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  1. What do you think the chances of me coming back and claiming British citizenship back ....Somehow I bet I would have to jump through loops.....Or just come through the tunnel I think and say I am claiming assylum and I will get lots given to me ....
  2. Well we are finally doing the USA vesion on Aug 12th ..we have to learn 100 questions are asked 10 of which we have to get 6 correct .Write a sentence in English and speak English.And pay about 350 pounds each as well as the Thousands it cost to get the Green card and residential status...Just like gettting into the UK really !!
  3. I am with Mary and spent the day watching a very special moment in American History...and feel that Obama will make change...be it slow as nothing is going to change over night but I feel he will be good for the country.
  4. LOL......Thank you for the chuckle..
  5. That can be scarey ..when we lived in LA we use to get them were you could see the floor ripple. Rock and roll as they say.....
  6. LOL.........you are sooo right there Rocky the tune is in my head now and I am sure it will be there all day..........
  7. My American friends found this so funny as I keep telling them we are taking the country back
  8. Just sent this to all my USA friends over here...keep telling them we gave them a decent language and they messed it up !!!
  9. I have to say in my defence...I must have been towards the end of the era for the ABC club
  10. Hi Rocky....now you are talking I did the ABC song and stood on stage so proud.....Oh them were the days !! Thank you for that smile........
  11. Baz your thoughts are the same as a nephew of our who is looking at leaving and hopefully coming over here in computers. Another nephew has gone to S.Africa and even for all the unrest there is enjoying life there. I think maybe it is more the younger generation that are looking into leaving ....was just interested if the older generation wish they had left? Baz hope you make you move a reality...
  12. Now seeing how the Uk seems to be going with comments on the link immergration... How many of you living in the UK would leave or wished they had? And where would you like to be?
  13. I am sorry to say I can only see it going worse...I really don't know what can be done to sort out the mess it seems to be in.... Maybe I am wrong thinking this but what I read and hear seems to point in that direction....
  14. It is so sad all that I hear now about the UK.. And very annoying when people who have worked all their lives and are having to scrimp and save and then are scared in case they have too much saved that it gets taken into account.... Sorry to say I think I am now glad that we dont live in the UK and I never thought I would feel that way...dont get me wrong the UK will always be 'home' but it is sooooo different than the UK I left nearly 15 years ago.
  15. People over here can not belive us when we tell them what is happening in the UK.... I am hopefully back in March/April...will be interesting to see what is going on.....
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