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    If a recent new Licence Application to Halton Council is successful Creamfields will have an extra day (Thursday) for next year's August Bank Holiday weekend extravaganza. A crafty move to submit an application at this time of year and well ahead of the event. If you, like me, found this year's 10th annual bash in the fields of Walton and Daresbury the noisiest so far then you have only until New Year's Eve to have your objections in to Halton Council Office. Does anyone know if the usual post mortem meeting on this year's event has been held yet ? - lots of people complained about levels of noise and Council cutbacks resulting in Warrington Council doing no monitoring of sound levels.
  2. My apologies Dizzy for confusing you (and probably all others reading this topic) with my repetitive emails (out of practice on the forum) and possibly incorrect information concerning excluded Listing of Walton and Walton Lea canal bridges Grade 1 or Grade 2. My information has come from looking at Warrington BC's website and linking to Warrington's Listed Buildings - 17 pages which can be downloaded as a pdf. The above 2 bridges are not on the list and you may share my view that there are several entries of dubious merit for inclusion which is why I mentioned the Toastrack canal bridge as also excluded. Paul K's sterling work over the past week has included discussion on the status of Walton Bridge with the local Inspector of English Heritage, David James. who has told Paul that as the bridge is not owned by a local authority it is not listed Grade 1 or 2 or indeed listed at all and scope of repairs is something for agreement between WBC and Peel. Does this mean that English Heritage only lists local authority properties and there is a separate List for privately owned buildings/structures which merit Listing protection. Now I am as confused as every body else. Also I have raised the matter of part of the bridge being within the Walton Conservation area map and wonder what protection Conservation status gives. Interesting pics of the recovered bricks and copings on and off the old Manchester Ship Canal maintenance barge. Where's the location or have you had to sign the official Secrets Act ?? The original sandstone copings look good for reuse and the 11 new ones will never blend in. I think they are what is known as reconstituted stone and no amount of distressing by a stone mason will make them into genuine sandstone. I regularly drive/walk over Dunham Massey canal bridge (near the village Hall) and the same kind of copings were used there over 10 years ago and remain an eyesore along side the old copings.
  3. First the bad news - Walton Bridge has not been listed. Walton has seven over/under Bridgewater Canal bridges but Walton, Walton Gardens and Toastrack (1941) bridges have been left out. Warrington's list of listed buildings/structures looks in need of review when you see entries like 'Woolworths - Sankey Street' The good news - a third of Walton Bridge (over the towpath) is arguably within Walton Conservation area which should merit some requirement for a proper restoration of the bridge. Last week's rebuild looked like a rush job with the bridge reopened before weekend and my worst fears realised with use of 11 new dressed stone copings which, like the new brickwork, are no match for the originals.
  4. English Heritage and Warrington BC do not have Walton Bridge on their Listed List and although Walton Parish have 7 bridges over/under Bridgewater Canal, Walton, Walton Gardens and Toastrack(1941) are the 3 not Listed. Warrington's List may not have been revised for some time - some interesting properties listed - Woolworths Sankey Street Arguably, one third of Walton Bridge (over the towpath) is in the Walton Conservation area so it does merit special attention and as I feared new dressed stone copings are even more of an eyesore than the out of character new red bricks. Why the rush to complete the job and have the bridge open again before last weekend ?? Must be a necessary route for 2 Acre Van Park.
  5. Bridge will look even worse if new dressed stone is used for copings. Who on earth gave Listed Building Consent for the new Ibstock brick or has the rebuilding proceeded without Consent ?? A couple of years ago the nearby Acton Grange hump back canal bridge suffered similar damage and new brick was used in restoration but of the "well burned" variety which proved to be an excellent match and the old sandstone copings were rescued from the canal and reused. A more perfect match for the bricks would have been old Cheshire variety but these reclaimed bricks would have been more expensive. Incidentally, the builders who restored the bridge were a father and son partnership from Eccles with a van bearing the words "Loft Conversion Specialists" - what you might call Jack of All Trades.
  6. When you have to go you have to go - as women's world marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe once found while having to take a roadside wee stop before going on to a London marathon victory.
  7. PM ?? my abbreviation for Post Mortem Dizzy - it's not the mud taxi drivers will have been worrying about - more like passengers being taken short - not wanting to be sexist but understand females tend to be the worst !!!
  8. So, 'WHO DIDN'T LET THE DOGS OUT' then ??? Will be interesting to see if this tragedy results in any prosecution if the animals died from neglect. Also interesting to see if terms of the now INDEFINITE LICENCE given to Creamfields by Halton Council from this year includes for private security with back up of this particular breed of dangerous dogs. Doubt if Police had dogs or horses on or close to the site and congrats to them in referring dog deaths to RSPCA - just hope the animals don't test positive on PM.
  9. I have been Wire through and through since 1947 but was disappointed at Westwood's failed attempt to take Green out of the game early on - with one eye for 78 minutes he was still their playmaker. Westwood will know his punishment tomorrow. Later, Cooper let us down on discipline as well. As was shown in the first half we had the experience to out smart the much younger Wigan side but when all interchanges had gone in the second half our energy levels were expended on constant tackling with lack of possession in face of a 2 - 7 penalty count. All this hype about having not won a Championship since 1955 annoys me - whatever they want to call it we smashed Halifax at Leeds when Les Boyd was man of the match and if that doesn't count why was Les in Sat's programme as a Harry Sunderland man of the match winner ?
  10. Thanks Dizzy - will seek your further advice if any probs in making contact.
  11. Hope you found Jim recovering well from his recent op. I should have met up with him at a Sutton Harriers Reunion some years back but was at Wembley that Saturday for England v Australia R.L test. Tom McIntyre told me about the get together and mentioned Jim being there. I spoke with Tom's wife Barbara (nee Billington - another Harrier) after I had not seen Tom at the Billy Mac funeral - Tom is now 85 and not in best of health. I would like to make contact with Jim but don't know how contact with a third party is made within this forum - perhaps you do Davy ??
  12. Couldn't be better for motivation on Saturday !!!
  13. Yes Davy, I remember Jim very well - a very good middle distance runner - I think 880 yds/800 metres was his forte - must be close to 80 now. May remember me as a younger Sutton Harrier from a Warrington farming family who left Warrington A,C circa 1952 on advice from Jack Chidlow from Orford who was another Sutton Marathon and Cross Country runner who unfortunately contracted MS in his late 30s and died in his 40s. In I think 1959 I arranged a Cross Country run, Sutton v Warrington on the family farm - put in a lot of 5 bar gates and practised over the course for a couple of weeks - won that day by my biggest margin ever !!! not sure if Jim ran that day.
  14. Monday last I attended funeral/celebration life of Bill Mcminnis at St Helens Crematorium, Bill died aged 98 on 21st September and spent most of his 25 years in RAF as senior PE instructor at RAF Padgate. He was instrumental in provision of the 440 yds 'cinder' running track at Padgate camp which was the only one in the area and pre Victoria Park facility in the early 1950s. He had a distinguished athletics career and was a leading Marathon runner, representing England and a winner of the prestigious Windsor to Chiswick Polytechnic Marathon which must have one of the largest trophies in Sport (I think it was taller than the diminutive Bill). His daily training was a run to and from Padgate from his home in Haydock and during one of our 1950s 'pea souper' fogs he escorted a bus and following traffic around Orford by running in front. His club was Sutton Harriers St Helens.
  15. Whoever owns the land at Houghton Green Pool needs to take urgent action in getting rid of the yellow weeds - RAGWORT - which is a notifiable weed for which landowner responsible for controlling, whether private landowner or local authority (I think we have had an earlier topic on Ragwort and Council responsibility). It is poisonous to horses if eaten but they will rarely touch it while growing. It is usually fatal when eaten accidentally with a mown hay crop or grass. Also can be harmful to humans, especially damaging to skin if pulled up with bare hands. Best dug up and burned.
  16. Hope locals keep dogs on leads when walking the paths where the cattle are grazing - if upset or feeling threatened by dogs cattle, and sheep, can stampede and fatally trample dog walkers - as happened in another part of the country last week. The Long Horn variety of cattle is a rare breed and those long horns can do a lot of damage if someone decides to try and get too friendly. Which poses an interesting question "Who carries the insurance for an injury claim - Cheshire Landscaper Trust or Warrington Borough Council ?? - over to you Geoff !!
  17. No. 10 - original Higher Walton Post Office near Bridgewater canal at junction of Walton Lea Road and Old Chester Road
  18. How tight was security ? Never been beyond those gates at the end of Downing Street myself !!
  19. I'm another idiot who failed to read all the posts on this topic and in particular the answers. Let's have another local quiz Algy !!
  20. Thanks for the clarification Algy - guess both the Vicar and me were wrong over the Treasure Hunt query. I have the same pic of Preston Brook A56 bridge and canal on an old post card circa 1905. Is the tunnel end pic at PB or Dutton end ? Do you have the old pic of PB Station and Red Lion pub ? There are mileage markers near ends of the Trent and Mersey - Preston Brook to Shardlow 92(?) and Shardlow to PB. There was a chap from Hatton did several charity walks full length of the Trent and Mersey a few years back.
  21. Second pic is canal at Preston Brook with bridge on old A56. Never sure where the Bridgewater Canal ends and Trent and Mersey starts at the junction here. I once lost a Car Tresure Hunt connected with Daresbury Church when the organiser, Rev Canon Becket, insisted canal is Bridgewater up to entrance to Tunnel on North side of the Preston Brook bridge and my answer of up to where the canal separates to Runcorn and Moore is T
  22. The National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme has a Red Light Offence Course Threshold of "Time into red up to and including 2.9 seconds". This is the scheme which enables speed limit and traffic lights offenders to opt for a attending a driving course and avoid licence points - not an option if a course has been taken within the last 3 years and example of threshold for exceeding 30 m.p.h speed limit is "up to and including 42 m.p.h".
  23. Have seen water running uphill in 50 differenr places at one time Peter - and to music - the incredible fountains in the gardens of Versailles and that was a fete of engineering from over 300 years ago. Flooding of farm land in Daresbury and Walton may now become a challenge to the new owners of Creamfiels organisation who apparently sold out to Live Nation last May for £13.9 million. LN is a large US outfit quoted on New York Stock Exchange based in Beverley Hills and have made Cream's founder Jim Barton President of a new offshoot promoting Music Festivals in North America. Not bad for a guy starting Cream in 1998 although the takeover would suggest that the real profit makers have been the Venture Capital company IMAC who have invested, expanded and sold Cream on.
  24. That was replacement of the original clay open ended land drainage pipes many of which had been broken up by the heavy set up traffice of the previous six years of Creamfields. The replacement plastic land drains have resulted in no improvement on the drainage problem from the main event stages site becaus, as I have previously mentioned, at least two of the deep pits which took the land drainage water were filled in by a previous generation of the farming Bennets with spoil from excavations for the Daresbury Labs Tower. Maybe local knowledge can sometimes be a dangerous thing but believe me I have walked, run and jogged these fields since circa 1947 and am more familiar than most. Latest from incensed local residents (for some inexplicable reason excluding our Warrington South MP)is that they may urge Warrington Council to claim a case of Rylands v Fletcher against the landowners for allowing surface water and top soil to flow off the fields on to and across the A56 into properties on the opposite side of the highway. This has been an on going problem since the pits were filled in and should have been sorted by Council action years ago.
  25. Peter Greenall/Lord Daresbury owns most of the the fields on which Creamfields is held - neighbouring farmers, Bennetts, own the other fields which are vital to the event for access from the A56. Over last two years Lord D has sold off the rest of his land and severed his residential links with the area, establishing a new estate of some 1000 acres on the England/Wales border close to Malpas. Maybe it was Lord D's four sons who first wanted a music festival in their back garden seven years ago - inherited titles and large scale summer events seem to go together these days - becoming a necessity for the upkeep of their estates - anybody's guess how much Creamfields pay the landowners from the event turnover of some £5million++ ??
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