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Just how easy is it to flip a car... as this is the second car to somehow finish up on it's roof round here within 15 days. Other one was a 4x4 which collided with a little peugeot on the junction of Stetchworth Road/Osbourne Road just around the corner. Who says big cars come of better


So are cars designed to roll more easily or is it just bad design. Seems seatbelts, impact points and airbags do seem to take the brunt of an impact and makes you realise the importance of wearing a seat belt eh..... as both drivers in these cases seem to have only received very minor injuries despite being 'flipped' :shock:

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there used to be obs but police in liverpool have just jailed seven of them :wink:


as for flipping a car it depends on the centre of gravity, speed and reaction of the driver. a taller car will have a higher centre of gravity and be slightly more prone to flipping than a lower car. the faster the speed the more chance that any collision that raises one side of the car will cause it to roll. if the driver has the time\reactions to be quick enough to turn the car away from the side that has it's wheels raised then there will be a reduced chance of the car flipping.


a lot of people carriers are narrower at the top so when they do turn on their side then they will tend to roll onto their roofs. then again i could be wrong about all this but it sounds plausible.

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There was another accident on Ackers rd tonight :shock:

Three car pile up -looked pretty bad! :shock:


:shock::shock: Hope everyone was ok... not seen it on the news pages anywhere. When did that one happen :shock:


Was told last night that there was a third one in the Village centre yesterday where someone collapsed at the wheel unless of course all the chat on the street is getting confused.. which could be likely :? I hope so :shock:


Evils... your reasoning as to why taller cars may flip makes perfect sense by the way :wink:

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I looked up from my coffee on the bridge at Leicester Forest services a while back, to see a red saloon sailing through the air upside down. It landed in the inside lane and slid on its roof with cars still zooming past. It was half a minute before anyone stopped. Trying to tell the police on a 999 call what had happened wasn't easy.

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Wish they would.... Last Sunday we were nearly hit by a stupid woman in a 4x4 on Fairfield road as she came out of a side road rather wide while TALKING ON HER MOBILE PHONE.


And yesterday I bellowed at another 'richard head' who nearly hit an oncoming car on Worsley Road ... AGAIN ONE HANDED AND ON HER MOBILE PHONE... and she seemed totally oblivious to it all :evil::evil:


People like them completely 'p' me off and should be banned before they cause an accident or kill a child and despite the so called mobile phone ban no-one seems to take much notice of it :evil:


Unfortunately I didn't get their reg numbers or I would post them in HUGE letters on here for all to see ! :evil:


Rant over :oops::wink::lol:

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