s Hawass and his team stumbled upon the pyramid builders’ cemetery at the Giza Plateau.

Ali Radwan, head of the Arab Archaeologists Union, told Ahram Online that the SCA should refuse the event and not provide opportunity to all and sundry to practice rituals at the foot of the Great Pyramid.

inst further escalation of violence and cataclysms as well as for spiritual awakening,” he explains.

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