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  1. I am not exaggerrating or mistaken, it's around Lymm at least once a month. You can't mistake it as it is blue with a yellow tail and it flies low. As I said, I can recognise its engine sound now as we see it so often.
  2. The police aeroplane circles regularly over Lymm. It's been over my house for ages this evening - it very often is, and I'm innocent, Guv. It comes over both night and daytime and I can now recognise it from the sound of its engine. No doubt there's been yet another armed robbery, or similar, in the village.
  3. Please tell me how we all managed to live our lives before mobile phones were invented. I grew up in a village that had 1 red phone box (outside the chip shop) and 2 private phones, 1 of which was ours. All our neighbours knew our number and gave it out to their relatives, friends, etc. "in case of emergencies". I was married 7 years and in my 3rd home before I had a phone of my own, up in the wilds of the North Yorks Moors. I rang everybody I knew, who had a phone, to tell them I had this beautiful, two-tone green thing and it lived on the bay-window-sill in full view of all the av
  4. When I was working we used to watch, through the office windows, the rats "playing out" on sunny days. Our car park backed on to the back of lower Bridge St and, despite the Council's best efforts, rats thrived there. To me a rat is just an animal trying to make a living. If its tail had long fur it would be a squirrel. Mother rats are excellent parents and baby rats can be just as cute as any other baby animal. I've often been fascinated by them, it's just a pity they spread so much disease.
  5. It was about 5 or 6 inches long and definitely not a rat - as you say, the tails are quite distinctive. I must go and look on the canal banks - all I ever see there are flaming anglers with rods 15 feet long so the dog and I have to hurdle. The place I've seen them most is where the boats moor, alongside the path next to the Youth Club. You find them all along the banks, though. I noticed them more when we had our dog as she would "flush" them into the water then jump in after them.
  6. I lived near the Leeds-Liverpool canal when I was a child, Dismayed, and there were always water voles around. They had long tails too and I think I'm a good few years older than you. Were the ones floating in your pond deceased? How did they get in your pond? Did you have an unsuccessful guinea-pig breeder living nearby?
  7. The water vole is very similar to a rat and was the species to which Ratty in "Wind in the Willows" belonged. People call them water rats in error. They grow to about 8" long so maybe what you saw at the Dam was a very adventurous baby or a water-loving mouse. There are plenty of water voles on the canal banks and you can tell them from rats by the tails, which are more furry.
  8. I'm sure he was dead. Do you think he walks on water too?
  9. Ethel don't sound like him first language English.
  10. I would just regard it as salesmen's banter. He has to be able to sell himself or he's in the wrong job, don't you think? Would you rather he'd said, "Please, don't say the service was poor," and sunk to his knees, clutching hers?
  11. It seems to have quietened a little in Lymm. This afternoon I saw what I thought was an orange balloon floating over the roof of the house opposite, then I saw it was a Sainsburys plastic bag. Should be about in Wigan by now.
  12. I think the general mistrust of males around small children must have led to fewer men wanting to teach primary age. What a sad state of affairs. When I was at primary school, late 40s/early 50s, there were 2 male teachers. They were both ex-servicemen, very "hot" on discipline, and parents, in general, appreciated that. No one ever gave a thought to paedophilia because, just like now, it was very rare, the only difference being in the media reportage of any incidents. Men who worked with children were not, automatically, seen as potential threats. Modern paranoia has led to ridiculou
  13. No, I'm Geoffrey Settle and so is my wife.......
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