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  1. Well after 8 years & nearly 1,000 posts,this will be my last ever post on here.I said at the very beginning this post could be become a can of worms but the forum owner bombarded me with PM's saying i shouldn't do this or that.I prefer democratic debate so I will see some of you on Facebook i hope.Goodbye.
  2. Gary,thank you for your latest PM,you say 50 + active users-care to post the list?By active i mean posting at least 3 times per week.Regarding the topic in question,naming council employees in the link put on your forum leads both you & her in danger of being sued for libel.
  3. Gary,regarding the PM you sent me,I stand by my comment that there are only a dozen or so *active* members,meaning members who post regularly not just once in a while.Regarding your comment not to make posts you don't agree with,i thought we live in a democracy?If you take a look at this woman's website,which clearly names council employers,i think this could become a *can of worms* topic.
  4. Whatever the rights or wrongs in your problem,i think you're wasting your time posting here for support,this forum only has about a dozen or so active members.
  5. Nothing wrong with that!
  6. It was about a rival free newspaper in Warrington!
  7. Yet another champagne socialist!
  8. Legal aid or are you paying the lawyers fees yourself?
  9. You mentioned you've seen your lawyer,what did he say?
  10. Nice as your website is,i think you'll be in trouble for advertising here!
  11. You're going down Grimstone,don't forget-never bend down for the soap in the shower when Mr.Big is in there waiting for you.Enjoy your stay.
  12. OK then Baz,a grand if you can track me from my IP,hint-mobile PAYG dongle,or dynamic IP address.............
  13. What,the police catch someone?
  14. Well here's his email if anyone wants to chat with him warhammer40.000@hotmail.co.uk
  15. No school for you today then?
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