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Earthquake 4.7 - Did your bed move?

Geoff Settle

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Bed didn't move :D , but Mrs K and I were both woken. As usual I didn't bother to get out of bed to investigate.


Quite a rumble although it didn't set our alarm off...thunder does.


Thankfully no visible damage in the locality.


Here is website you can record your experience on




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Logging off at 00.58 hrs when screen and keyboard started to madly vibrate - thought computer about to explode and then as I realised the desk was also moving thought the new boiler about to blow up - amazing how much goes through the mind in matter of 10 serconds or so - anyway it was very scary but Mrs P next door not distutbed. Very different from the 1984 quake centred on North Wales at 7.30 a.m when I just felt dizzy for a few seconds when making a brew and then a friend phoned to say she was on top floor of the old college building on Winwick Road and she had felt the building sway.



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