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  1. At a meeting this week and it seems this referral system is not very efficient.and there has been loads of complaints backing up what Milky said about waiting times on the phone. It amazes me we have to have this service (based in Manchester & Bolton) when for years our GPs did it quite effectively
  2. Yes our forms arrived this morning probably 5\10 minutes after yours
  3. The postal votes will start coming out today, and upto now we have had nothing through the letterbox saying who is standing (presume you are the same Geoff) Lets assume I dont use the internet and dont see the local rag how would I know who was standing ? I know Warrington South has and is being canvassed, is this because they are less confident in the result than Warrington North ?
  4. reader

    NO News

    This has always amazed me too over the lack of printed news by the WG which struggles for 1 edition a week We lived in the NE for a few years and the WG has 3 sister papers up there, 1 daily that covers the whole of the NE 1 weekly covering a town smaller than the Warrington area but has more news 1 Evening paper covering an area with lots of news in an area just a bit larger than Warrington
  5. WWW News pages are and always have been better laid out imo than the WG, not that I visited their site often and it will be even less now. One would think that as they are part of a group the same policy would apply to other the newspapers as well - they dont in case although both the NE one I look at 1 daily and 1 weekly carry a lot more news content than the WG does and do not have that nag message
  6. Tried with the 2 latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, both with Ad Block Plus enabled Got the same nag message pop up in Chrome, but not with Firefox Gave up on the Guardian years ago, prefer the ink to stay on the paper and not on my hands plus there being being more ads than news. I occassionally read one of their sister papers (from the NE) which is published daily and you dont get any of that business on there plus they manage more news per day that the WG does in a week for only a slightly larger catchment area
  7. Geoff has been one of the best local councillors I have met and I dont think they will replace him with such a dedicated worker to this ward. I for one and many others round here will I suspect be "deselecting them" this year, They must be out of their heads
  8. Happy Christmas and New Year to all ( Evil Sid- if you see Dave or Billy over Christmas wish them all the best )
  9. I am normally a great fan of LEDs but in this case agree with Bill I dont think they illuminate the end of the cul de sac as well as the old one did which seemed taller than the new post
  10. It took them a while to set up, but well worth it as far as showing people how things were. Agree worth a visit if an NT Member or paying for visit if you are not
  11. Good for you Gary to put them right on the correct facts. However they still are way way out in the case of Darlington in terms of Heritage. Maybe if they visited these towns they could find the truth. I am not the greatest fan of our local council over some of the decisions they have made in the past to destroy this town but what has happened in the past as Gary quotes if Fact
  12. Why buy Microsoft Office ? Libre Office and Open Office will do anything Microsoft Office will do and is Open Source so you have no need to spend money ! It will open and save in Microsofts various formats so there are no compatibility issues. I understand some government departments have changed over as have some enlightened local councils as part of their cost reduction exercises. Those using Linux based operating systems (instead of Windows) have had this software for years so there is nothing new or untried in them, Another option worth trying if internet access is not a problem is the various Google options such as Docs, Sheet etc this gives even more flexibilty (again with MS compatibilty) as apart from being available on your PC or Mac you can find them on your Tablet or Mobile Phone. Regarding the question on Windows 10. I have been running the Preview Version since last November with no problems on releases since about February this year. We upgraded the PC along with another with the final version on its release. Neither of these PCs are latest spec offerings. Two laptops also upgraded a 10 year old Dell and a reasonably new Acer none have presented any problems.
  13. Yes it is amazing how things progessed 20 years ago 10 days in hospital for a quad bypass, then 6 months later just over 24 hours for a stent. March this year after a cardiac arrest, cpr and defribulator, follwed by an ICD opertation 5 days in hospital I now have my own inbuilt defribulator in case I need it in the future and whats more its monitored from home via wifi to the hosptal - amazing
  14. If the report on the WG web site is correct I think the labour councillors need to think carefully in which area they get a very high number of votes as it could be swayed.
  15. They know round here, some nutter moved to polling station to a school with a narrow access road and which was still open you can imaging the chaos with kids being brought round the corner in cars and 4wds along with the voters suppose it would have been the same at dinner time and this afternoon
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