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  1. Mary

    Happy New Year.

  2. Mary

    Xmas Quiz

    8. Th Nighmare Before Christmas 10. Clarence 17. Mexico 18. Robert Burns 19. 6 20. Panattone
  3. I think they put it quite well - As much as I loved teaching, politics, placement and foolish ideas pushed me right out of a job and into Health Care. I miss the kids but not the mind numbing establishment.
  4. Mary

    Wedding Bells

    They are having a Halloween themed reception - masks and all, should be memrable! Thanks all.
  5. By the way Happy Belated Birthday Bill. I hope is was splendid.
  6. Well not mine, my grandson Jake. Not bells either, in a park. Not in June, but on October 31st. Not a traditional wedding but then we are not a traditional family. I am quite looking forward to it as well. I failed 3 times but I have high hopes for them.
  7. Mary


    Ahh October - been waiting for the air to cool down and it looks like it will soon. I do not mind the heat its the damn humidity that gets me down. I know in Warrington this is not a problem you have but just saying... Ahh October.
  8. People are only as happy as they allow themselves to be.
  9. Umm we knew this a long time ago - why is it a new theory?
  10. Happy related Birthday Asps
  11. Algy - I know this Peter and his lovely wife took me there as well. I didn't think much of the skittles.
  12. What I liked the best was Alice and the tea party.
  13. Oh Cleo, I am so sorry for your loss, was it sudden?
  14. Mary


    Luther is a very good show - waiting for the new season here - Idris Elba is a fantastic actor!!
  15. It does come down to quality of life - just live
  16. I think you will find that the UK, U.S., Russia,China etc... have been spying for many years.
  17. Mary

    Tropical Storm

    Actually it wasn't scary at all. Just lots of rain and wind - but a tornado touched down twice within 6 miles of my place. Glad I wasn't in either place at that time!
  18. Well made it through the tropical storm - first of the season, very wet, windy and electrifying
  19. Thank you Algy for sharing those beautiful pictures.
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